2011 Game 19: Twins at Orioles

Hey, it's game 19? That's the number I wore as a kid! Can we lose?! Well, I was a terrible hitter, so maybe.

Scott Baker faces a Jeremy tonight, but he's not really a Jeremy.

Jeremy Guthrie, at least, is right-handed, for all the good that does us what with Mauer and Morneau out. Guthrie consistently strikes out about five guys per nine innings and walks about two and a half. He's prone to giving up the long ball - more so than Baker - so if the wind is anything like last night, this could be a shootout (although, given the run scoring the Twins have done this year, I'm not holding my breath).

All in all, Baker generally out-FIPs and out-WARs Guthrie, but the offense will have to score some runs for that to matter.

I've gotten aggressively sick throughout the day, so I'm begging the Twins to prop me up with a win here. It would be nice to have a series that was a non-loss. Baby steps.


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  1. I've gotten aggressively sick throughout the day
    That's one dangerous flu the Twins have if it's spread that far.

  2. Just like Spooky to take one for the team. The Twins need to reward that sacrifice. Go Twins!!11!!

  3. Spooky, how did you fix your sign out error on the ps3 the other day?

      1. Hmmm... That doesn't help me at all. I suppose I will use the laptop instead then.

        1. Oh well. I watched on my computer for years before the playstation was invented. I suppose I can handle this.

            1. yeah, i futz around for a good 5 minutes before decided it best to check teh internets.

  4. I have been pretty tied up the past couple of days and haven't gotten much time to hang out at the new digs. But let me tell you, wow, this place, while it still smells kind of funny, sure is fast.

    Nice work, gents.

      1. I was the guy wearing the 1991 World Series hat, in case you were watching.

        1. I saw a bunch of it, but my primary focus was on the Twins. I never saw you. You'll have to go to that Sunday game so I can find you then.

          1. I am in negotiations with Ms Buffalo. I don't know that I will be able to get out of family events.

  5. I enjoyed the segment with Andy McPhail. It is times like these that remind me Bert isn't such a butthead.

      1. I wonder how long it will take before being called "doctor" will stop being fun. 🙂

  6. I really, really, really hate first pitch outs. The only thing worse is two outs on the first pitch.

  7. Question for the Twins historians: Could this end up being the worst fielding team in Twins history?

    1. By reputation the original teams were pretty awful defensively (Killebrew was terrible wherever he was stationed, Zoilo made many mental errors, etc.) but the worst team I can find in a quick search according to Total Zone through B-R is the 1999 squad.

    2. According to the B-Ref defensive metrics, this team is the opposite of last year, bad infield and good outfield. Even Kubel has been better than average so far (+1, but still!).

      1. I heard on the radio that Kubel is a Gold Glove contender.

        even Scotty B. said he was "no longer a liability" in the OF. Heh.

  8. I wonder who Bert prefers as a player, Matt Reynolds or Scott Baker?

        1. Mine wasn't really meant to be a reply, it was a comment I had written, then forgotten about, then I was going to respond to your comment, then I wasn't. Then I just said &*%$ it and hit 'send'. It was all very confusing.

  9. Scott Baker must not have singed an autograph for Bert's grandson or something.

  10. and now Blyleven can't even compliment Baker when he gets out of the jam, blaming the batter. I'm about ready to add money to the jar.

        1. "Too many pitches"*

          *I'm not actually watching the game, but I'm sure it's something Bert will say

          1. My dear young man, don't take it too hard. Your work is ingenious. It's quality work. And there are simply too many pitches, that's all. Just cut a few and it will be perfect.

    1. Sandy Koufax: "I became a good pitcher when I stopped trying to make them miss the ball and started trying to make them hit it."

  11. Birthday dinner with the family, following game on Twins mobile. WGOM mobile looks great!

      1. I am looking forward to this site during weekends, when I mostly use my Blackberry to access WGOM.

    1. So you didn't see the episode of Homicide:LOTS where they killed the Yankees fan, huh?

    2. They got really, really bitter around 2003. My favorite heckle of all time came when a fan (sitting just above the third base dugout and clearly heard by everyone in the infield) yelled at Scott Erickson to "GO BACK TO JAIL!" in his first start after being arrested for domestic assault.

      They also really, really hated Sidney Ponson by the end of his tenure and would shout all sorts of alcoholic insults at him.

      Of course, BJ Surhoff and Jeff Conine walked on water to those people...

    3. Yeah, that struck me as being particularly harsh too. Seems like people boo a lot more readily than they did 15 years ago. It's like booing has lost all of its meaning.

      1. No less than 8% of all talk radio in Buffalo is spent discussing when it is appropriate to boo at your own team.

              1. I say bring them back to Rochester. Anthony Smokestack could make some new friends.

  12. More of a CoC thing, but since everyone's here: if anyone wants to work on the WGOM Lexicon, now's a good time, because we may have visitors soon. There's a draft in the dashboard under "Pages."

    1. we may have visitors soon

      Ruh roh. Did somebody reveal the location of the sekret clubhouse??

    2. we may have visitors soon

      I knew those bots would be close behind the lift and load.

  13. Hey, look at this! I get back from the gym and we have a lead. Maybe I should always turn it on late.

  14. 8th inning? 8th inning!?

    C'mon Twins, we blow these games in the 9th. Have some pride.

      1. FWIW, I fully believe Neck Tat and the Mayor could have allowed those runs, too.

  15. I'm still having a tough time coming to terms with this whole Matt Capps thing.

  16. Where are those little white puppies that I love so much? Hope they made the trip to the new digs.

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