The Games We Play

To be honest, I didn't like the name "Getting Dicey."  Going with this much simpler, to-the-point title this time.

So, I have not played many games this last month.  Weird.  It's like I had something else occupying all my time.  Not sure what that was, but it may be the subject of my Father Knows Best coming next month.

Anyway, I wanted to share a little bit about Gaming Conventions.  Last year I went to my first gaming convention: Geekway To The West in St. Louis, MO.  IT. WAS. AWESOME!!!

I've been getting heavy into board gaming over the last 2-3 years, ever since my friends introduced me to games like Ticket To Ride, Shadows Over Camelot and Talisman.  When they told me about Geekway last year, I thought it sounded like a lot of fun.  It was.  I played so many new games like Euphoria (Build a Better Dystopia), Coal Baron (great worker placement game), Firefly (based on the TV show - shiny!), and also got to play a 60 player game of Werewolf.

This year, I'm going again, but I it's different for a number of reasons.  First, I know what to expect.  Last year, I really didn't know how to get into games when I didn't know anyone around.  This year, I not only know how to use the Meeple "Players Wanted" signs, but I also know a bunch more people going.  Also, after listening to several episodes of The Dice Tower over the last year, I'm aware of many of the latest games to get a lot of buzz.  Games like Mysterium, Dead of Winter, and XCOM the Board Game.

My favorite part of the convention is the Play and Win.  There are about 50 games (3 copies of each) that you can play throughout the weekend, when you do, you put your name into a drawing to win a copy of that game.  Last year I won a copy of Tzolkin: The Mayan Calendar and its expansion.  I already had the base game, so I sold the base for cash and bought Terra Mystica instead.  Oh... and you get a free game just for registering.  Last year I got a roll-and-move game called Bakong that I thought was mediocre, but my son sure liked it.  They did have some gems last year, and this year I'm hoping to get King of Tokyo of Sons of Anarchy.

If you love Board Games, Conventions are a great way to try a bunch of new stuff out, or get to those long drawn out games that you have a hard time getting to the table.  Conventions are becoming more and more popular.  To find one near you, I suggest looking here, or try Board Game Geek.

What have you been playing lately?

Happy Birthday–April 30

Dave Eggler (1849)
Charley Jones (1850)
Jack Sheridan (1862)
Jumbo Brown (1907)
Chet Laabs (1912)
Ernie Tyler (1924)
Ken Retzer (1934)
Ray Miller (1945)
Phil Garner (1949)
Tracy Ringolsby (1951)
Jeff Reboulet (1964)

Jack Sheridan was the first home plate umpire to crouch behind the catcher in the style that umpires do today.

Ernie Tyler was the umpires’ assistant for Baltimore Orioles home games from 1960 through 2010.  He went from opening day of 1960 through July 27, 2007 without missing a game, a streak of 3,769 games.  He missed two games that weekend to go to Cooperstown for the induction of Cal Ripken, Jr. into the Hall of Fame.

Ray Miller was the manager of the Twins in 1985 and 1986, replacing Billy Gardner and being replaced by Tom Kelly.

Tracy Ringolsby has been a baseball writer since 1976 and was given the Spink Award in 2005.

We would also like to wish a happy birthday to Rhubarb_Runner's brother.

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Nothing new on race day

This last Sunday I did the Cheshire Half Marathon.  Great temps (43F at the start).   Flat course.  Trained for it well.

Several weeks back I bought some hiking boots/socks, and have been doing some trail hikes to break them in.  The hiking socks are some kind of smart wool, and are pretty close to the same color as my running socks (which are not as thick).

So I accidentally picked out the hiking socks on Sunday morning, and didn't even think about them, until mile 11, where I was struggling to run.   I finished, but wasn't happy with my time.

When I got home I found that the hiking socks had crowded the small toes in my running shoes, and I had developed large blisters on the outside toes.  Natch.

