40 thoughts on “April 16, 2011: New Beginnings”

  1. Another suggestion: Really limited the number of categories that you create. Use tags. For things like WGOM Polls or the videos, or the CoC, I used the category to place on the site and exclude it from the main loop. I always wanted to give JeffA a spot for his material, so that Happy Birthday was in the same spot all the time or the minor league material was always in the same spot, but I just couldn't figure out how to do that. But, categories is how you do that. Having 100 categories was really something I didn't like. Use categories to position stuff, use tags to tags content, is my suggestion.

    1. Excellent idea. I recreated a bunch of categories, but I think a bit of pruning will be in the works.

  2. One more thing:

    You would not believe the emotions running through me yesterday. I have talked about a few reasons why I gave the site up. There were a few. But, in the end, I just kind of reached a breaking point. This has been coming. You might remember that I gave up on the site for a week a while back. I posted about keeping going blah, blah, blah, but if I was honest with myself, I would have started a transfer right then and there. I finally reached a point where I could not take it one minute more. I needed to unload some things in my life and this site had to go. My reasoning was a little stream of conscious, but the fact was that I needed to drop it. Now, this new site is here and people have jumped onboard. I am happy and I feel a weight lifted off of my shoulders.

    I owned the old site. I did not own the community. The old site is dead. The community lives on.

    1. I don't know how you feel about retaining your old domain name, SBG, but it'd be a shame if a squatter or a Yankme/Knicks fan got it.

  3. Stick, some comments from Jeff Straub over at SethSpeaks.net:

    The natural conclusion to all things … is its end. I was lucky enough to interview SBG during my podcast back in 2006. I like how SBG mind works and told a story.

    In my mind the quality of bloggers have not been as great as its past. The few that have been going on for years seem to just regurgitate from what has been written in the past or just talk about the numbers. Talking about numbers has no soul. No life. SBG never became stale.

    Dealing with people in a public way can be taxing. Even Mother Teresa received hate mail. SBG will in my mind, will always be an original blogger whom loved the Minnesota Twins.

    With much thanks … Jeff Straub

  4. Multiple sources say Capps is in and Nathan's out as closer.

    I'm bummed, but what are ya gonna do?

    1. I just saw LENII say that on Twitter. maybe a couple months of pitching in blow out games will help him get his control back

    2. I just caught this too. I assume Capps' BOSOs in the 11th aren't viewed as discouraging.

    3. Makes sense to me. To me, it is clear that the guy having some issues after returning from major surgery. If there is anyone worth bringing up from AAA, I wouldn't be opposed to DLing him and giving him some rehab chances to get things back together in lower-leverage situations.

      1. I wouldn't mind this, either. Let Nathan get regular work out of the public eye (or at least out of the MLB spotlight).

    4. What I don't know is the true state of Nathan's health. If he's still working through some things, then maybe it's better to let him work through them in situations with less pressure. I don't see how Capps has been doing particularly better, though.

  5. Tolbert 4, Casilla 6, Kubel 9, Thome DH, Young 7, Cuddyer 3, Valencia 5, Holm 2, Repko 8, Duensing


    1. its been a while since Span and Morneau have had days off

      my guess, this lineup goes out and scores 15

  6. Morning Gents. I'm glad the new place got up so quickly. As I mentioned in the planning session, I updated my username for a little extra anonymity.

    1. It looks like you got a raw deal on the random user name generator. MagUidhir? How are we supposed to pronounce that? I'm going with Magoo Eyed Her.

          1. Yeah, you better duck. Them's fightin' words.

            That's actually my last name in the original Gaelic.

              1. I'm still thinking that Magoo Eyed Her is my pronunciation of choice. It's actually pretty close. 🙂

                1. The "ui" dipthong is pronounced as a short u (as in "muck") Turns out I didn't turn the page in my Irish book. "ui" is pronounced more like the i in "miss" Changes the final pronunciation a bit, but not massively.

                  The dh is an aspirated d. The h isn't actually pronounced, just changes the way the d is pronounced. In this case, with an "i" on either side, the d is pronounced like a "y".

                  "ir" is pronounced as you'd expect.

                  That gives Ma-GUH-y-er

        1. At least the gov't censors are a large, faceless body, not someone I'm gonna have to put up with for the next 50 years at birthdays, weddings, and the like.

          And honestly, I'm sure she'll grow up a bit and I really should lessen my online footprint if I'm going to go out into the world of academia.

    1. I have such a hard time with Gaelic, it'd be easier on me if CH or NBB changed their handles to something using Cyrillic.

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