Happy Birthday–August 18

Sam Wise (1857)
Wally Gerber (1891)
Burleigh Grimes (1893)
Bernie Friberg (1899)
Max Lanier (1915)
Bob Kennedy (1920)
Roberto Clemente (1934)
Billy Consolo (1934)
Joe Azcue (1939)
Paul Popovich (1940)
Bucky Guth (1947)
Bruce Benedict (1955)
Mike LaValliere (1960)
Jack Howell (1961)
Marcus Lawton (1965)
Bobby Higginson (1970)
Albie Lopez (1971)

Marcus Lawton is the brother of Matt Lawton.  He played in ten games for the Yankees in 1989.

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Happy Birthday–August 17

Johnny Rawlings (1892)
Rudy York (1913)
Donald Honig (1931)
Jim Davenport (1933)
John Buzhardt (1936)
Diego Segui (1937)
Boog Powell (1941)
Ron Boyer (1944)
Skip Lockwood (1946)
Butch Hobson (1951)
Alex Cole (1965)
Jorge Posada (1971)
Mike Maroth (1977)
Brett Myers (1980)
Dustin Pedroia (1983)

Author Donald Honig has written nearly forty books about baseball.

Ron Boyer is the brother of Clete Boyer and Ken Boyer. He played in the Yankees’ farm system for eight years, reaching AAA.

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Game 119: Minnesota at Atlanta

Maybe we didn’t fare so well a couple of weeks ago against our arch enemy from Atlanta.  I guess 25 years of pent up frustration over the 1991 World Series finally came to the surface and those dang Barves weren’t going to give us any quarter.  Well now it’s payback time gentlemen and it will be the Twins’ turn to look for a little revenge.  Given that it will be the last time the Twins will visit Turner Field, let’s just say the emotion’s going to be turned up to 11 on this one.

Ervin Santana on the mound versus something called Joel De La Cruz and his 0-5, 4.09 ERA.  First pitch at 6:10 Central

Happy Birthday–August 16

Hick Carpenter (1855)
Baby Doll Jacobsen (1890)
Fats Fothergill (1897)
Tiny Bonham (1913)
Gene Woodling (1922)
Puddin’ Head Jones (1925)
Buck Rodgers (1938)
Gene Brabender (1941)
Mike Jorgensen (1948)
Al Holland (1952)
Nick Leyva (1953)
Rick Reed (1964)
Xavier Hernandez (1965)
Terry Shumpert (1966)
Quinton McCracken (1970)
Damian Jackson (1973)
Roger Cedeno (1974)
Ryan Hanigan (1980)
Yu Darvish (1986)

Nick Leyva is a long-time minor league coach and manager and major league coach.  He managed the Philadelphia Phillies from 1989-1991.

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Where They Stand

Rochester is 67-55, second in the wild card standings, but 5.5 games behind Lehigh Valley.

Chattanooga is 25-24 in the second half.  They are third in the division, but first-place Jackson is already in the playoffs, so effectively they are second behind Montgomery, three games back.

Fort Myers is 25-24 in the second half.  They are fourth in the division, but only 2.5 games behind Jupiter.

Cedar Rapids is 28-21 in the second half.  They are second in the division and in position for a playoff spot.  They lead Quad Cities by two games and Burlington by three.

Elizabethton is 26-23.  They are second in their division, putting them in position for a playoff spot.  They lead Greeneville by one game in the playoff race.

The GCL Twins are 24-19, leading their division by 2.5 games over the GCL Red Sox.

The DSL Twins are 29-30, fifth in their division, ten games behind the DSL Mariners1.

So, with about three weeks left in the minor league seasons, we have three Twins teams currently in playoff position.  Three others still have a shot, although their going to have to get hot to do it.  The only team without any real chance is the DSL Twins, who's elimination number is four.

Happy Birthday–August 15

Charles Comiskey (1859)
Doggie Miller (1864)
Jack Warner (1872)
Bill Sherdel (1896)
Jim Snyder (1932)
Joey Jay (1935)
Jose Santiago (1940)
Cap Peterson (1942)
Duffy Dyer (1945)
Joe Lis (1946)
Billy Conigliaro (1947)
Tom Kelly (1950)
Joe Cowley (1958)
Randy Johnson (1958)
Jeff Huson (1964)
Scott Brosius (1966)
Chris Singleton (1972)
Oliver Perez (1981)

This is also the seventieth wedding anniversary of Mom and Dad A.

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2016 Game #118: Royals at Twins

First Pitch 1:10 p.m.

Edinson Volquez (8-10, 5.03 ERA, 104 K, 1.479 WHIP)
Hector Santiago (10-6, 4.47 ERA, 115 K, 1.452 WHIP)

The Twins snapped a four-game losing streak yesterday with a nice win over the Royals. You have to go back to June 17 to find another losing streak that long. And all it took to win was seven solid innings from the starter and a few power swings at the plate. That's a formula that's worked out real well for the Twins this year, although not nearly often enough.

Play ball!

Happy Birthday–August 14

Paul Dean (1912)
Earl Weaver (1930)
Joel Horlen (1937)
Bert Cueto (1937)
Mark Fidrych (1954)
Don Carman (1959)
Mark Gubicza (1962)
Mike Cook (1963)
Mark Loretta (1971)
Juan Pierre (1977)
Clay Buchholz (1984)

Earl Weaver was the long-time manager of the Baltimore Orioles.

Mark Gubicza was an analyst on for FSN on pre-game and post-game shows in 2004.

We would also like to wish a very happy birthday to sean's son.

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Happy Birthday–August 13

Fielder Jones (1871)
George Susce (1907)
Lou Finney (1910)
Sid Gordon (1917)
Jerry Neudecker (1930)
Vinegar Bend Mizell (1930)
Mudcat Grant (1935)
Tony Cloninger (1940)
Fred Stanley (1947)
Jerry Crawford (1947)
Andre Thornton (1949)
Tom Niedenfuer (1959)
Jim Reboulet (1961)
Jay Buhner (1964)
Tom Prince (1964)
Mark Lemke (1965)
Alex Fernandez (1969)
Jarrod Washburn (1974)
Will Ohman (1977)
Corey Patterson (1979)
Dallas Braden (1983)
Boone Logan (1984)

Jerry Neudecker was an American League umpire from 1966-1985.  He was the last major league umpire to use an outside chest protector.

Jerry Crawford was a major league umpire from 1976-2010.  He is tied with Bruce Froemming for the most postseason games umpired, 111.

Jim Reboulet is the brother of Jeff Reboulet. He was in the minors for six years, reaching AAA. He had three seasons with sixty or more stolen bases.

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