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Happy Birthday–August 24

Harry Hooper (1887)
Hank Gowdy (1889)
Hal Woodeshick (1932)
Tony Bernazard (1956)
Cal Ripken (1960)
Tim Salmon (1968)
Kevin Correia (1980)
Nick Adenhart (1986)

Right-hander Kevin John Correia came to the Twins prior to the 2013 season.  He was born in San Diego, went to high school in La Mesa, California, attended Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo, and was drafted by San Francisco in the fourth round in 2002.  He had an indifferent time in low class A that season, but started 2003 in AA, was promoted to AAA, and reached the majors by mid-August.  He did well there, too, going 3-1, 3.66 in 39.1 innings.  He split 2004 between AAA and the majors, not doing particularly well in either place.  2005 was similar.  In 2006, however, he was shifted to the bullpen and spent the whole year in San Francisco, going 2-0, 3.49, 1.23 WHIP in 69.2 innings.  He continued to do well as a reliever in 2007.  2008, however, was pretty much a disaster for him, and he became a free agent after the season.  He signed with San Diego and spent two years with them, doing all right in 2009 but not so well in 2010.  A free agent again, he signed with Pittsburgh and spent two years there as well.  He made the all-star team in 2011, but was not particularly good (although not awful, either) in both years.  His career numbers at that point were 60-65, 4.54, 1.41 WHIP.  Once again a free agent, he signed with Minnesota for 2013.  He got off to a hot start, but for the season pitched pretty much as he had his whole career--adequately, but no more.  He repeated that performance for the Twins in 2014 until August, when he was traded to the Dodgers.  As a Twin, Kevin Correia was 14-26, 4.49, 1.44 WHIP, numbers pretty much in line with what his career has been.  He turns 34 today and is off to a good start with the Dodgers.  At this point, one has to think he is what he is, and the only question about him is whether he'll age quickly or slowly.

Patrick Doyle – Henry V Suite (from Henry V)

Performed by SHW-Bergapelle Wasseralfingen, directed by Philip Walford
Henry V is a great movie, Kenneth Branagh is awesome, and this is Patrick Doyle's debut soundtrack; from the suite, I particularly like "The Death of Falstaff" (3:31-5:32) and of course "St. Crispin's Day/The Battle of Agincourt" (8:40-11:42).

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Happy Birthday–August 23

George Davis (1870)
Guy Bush (1901)
Lonny Frey (1910)
Nels Potter (1911)
Carl Pohlad (1915)
Dale Mitchell (1921)
George Kell (1922)
Sherm Lollar (1924)
John Romano (1934)
Marty Martinez (1941)
Ron Blomberg (1948)
Jerry White (1952)
Mike Boddicker (1957)
Julio Franco (1958)
Randy St. Claire (1960)
Casey Blake (1973)
Mark Bellhorn (1974)

Carl Pohlad, of course, was the owner of the Twins for many years.

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2014 Game 127: Minnesota 20, Detroit 6

No, the Vikings season didn't start early this year. The Twins offense just decided that if the defense was going to keep allowing field goals, they would just have to get touchdowns.

But seriously, if you are not watching the Twins right now, you might want to. No, they aren't winning a lot yet thanks to their best pitching prospects not having made it to the big leagues, but the young position players are really starting to show their talent.

The focus of the game highlights will be justifiably around Eduardo Escobar, who had a career-best 5-hit game with a three-run HR and a triple*. He even was nice enough to throw in a couple of errors to give Gardy something to complain about.

(*Escobar has a mind-boggling high number of doubles on the season and he comes up a double shy of a cycle. Stuff like that is why I love baseball)

Escobar's great game aside, what should excite Twins fans is the play of the three 23-year-old players on the team. All three had an extra-base hit in the six-run second inning, although Kennys Vargas' double should have been a single and an error when Ian Kinsler dropped a throw on what should have been an easy tagout of Vargas at second base. The three players combined for 7 hits, 5 for extra bases; 7 RBIs and 8 runs scored. So three players now have the three best OPSs on the Twins.

And with the offensive explosion, the Twins are officially an above-average offense. They moved past the White Sox and Orioles into sixth place in the AL with 4.31 runs per game on the season. And the Twins now lead all of MLB in runs scored and OPS in the month of August and it really isn't close. The Twins' OPS in August is .797. They Royals are second at .749. It might be a coincidence, but Vargas' first game was Aug. 1.

Hopefully, the Twins management is paying attention. The team went young and the players are responding. The Twins first tried to bring in Jason Kubel (.607 OPS) and Kendrys Morales (.584) to DH before finally letting Vargas (.895) have a shot. The Twins also tried Jason Bartlett (.250) as an OF when Hicks was struggling and then got hurt before being forced to try Danny Santana (.828) as a CF.

And while Pedro Florimon wasn't exactly a veteran, he also has been around long enough and is old enough (27) that it should have been obvious that he wasn't going to hit before the Twins allowed him to have a negative OPS in 86 plate appearances. The Twins finally figured it out and gave Escobar (.737, age 25) a shot. Remember, the average AL OPS this season is .710.

The thought of adding Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano to the mix has me really excited for the future potential of this lineup.

Target Field infield by Jody. https://www.flickr.com/photos/squirrelcondo/4677630074.

2014 Game 127: Barely 2nd WC Tigers visit Twins

Robbie Ray
Tommy Milone

Two castoffs face off tonight. The Tigers decided they had too many[1] starting pitchers and Fister was the worst[2] of the bunch. Off he went to the Nationals and the Tigers get a few not-that-good players back. He is only 22 though.

The A's traded for the rest of the good pitchers in the league and Milone was the odd man out. He got traded for his own teammate.

[1]: The Tigers learned the hard way you can never have too many.
[2]: Fister's rWAR would be third on the Tigers pitching staff.

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