Game 21: Tigers at Twins


DET: Greene (3-1, 3.00)
MIN: Hughes, P (0-4, 4.39)


1. Danny SS
2. Doz 2B
3. Mauer DH
4. Plouffe! 3B
5. Escobar LF
6. Arcia RF
7. Vargas 1B
8. Hermann C
9. Schafer CF

1. Davis CF
2. Kinsler 2B
3. Cabrera 1B
4. Martinez DH
5. Martinez RF
6. Cespedes LF
7. Castellanos 3B
8. McCann C
9. Romine SS

Happy Birthday–April 29

Frank Hankinson (1856)
Ernie Johnson (1888)
Steve Ridzik (1929)
Mickey McDermott (1929)
Ed Charles (1933)
Luis Aparicio (1934)
Akira Ohgi (1935)
Tom House (1947)
Rick Burleson (1951)
Ron Washington (1952)
Bob McClure (1952)
Steve Crawford (1958)
John Vander Wal (1966)
Sterling Hitchcock (1971)
Rafael Betancourt (1975)
Tony Armas (1978)

Akiri Ohgi was a long-time manager in Japan, winning nearly a thousand games.

Rick Burleson was drafted by Minnesota in the eighth round in 1969, but did not sign.

We would also like to wish a very happy birthday to Papa MagUidhir.

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Game 20: Tigers vs. Twins

Sanchez (1-2, 5.96 ERA) vs. Big Pelf! (1-0, 2.65 ERA)

Welcome back to Tuesday game previews, Big Pelf!

Admittedly, he had a pretty good outing in his last start. It could even be argued that his last two were good. Hopefully that is something he can keep up tonight, although with his allergies to strikeouts, that may be difficult against the Tigers. A quick look at his 4.99 xFIP doesn't fill me with a ton of confidence that this isn't just smoke and mirrors.

I'm going to be in Toledo for the next couple days, so I might actually be able to watch this series. I hope to see a win against this dang team.

Happy Birthday–April 28

Red Lucas (1902)
Charlie Metro (1918)
Tom Sturdivant (1930)
Jackie Brandt (1934)
Pedro Ramos (1935)
Tom Browning (1960)
John Cerutti (1960)
Luis Quinones (1962)
Russ Morman (1962)
Barry Larkin (1964)
Jim Poole (1966)
Jorge Sosa (1978)
Sean Douglass (1979)
Yoslan Herrera (1981)
David Freese (1983)
John Gaub (1985)

John Gaub was drafted by Minnesota in the twenty-fifth round in 2003, but did not sign.

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Game 19: Tigers 5, Twins 4

Because the Twins signed you to be the OAFFOTF (once and future face of the franchise), all you really need to do to have a good night at the park is smile.

Because swinging for the fences when a hit to the outfield ties the game shows you're a leader.

Because your former team understands your value and therefore didn't make you an offer ... but your former, former, former team saw something that no one else saw: leadership.

More succinctly:



Let's be honest, the real story tonight was the Tigers running themselves out of the game (Boyer being the lucky recipient), Joe Mauer hitting his 313th double to move past Kent Hrbek and into sole possession of third place on the Twins career list, the Twins defense playing solid and their offense putting together some decent at-bats and scoring a few runs to make things interesting in the bottom of the 9th. To be sure, Milone wasn't strong and Detroit jumped him early, but the boys kept playing and had a chance there at the end. Unfortunately, Danny Santana was asked to bunt and Dozier wasn't able to do anything against Soria either. ii with a chance to show us what for and failing miserably was just the proverbial icing on the cake.

Go Wild.

2015 Game 19: Detroit Tigers at Minnesota Twins

After being thoroughly abused by the Tigers in Motown to open the season earlier this month, the felines come to the friendly confines of Target Field. Over 3 games, el Tigres shut down the Twinkies to a tune of 22-1. Just about how we were all expecting to start off the new season (even if we were hoping for something else).

The end of the inaugural month of baseball has found a bit more success, though we started with a very low bar. Somehow, the hometown team is only a couple games away from .500, and only (heh) 4.5 games out of first. After splitting the recent road trip, Minnesota comes back for an 11-game homestand, their longest of the season. Unfortunately, they'll open it up against the same 3 pitchers that toyed with them to start the year.

Of course, before you get too excited (seriously, what's wrong with you?), keep this little nugget from the Cornman in mind:

The team is last in the league in OBP, SLG, OPS (and perhaps obviously OPS+) and RBI, 14th out of 15 for BA and tied for last in Runs Scored. The Twins have a combined 36 extra base hits - 15 less than the league average.

Go team go!

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