42 thoughts on “April 17, 2011: The Sun Came Up”

    1. Every day is a new day in my book. The old boss just wanted to lay around in his jammies on sunday instead of brewing a fresh pot. I want fresh, not dregs, damnit.

      Oh, and I feel the need to brag in this space that I filed my taxes early. That's right. Last night.

  1. has socal stopped by yet? Sunday games were/are his regular rotation day for game logs. I see that GH has put up a placeholder....

        1. Thanks. It's been a loooong weekend. We had a lot of rainouts in Little League which resulted with Junior playing four games in five days to make it up and Trey playing Saturday and Sunday as well. Saturday, Junior's team had to supply the manpower for the snack bar for the league, so I was helping out for a couple hours in the morning until his game started at 1, then we still had to do the weekly grocery shopping Saturday evening. Today, we went to church, came home and had lunch, I mowed the lawn, then we went to the games and then to a team pizza party after. I had DVR'd the Twins and didn't get to watch it until after we got home this evening, so I was staying offline until I could watch the game. The place looks great though. It looks like I don't have authorship privileges, yet, so that will need to be updated before next weekend.

  2. In yesterday's conversation centered around starting this place up sean shared this link, which I think goes a very long way to describing the importance of the WGOM (whether at Stick's place, or here) to many of us.

    1. I was thinking more along the lines of "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" from Annie. I just screwed up (slightly) with "came up" rather than "came out". Which, you know, sounds a little gay.

      Not that there's anything wrong with that....

    1. The NBA being 1000% better than College Basketball isn't retired yet, right? Because let me tell you, this OKC/Denver game is faaaaaaaantastic.

      1. Mo chailín saw Thome on TV the other day and was like "Hey, there's your homey!" I really was proud of her at that moment.

        1. Eh, they're ballplayers, not athletes actors, I wouldn't worry too much about their acting.

  3. I added an "Our Features" tab at the top of the page, based on discussion in the Suggestion Box. If you have anything to add or subtract, let me know here or in my email (but not on the Our Features page, as Sean has disabled comments on header pages since they'd automatically close eventually anyway).

      1. more properly, they would be termed "intermittent", since they are not on any set periodicity. 🙂

      1. Yeah, I never use my Kindle for anything Internet, including email. I suppose I should enable the email just in case my cell phone breaks while I'm out somewhere remote and I need to use Amazon's 3G to let everyone know where to find my carcass.

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