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Yaktrax, baby.

Went out and did 17 miles in snow and slush today on a route through West Hartford, with my one remaining training buddy (NBBW is out with a fractured foot for at least 5 more weeks).  20F out, so I had to think about to handle the cold.

I chose to go with running pants instead of just compression tights.  Not sure this was the best choice,  but I was never cold on the legs like I was in Scandia (back in Minny).

Did the first loop with just a head band, but this was too cold.  I switched to a different wicking head band and a head cover, but these got totally wet and frozen and I started to really get cold at mile 16, as the wind also had picked up.

I will need to figure this out, as I have to deal with 26.2 miles that could be really cold in Feb.  One idea is to carry alternate (dry) gear to change into.

Tonite the calves and lower legs are really tight from all the running in slush/snow, especially wearing Yaktrax, and running over all of the unshovelled sidewalks and unplowed areas.

Next week 19 miles...