Game 17 Recap: Orioles 11, Twins 0

Well. That sucked. "Staff Ace" Pavano was ugly, Nathan gave up a huge bomb in his first "low leverage" work since being relieved of closing duties, seemingly half of the team is on the shelf, and the bats are still made out of ass. I guess that's the bad news.

The good news is that there are 145 baseball games left in the season. The good news is that one of those games is tomorrow. The good news is that the Twins' east coast road trips are almost over. The good news is the offense can't possibly be this bad all year. The good news is that maybe the equipment manager will realize that he meant to order ash bats. The good news is that the White Sox have lost 6 in a row. The good news is that Tigers have given up 13 runs (and counting!) to the Mariners.



The silence is deafening.


Part of what I love about the WGOM, and a big part of what drove me to register and join the community, is that the people here are level headed (StatFreak101 excepted) and are comfortable riding out the ebb and flow of a baseball season. It is unfortunate that this isn't the prevailing attitude I hear about the Twins. Sports radio, the Star Tribune comment section, and lots of other Twins blogs are just frustrating to even look at. I assume a lot of this is due to the poor showings of the other professional sports teams, but this is a completely different team in a completely different sport. It sucks that this negativity rolls over for the Twins as well.

At least we have our little corner of the internet. This winter was long and very difficult, for a number of reasons. Twins baseball was one of the things I was looking forward to the most to try to get out of that funk. The season hasn't exactly started well, but it's early. Hey, the Twins won two out of their last 3. If they do that for the rest of the season, they'll be in good shape. I look forward to enjoying (most of) the rest of the season with you all in game logs, riding out the ebbs and flows together.

Final Score: Baltimore Orioles 11, Minnesota Twins 0.
Twins Record: 6-11, 6.0 GB in the AL Central.
WP: Jake Arrietta (2-1) | LP: Carl Pavano (1-2)
Things I'm Looking Forward To: Not playing the AL East.
Already Pitched More Innings Than Clay Condry: Eric Hacker.

17 thoughts on “Game 17 Recap: Orioles 11, Twins 0”

  1. I think losing 0-11 in Baltimore is more honorable than losing 3-13 in Seattle.
    The only divisional team that gained vs the Twins yesterday was the Royals. And I can't hate the Royals.
    Bruce Chen got the win and is now 3-0 with a 2.42 ERA in 4 Starts (26 IP). His ERA went up yesterday.
    Bruce. Chen. The Panamaniac. The Human Pez Dispenser. The only way that I could hate Chen for that is if he did it for the Yanquis or BoSox.

  2. Luckily, I had Rick Sutcliffe to explain Pavano's troubles to me. The problem, it seems, is that Pavano missed having Joe Mauer to pitch to.

  3. So I won another shot at a drawing for Twins tickets with last night's trivia contest. I have no idea when the drawing is, or which game the tickets would be for, or what my chances are, but Mrs. Runner has already suggested I go nort' to watch the game, so my fingers are crossed.

    1. Good luck. You & your bride are welcome to stay in the guest room at my home if a trip ensues. Hey, free tickets & accomodations!

  4. Watching the Twins play bad baseball is still favorable to not having any MLB baseball to watch at all.

  5. Going into this game, the Twins were 4-0 this season on days I wore one of my two fabulous Twins ties. (I believe the Twins had one every game in September last year that I wore the ties too.) The previous 4 games, I wore the ties while the game was on, since I was at work. Yesterday, I took my tie off as I drove home from the cities. So technically, I did not have the tie on when the game took place. So which of the following are true.

    a) I cost the Twins the game. This superstition is still in play. Wear the dang tie at home if you have to.

    b) I wore out the luck in the ties. Superstition no longer valid or effective.

    c) I am a small person for believing in silly superstitions.

      1. Believe me, if I could trade my shirt and tie ensemble for a t-shirt and Twins cap, I would. Unfortunately, that will not happen soon, without a career change.

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