Mexican Tuna Melt

Or a tuna quesadilla, whichever floats your barco.

I tend to eat a lot of what I'd classify as "bachelor chow" - frozen pizzas, cans of tuna, pasta in sauce. I'm actually a pretty good cook and enjoy cooking, but funds are tight so no bacon-wrapped scallops for me at the moment. I hope I don't cause our resident gourmands any embarrassment to share a post category with me, but I thought I'd share something I whipped up that turned out, I thought, very well. Continue reading


Game 82. Utah @ Wolves. 7:00 pm

Since the Twins game has been weathered out lets talk about the local cagers one last time. They are 40-41 on the year, which is the 8th highest win total in the 25 years of existence.

Think about that.

Why do we choose to follow this team?

Couple of milestones in store tonight: Kevin Love could become the first Timberwolves player to eclipse the 2000 point barrier
Ricky Rubio need 3 assists to reach 700


Happy Birthday–April 16

Dutch Leonard (1892)
Paul Waner (1903)
Babe Phelps (1908)
Pete Hughes (1915)
Pete Suder (1916)
Joe Bauman (1922)
Rich Rollins (1938)
Bernie Allen (1939)
Garry Roggenburk (1940)
Jim Lonborg (1942)
Bob Montgomery (1944)
Bruce Bochy (1955)
Curt Young (1960)
Fernando Vina (1969)
Antonio Alfonseca (1972)
Kelly Dransfeldt (1975)

Pete Hughes was a star in the low minors from 1937-1952.  His incomplete career numbers are a .350 average and a .637 slugging percentage, but for some reason he never played above Class B.

Joe Bauman hit 72 home runs for Roswell in the Longhorn League in 1954.

Kelly Dransfeldt was drafted by Minnesota in the seventh round in 1993, but did not sign.

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Target Field at night.

Game 13: Blue Jays at the Bullseye

Well, its time for the first Tuesday game of the season. This should be a good time with an expected game time temperature of 36º F. (goodness, could you imagine the Pelf pitching in this stuff? brrr) This seems like a good time for some birds to come into town (not that Toronto is any warmer), so the Twins will have that going for them.

Anyway, your starting pitchers for tonight:

Morrow (1-1, 5.73) vs. Hughes (0-0, 7.20)

I would expect a decent amount of strikeouts this game as both pitchers are striking out 1+/inning. Hughes has only gone five innings in each start, though against Oakland he had that bad first inning, then four good innings. Hopefully he keeps those good innings going and continues this trend of the starters eating some innings. It would warm my heart if, by the end of the year, Hughes showed that it was that awful place in NY that was the problem.

Taking a quick look at Morrow's game logs for his first two starts shows him pitching well at the beginning of games, but losing it a bit later on. It'd be great if Twins hitters could continue this trend of taking a lot of pitches. They lead the league in that stat, taking 4.14 PPA which has also put them atop the leaderboard in walks.


Happy Birthday–April 15

Jim Creighton (1841)
Ed Abbaticchio (1877)
Ed Bailey (1931)
Willie Davis (1940)
Ted Sizemore (1945)
Jeromy Burnitz (1969)
Milton Bradley (1978)
John Danks (1985)

Jim Creighton was a star pitcher from 1857-1862, before the National League was created.  He passed away from a ruptured hernia in 1862 at the age of twenty-one.

Until Henry Aaron came along, Ed Abbaticchio held the “first in the alphabet” record.

There do not appear to be any major league players with connections to the Minnesota Twins born on this day.


Happy Birthday–April 14

Cannonball Redding (1890)
Marvin Miller (1917)
Gordon Gillespie (1926)
Don Mueller (1927)
Marty Keough (1934)
Pete Rose (1941)
Joe Lahoud (1947)
Ron Schueler (1948)
Greg Maddux (1966)
David Justice (1966)
Greg Myers (1966)
Mike Trombley (1967)
Brad Ausmus (1969)
Steve Avery (1970)
Gregg Zaun (1971)
Kyle Farnsworth (1976)

Cannonball Redding was a star pitcher in the Negro Leagues.

Marvin Miller was the head of the Major League Baseball Players association from 1966-1983.

Gordon Gillespie holds the record for most wins by a college baseball coach.

It must be kind of a bummer for a big league ballplayer to not only not be the best player born on the day and year he was born, but to not even be the best player with his first name born on the day and year he was born.

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Game 12: Kansas City at Minnesota

The report of my their death was greatly exaggerated.
-Samuel Clemens

A win today gets the Twins a sweep and back to .500. Kevin Correia (0-1) faces off against Jason Vargas (1-0). Another 2nd Inning like yesterday is a good way to go, IMHO.

1. N. Aoki, RF
2. O. Infante, 2B
3. E. Hosmer, 1B
4. B. Butler, DH
5. A. Gordon, LF
6. S. Perez, C
7. M. Moustakas, 3B
8. L. Cain, CF
9. A. Escobar, SS

1. B. Dozier, 2B
2. J. "Power" Mauer, 1B
3. T. Plouffe, 3B
4. C. Colabello RF
5. J. Kubel, LF
6. J. Pinto, DH
7. K. Suzuki, C
8. A. Hicks, CF
9. P. Florimon, SS

Remodeled basement. Same half-baked taste.