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Visit to Dr. Fear this morning for annual checkup.

He said I was 8 lbs (128 oz, .57 stone, 3638 grams) over the last time I visited him.

Me: Really?

He:  Yeah.

I was heavily into marathon training at the time, so there's that, but I didn't think I had added so much.  Maybe it's muscle mass (swimming miles now, bike-century-training, etc.).

Or maybe it's time for (Monty Python Spanish Inquisition "Dah Nah!!") The Sacred Heart Memorial Cabbage Soup Recipe.

At pg. 435 in Ulysses, looking forward to the slim 300 pg. Pale Fire.


WGOM Fitness5-fs8

Yew-Fest 2000.

Whilst in Minny this last week, I had a project to take out a mature Yew (6 ft. and nicely groomed) by the side of the house.

This last winter had been tough and this tree got some serious snow-wasting.  It had to go.

I started  by using hedge-trimmers to take out the upper portions, but you can only do so much with those.  I then moved to using an ax, which is close work on a tree like that.  Working in the heat I could only take out several branches before being drenched in sweat.  I must have taken 20 showers due to this work.

I finally got it down to stump mode, then started digging out the dirt to take out the many roots (as much below as above).  Man, that's tough work also.

I left it with still a bunch above ground and 40% cleared below ground. I might consider using 1) someone with a stump grinder or 2) use charcoal briquets to get the rest obliterated.  Not sure.

Back in Hartford, we went out today for a 50 mile bike ride and my shoulders were toast.  #tigerbalm.

Wet mile.

I'd been doing 1/3-1/2 mile swims at the club for a long time, and decided about 2 months ago to ratchet it up.

I started adding an additional lap each time and got up to 31 laps, then decided to screw it and go for the mile.  No problemo.

Last 6 times I've done the full 37 laps (1 mile) and it really hasn't been a problem.  Not sure why I had that mental barrier all that time...

Want to do an Olympic triathlon but need to be cool/confident with the distances (1 mile swim, 26 mile bike, 10K run).

Re:  endurance reading:  at pg. 297 of Ulysses.

WGOM Fitness

Back at it.

Got in an easy 8 miler (was hard) this morning with my running pals.  Great temps and humidity.  Am trying to keep up the mileage Because Atrophy.

This afternoon NBBW and a good friend did a long swim in Lake Terramuggus,  and did the bike route (in advance of next Thursday's triathlon).

Planning to do a long bike tomorrow by the Long Island Sound with NBBW and the BFF.

Re:  endurance reading - on page 223 of Ulysses :  Shakespeare is the happy hunting ground of all minds that have lost their balance.

Father Knows Best1

FKB – He and Me.

Reflections on my father and me, ala James Joyce.

He:  Menahga High School, 1953 Chevy, Air Force, Airman, Sebeka, Radar, First Class, Korea, Senior Airman, Montana, Sioux City, IA,  Springfield MO, Staff Sergeant, Canal Zone, Panama, ceviche, guinippes (Melicoccus bijugatus), Park Rapids, pistacchios, duck hunting, Viet Nam, reel-to-reel tapes to my mom, Technical Sergeant, Australia, Philippines, Master Sergeant, Duluth MN, smelt-fishing, weather maps, Sr. Master Sergeant, circus peanuts, US Post Office, dark-house spear-fishing, deer hunting.  He loved to grill during a blizzard as did I.  My brothers and I hauled a large rock to the spot in the Itasca State Park where he had his deer stand.

Me:  Park Rapids High School, Dostoevsky, UMD, Fiat, Poland, mathematics, computational linguistics, rational logic,  computer science, Control Data, Scandia, compilers, core-file analysis, Slovakia, Martin Marietta,  EPIX, tcp/ip, lex/yacc, UnitedHealth, patent, design recovery,  grad school, Kefissia, Milan, Istanbul, Mahler, CSC, fixed up a 1951 Chevy, SGS Borealis, grouse hunting, master gardener,  Heinrich Buhl, Durrenmat, G. Grass, US Bank, Hartford, bikram yoga, P. Glass, Messiaen, Aetna, cricket, Bhimsen, triathlon, half-marathon, marathon, Cigna, up to 54 countries now, Gravity's Rainbow.

A while back, I was fly-fishing in the Fish-hook river (which feeds into the Straight River).  Another guy was working his way downstream.   We pass each other with greetings.  A minute later, he says, Hey!  Are you Ray's boy?  I say yes, and feel wonderful at the recognition.

I was on a flight from Paris to Stockholm, and next to me was a Swedish man that had many facial features of my father.  We could have been related.  I wanted to talk with him but he only knew Swedish and me English.


Book Day2

Agenbite of inwit

After my projection into the lofty aither with Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow, brennschluss was inevitable and I finally finished what was probably the toughest, chewiest piece of literature I have ever feasted on.

In the beginning, I was looking up all of the obscure references, phrases, and people and not making much progress.  The dude at the beer cave posited that the first twenty pages were intentionally written in such a manner as to keep people from reading any further.

In advance of the denouement of GR, I ordered another endurance read, Ulysses by James Joyce, and have just embarked on that journey.

Seriously, Dedalus.  I'm stony.  Hurry out to your school kip and bring us back some money.  Today the bards must drink and junket.  Ireland expects that every man this day will do his duty.

So, Citizens, what are you reading?

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First triathlon of the year tomorrow in Simsbury (kayak, hill-run, then bike).  They sent out a possible flood warning, so the river part of the event could be iffy.  Supposed to do nothing today but I'll probably do an easy ride on the bike portion of the course.

Next weekend NBBW and I are doing the Cooperstown Sprint Triathlon.  We will incorporate visit to HOF and an olde-tymers game on the same weekend - should be fun.

Here is a clip on the Tarahumara:

Also I am getting addicted to the TED series:

At page 572 in Gravity's Rainbow.  I was carrying it when I went to the beer cave earlier this week - dude at the counter was raving about it and other Pynchon works.