Happy Birthday–July 22

Pebbly Jack Glasscock (1857)
George Gibson (1880)
Jesse "Pop" Haines (1893)
Doc Cramer (1905)
Jungle Jim Rivera (1922)
Sparky Lyle (1944)
Bill Zepp (1946)
Cliff Johnson (1947)
Tim Johnson (1949)
Scott Sanderson (1956)
Dave Stieb (1957)
Mike Sweeney (1973)
Scot Shields (1975)
Ryan Vogelson (1977)

We would also like to wish a happy birthday to brianS’ brother.

The pastor who took over for me in the North Sioux City church is a nephew to Jesse Haines.

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Game 95: The Last Place Minnesota Twins at The First Place Boston Red Sox

Minnesota has gone 10-6 in July, winning two series' against the West-leading Rangers and three out of four against Oakland. They didn't really get the offense going in their first series back following the All Star Break (against Cleveland), scored no runs on Monday, had one big inning on Tuesday (5 runs) and another crooked number in the 9th yesterday (3 runs) to notch a series win against the 2nd place Tigers.

In Boston to face the Red Sox (1st in the East, 53-39, 8-2 in their past 10) for the next four games, the Twins start the series with a rebounding Tyler Duffey on the mound. Duffey is 3-0 in his last four starts with a 3.10 ERA, and Twins' wins in each of his past five starts.

Squaring off against the Twins for Boston is All Star knuckleballer Steven Wright (11-5, 2.78 ERA, 1.18 WHIP), winner of his past three games (though with an atrocious 6.35 ERA) and looking for continued support from an offense averaging 5.38 runs per game over the past dozen.

Read on if you care to learn more about the huge mistake the Twins made when they released David "Big Papi" Ortiz ... 14 years ago ...

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Happy Birthday–July 21

Johnny Evers (1881)
Howie Shanks (1890)
Moe Drabowsky (1935)
John Bateman (1940)
Denis Menke (1940)
Mike Hegan (1942)
Jim Manning (1943)
John Hart (1948)
Al Hrabosky (1949)
Mike Cubbage (1950)
Dave Henderson (1958)
Mike Bordick (1965)
Lance Painter (1967)
Kimera Bartee (1972)
Brian Buchanan (1973)
Geoff Jenkins (1974)
Willie Eyre (1978)
C. C. Sabathia (1980)

John Hart was the general manager of the Cleveland Indians from 1999-2001 and of the Texas Rangers from 2001-2005.

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Happy Birthday–July 20

Heinie Manush (1901)
Bob Short (1917)
Mike Ilitch (1929)
Dick Stello (1934)
Tony Oliva (1938)
Mickey Stanley (1942)
Mike Witt (1960)
Charles Johnson (1971)
Bengie Molina (1974)
Jason Miller (1982)
Alexi Casilla (1984)
Stephen Strasburg (1988)

Bob Short owned the second Washington Senators franchise and moved them to Texas.  He also owned the Minneapolis Lakers and moved them to Los Angeles.

Mike Ilitch purchased the Detroit Tigers in 1992.

Dick Stello was a National League umpire from 1968-1987, when he died in a car accident.

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Happy Birthday–July 19

Jim Donnelly (1865)
Earl Hamilton (1891)
Bob Meusel (1896)
Mark Koenig (1904)
Jackie Hayes (1906)
Phil Cavarretta (1916)
Billy Gardner (1927)
Jayson Stark (1951)
Dan Graham (1954)
Mark Carreon (1963)
David Segui (1966)
Gus Gandarillas (1971)
Preston Wilson (1974)
Yorvit Torrealba (1978)
Rick Ankiel (1979)

Jayson Stark is a long-time baseball writer and ESPN commentator.

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2016 Game 91: Indians at Twins

First Pitch 1:10 pm

Kyle Gibson (2-5, 5.02 ERA, 42 K, 1.483 WHIP)
Josh "Little Cowboy" Tomlin (9-2, 3.51 ERA, 68 K, 1.120 WHIP)

For those of you who didn't make it to last night's rain-delayed, extra-inning finish, Max Kepler drove in Mauer from third with an infield grounder that was thrown home as the Indians tried to keep the game alive. I'm not sure where this team is going to finish. With 72 games remaining, they have the opportunity to at least save a little face and dig their way out of the AL Central cellar. They'd only have to pick up 13 games on Chicago to do that. Not a can of corn by any means, but also not out of the realm of possibility considering it's the White Sox we're talking about catching. I've seen some pretty odd things happen in the second half in my day -- seemingly impossible winning streaks and slack-jaw, head-shaking collapses. And that's just by the Twins. But no matter how we finish because of our abysmal start, this team has won me back. You can start to see the nucleus of a pretty good young squad here -- an outfield full of outfielders, an infield with potential and no shortage of pop up and down the lineup -- and that's what I'll be watching for. With the non-waiver deadline looming in a couple of weeks, the Twins are also active sellers in the trade market, so we may find out how much value Ervin Santana has to a contending club (Texas, perhaps?) wanting to bolster its starting rotation. Looks like we got our crappy weather out of the way last night and it's getting close to that time, so...

Play ball!

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