2011 Game 20: Cleveland Indians at Minnesota Twins

Carmona vs Duensing.

It's been a busy week. I think I have the core features in place now, so it's on to other things. Like how the site looks. That will have to come from someone else.

In the meantime, time for the best team in the AL to take on the near worst team in the league. Unfortunately, they aren't in the order I wanted at the beginning of the season.

19 thoughts on “2011 Game 20: Cleveland Indians at Minnesota Twins”

    1. I guess with all the recuperating Twins, a rain-out is not the worst thing that could happen. Does leave a hole in my late afternoon schedule. Time to run Fausto Carmona through the anagram machine:

      1 - Famous roan cat
      2 - Cosmonaut afar
      3 - Maracas? Too fun!

      Guess I should shut down and go home...

  1. In lieu of a Twin's game, watching Carmelo Anthony dribble around like an idiot for 22 seconds then pass to a crappy teammate for a forced shot has been highly entertaining.

      1. Spooky, correct me if I am wrong but the Sabres have never won a playoff series since you adopted them as your playoff team, correct?

      2. Sadly, the weather here has messed up my dish, so I'm finally getting to The City of Lost Children

      3. For the time being I hate overtime playoff hockey. I do reserve the right to change my mind at any point tonight/tomorrow morning though.

        1. what the heck happened? I was watching the game and Philly pulled their goalie after 3 goals. I decided to watch other programming thinking the Sabers had the game in hand

          1. The Sabres tend to coast with leads. Or at least that is what talk radio tells me. It should be a long overtime though as Buffalo can't seem to put the puck on net and Ryan Miller tends to step up in situations like this, Gold Medal games excepted.

          2. Also, if you get the chance, watch the Sabres feed for OT. As I am sure meat can attest, Rick Jeanneret should be pretty drunk by now.


            Man, I did not see that coming. The Sabres were on the defensive all OT long. I barely saw the puck sneak in there. I just sat here waiting for confirmation that I'd even seen it.

          2. OVERTIME HOCKEY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Verily! Without even knowing what happened (although I can deduce), this is why I'd start tuning in to the hockey season each year once the Stanley cup playoffs began. May the powers that be never change introduce a playoffs shootout.

            Back when I had cable, I'd usually pull up the games when there was 10 minutes left in the 3rd (as long as the score was within one). If it made it to OT, I'd be glued. There's no commercials, and I'd never leave to the bathroom. To me it feels like simultaneous tightrope walking. One goalie is going to screw up and his team will lose because of him.

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