Happy Birthday–August 28

Joe Yeager (1875)
Dode Paskert (1881)
Aaron Ward (1896)
Charlie Grimm (1898)
Paul Bowa (1918)
Tony Gonzalez (1936)
Tom Satriano (1940)
Lou Piniella (1943)
Mike Torrez (1946)
Ron Guidry (1950)
Joel Youngblood (1951)
Darren Lewis (1967)
Jay Witasick (1972)
Tom Shearn (1977)
Carlos Quentin (1982)

Paul Bowa is the father of Larry Bowa and the grandfather of Nick Johnson.  He was a minor league infielder who reached as high as AAA, and later became a minor league manager in the St.  Louis Cardinals’ organization.

We would also like to wish a very happy birthday to bhiggum.

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Photo by Chris Murphy. https://www.flickr.com/photos/chrism70/458408655.

2014 Game 132: Twins at Royals

Hughes vs. Hendriks. Kaufmann Stadium. The Tigers aren't in first. What's not to like?

Well, the local nine are 58-73. That's not to like. The Royals are the opposite, and I have to say I like the team and have nothing against the fanbase, so if my team loses here, I suppose I can live with it. ESPN just did a thing on the state of the world the last time the Royals made the playoffs - Back to the Future being released in theaters, for instance - so I guess they're our Pirates this season.


Game 131: The Minnesotas at The Kansas Cities

Nolasco (5-9, 5.96 ERA) vs. Duffy (8-11, 2.53 ERA)

The Twins head to KC to face the King Royals, starting off the series in what has been the worst possible way this year: with Nolasco pitching. Maybe this is when he turns a corner, gets his game on track?

The deck project is going about as well as expected, I say sarcastically. Arguments abound, though I've manage to convince my wife that a pergola would look completely awful in my hands. (there was much yelling.) I've given in on deck size, expanding my hope of 12'x12' to at least 14', though the Menards design tool tells me it will cost $1,001,400 or so.

Also, its been hot down here lately (and absurdly humid), so maybe seeing the fountains at Kaufman will help.


On The Simpsons

FXX is currently running an Every Simpsons Ever Marathon, and I've been tuning in a lot. I watched an absurd amount of The Simpsons in college and law school, and even after that. Right about up until I had kids. In some ways, it's weird to think that they've continued on for the past 5 years, without me. I'm kind of looking forward to seeing some of the newer episodes during this marathon.

I thought it would be worth having a conversation on the WGOM about The Simpsons. For a long time I was of the mindset that The Simpsons stopped being good right about Season 9. But last night I saw a number of episodes from Season 10, and I realized there were some really good ones still. Not all of them. And there were some real clunkers ("Maximum Homerdrive" ::shudder::). But two of them even makes my top 10 favorites list. (Which I'll present here, and maybe try to kick off a conversation). It might well be time for me to re-evaluate my earlier take on The Simpsons.

Though I remain disappointed in the movie. I mean, in a Simpsons movie the bad guy has to be Mr. Burns, right? How did they manage to mess up such a natural mandate? Sigh. Anyway, here's my favorites. Lots of good ones I had to leave off the list.

Phil's 10 Phavorite Simpsons Episodes:
Das Bus (#5F11 / SI-911)
Team Homer (#3F10)
Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment (#4F15)
22 Short Films About Springfield (#3F18)
Simpson Tide (#3G04)
You Only Move Twice (#3F23)
Bart Sells His Soul (#3F02)
Mom and Pop Art (#AABF15)
The Old Man and the "C" Student (#AABF16)
Homer the Great (#2F09)


Happy Birthday–August 26

Chick Fraser (1873)
Jesse Barnes (1892)
Sparky Adams (1894)
Gene Moore (1909)
Alex Kellner (1924)
Alex Trevino (1957)
Jeff Parrett (1961)
Angel Hernandez (1961)
Chad Kreuter (1964)
Ricky Bottalico (1969)
Brendan Harris (1980)
Eric Fryer (1985)
Darin Mastroianni (1987)
Mario Hollands (1988)

It is reported that Angel Hernandez has been a major league umpire since 1993.  We continue to search for evidence of this.

Mario Hollands was drafted by Minnesota in the 24th round in 2009 but did not sign.

We would also like to wish a happy birthday to spookymilk’s sister and to Can of Corn's little Kernel.

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Carpal tunnel vision.

Whilst in Minny two weeks back I took out a yew alongside the house in prep for house painting, but the hedge shears took me down like bloodhounds on Cool Hand Luke.

That and oncet back in H'istan, I had to tackle enormous weedage in the backyard, plus numerous simultaneous powerpoint presentations at work.  And, hellboy button mouse on the laptop - net effect - swelling in the wrists, and Constant Sorrows.

I am training for a century ride first week in September in Dartmouth, MA.  I did this one last year, took 7 hours.  NBBW is joining us this year.

Ibuprofen hasn't made any difference.  I need to try bag of frozen peas on the arm.

But I did get in my 65 miles on Sunday (loop from H'istan to E. Longmeadows, MA).  Suck it up, boyo.


Need Help: Mini-Project

Yo yo yo. Need some help on a little project I've got going. Can you guys help by adding some general WGOM-specific terms in the comments? Here's a current list so you see what I'm talking about:

Light Rail
Yeah, me neither
Book Of Face

and et cetera, et cetera...

Remodeled basement. Same half-baked taste.