Good Friday Music Day, 2011

I would have also accepted "Earth Day Music Day, 2011."

When I was twelve, there was a big hullaballo about the 20th Earth Day, so I ended up with some other teens and pre-teens pulling junk out of the Minnesota River down at Minnecon Park in New Ulm.  It actually wasn't in that bad of shape, although I do remember tires.  But, it's the Minnesota River, it wasn't gonna polish up like some beach or something.  It was still just a muddy river bottom, annually inundated, only now with less garbage in it.  Still smelled like river mud and cottonwoods.

You got any songs about removing litter from public areas?  Or whale watching?
(I was going to ask if anyone had songs topical to Good Friday -- I've probably got one or two -- but then I remembered P&W music and "Contemporary Christian" so it's possible some folk have hundreds of topical songs.)

Share your lists of randomness.  I'll be in transit to the in-laws (Glenwood MN), so I might not have much to say until later.

86 thoughts on “Good Friday Music Day, 2011”

  1. 1. Ha Ha Tonka “Westward Bound” Death of a Demo*
    2. Eric B. & Rakim “I Know You Got Soul” Paid In Full
    3. Palace Music “The Brute Choir” Viva Last Blues
    4. Ha Ha Tonka “Usual Suspects” Death of a Demo*
    5. Leftfield “Phat Planet (Dave Clarke Remix)” Rythm And Stealth Disc II - Stealth Remixes
    6. Coil “Dark River” Love's Secret Domain
    7. Oval “Oval Office” Systemisch
    8. Soundgarden “Face Pollution” Badmotorfinger
    9. Tricky “Ponderosa (Dobie's Rub Part 1)” Maxinquaye (Bonus Disc)
    10. Jóhann Jóhannsson “IBM 729 II Magnetic Tape Unit” IBM 1401 - A User's Manual

    *Death of a Demo is the bonus material available through the pricier pre-order packages: one early demo for each song on the album Death of a Decade.

  2. Sam Roberts "Dead End" We Were Born In A Flame
    The Hold Steady "Chips Ahoy" Live at the Soho
    The Smoke "My Friend Jack" British are Coming Disc 3 *
    Pavement "Speak, See, Remember" Terror Twilight
    Hank Mobley "Soul Station" Soul Station
    Bob Dylan "Ramblin' Gamblin' Willie" Bootleg Series, Vols 1-3 (rare and unreleased)
    By Divine Right "Soft Machine" Sweet Confusion
    These United States "Burn This Bride" A Picture of the Three of us At the Gate to the Garden of Eden
    Paul Westerberg "These Are The Days" Eventually
    Townes Van Zandt "St. John the Gambler" Our Mother The Mountain

    *While on the Pavement, check out the calf:


        1. If this site weren't so darned fast we could have avoided this awkwardness.

  3. .

    * Something I Learned Today - Hüsker Dü - Zen Arcade
    * Watching Me Fall - The Cure - Bloodflowers
    * I Don't Wanna Go There - Dinosaur Jr. - Farm
    * Harvest Moon - Neil Young - Unplugged
    * Sober - Tool - Undertow
    * Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland) - The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland
    * Croatan - The Goslings - The Grandeur of Hair
    * Kill You - Korn - Life is Peachy
    * Walk - Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power
    * Said the People - Dinosaur Jr. - Farm

    1. "Said The People" might be my favorite song on that album. Chalk up another band I now really like that I didn't know before this site.

    2. Love that version of Harvest Moon. Funny:

      The recording of this installment of the MTV series "Unplugged" was rife with tension, as Young was not happy with the performances of almost everyone in the band. In fact, the released version is actually the second attempt made at recording a set suitable for airing and release.

  4. The Big Bopper Running Bear
    John Fogerty Don't You Wish It Was True
    Boyz II Men Little Things
    Brooks & Dunn Little Miss Honky Tonk
    Wallflowers One Headlight
    Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Grand Ole Opry Song
    Alabama I'm In A Hurry
    Chicago Hard to Say I'm Sorry
    James Horner Training For Utopia
    Marty Stuart Touch Me, Turn Me On, and Burn Me Down

    and my Earth Day song

    Peter, Paul & Mary Greenland Whale Fisheries

  5. America Don’t Cross The River
    3 Doors Down When I’m Gone
    Eminem Sing For The Moment
    Jet Look What You’ve Done
    Megafaun Impressions Of The Past

    Aerosmith Last Child
    Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros Home*
    Breaking Benjamin The Diary Of Jane
    Alice Cooper Only Women Bleed
    Cake No Phone

    bt: Matt Molloy & Sean Keane Caeslean an Oir/The New Century

    *Surprisingly, I haven't heard this song on the radio lately...crazy, I know. I have to admit that I still bounce around a bit when I hear it.

    1. Oh yeah, my Earth Day Song: Bill Evans Autumn Leaves...bit of a stretch I know, but maybe a "Bill" post will wake up CH?

      1. I've only heard a few of those bands, but I'd willingly pay $45 to see Edward Sharpe, Titus and Galactic.

    2. That song was stuck in my head for a week before the Alabama-Arkansas football game last fall.

  6. Surrender - Cheap Trick
    It's Now Or Never - Elvis Presley
    The Beat - Elvis Costello
    For Your Love - The Yardbirds
    It Aint Me Babe - The Turtles

    Revolution - The Beatles
    Truth Hits Everybody - The Police
    Beast of Burden - Rolling Stones
    Sugarfoot - Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears
    Crosstown Traffic - Jimi Hendrix

    1., where the Beatles and Stones can live together in harmony.

      1. Opening for Ha Ha Tonka on Tuesday night, the Spring Standards did a cover of "Satisfaction." I think it was the first time in a long time I was able to listen to a Bs or RSs song without all that context. Turns out, it's a pretty good song. So right now the RSs are ahead of the Bs in my head. But remember, I really haven't found anything by the Bs that I really desire to listen to again.*

        *with the possible exception of "Happiness is a Warm Gun."

  7. .

    01. Black Sabbath - "E5150", The Mob Rules
    02. Dark Tranquillity - "Away, Delight, Away", Skydancer
    03. Judas Priest - "Hellrider", Angel Of Retribution
    04. Grave Digger - "Soul Savior", The Last Supper
    05. Metallica - "Eye of the Beholder", ...And Justice For All
    06. Kreator - "Lambs To Slaughter", Terrible Certainty
    07. Dio - "Evil Eyes", The Last in Line
    08. Blind Guardian - "The Curse Of Feanor", Nightfall In Middle Earth
    09. Mercyful Fate - "Mandrake", Dead Again
    10. Corrosion Of Conformity - "The Door", Wiseblood

  8. 01. For Heaven's Sake - Charlie Haden & Kenny Barron - Night and the City
    02. Another Satellite - XTC - Rag'N'Bone Buffet
    03. Bits and Pieces - Dave Clark Five - Best of
    04. I Wanted to Tell You - Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend
    05. Dandy - Kinks - Best of
    06. Could You Be Loved - Bob Marley - Uprising
    07. I'll Fight - Wilco - Wilco (the Album)
    08. Mykonos - Fleet Foxes - Amazon Sampler
    09. Loop Garoo - Dr. John - The Definitive Collection
    10. Borneo - Firewater - The Golden Hour

  9. Tool, "Schism," Lateralus
    TV on the Radio, "Blues from Down Here," Return to Cookie Mountain
    Cake, "Guitar," Prolonging the Magic
    Temple of the Dog, "Wooden Jesus," Temple of the Dog
    Greg Edmondson, "Nate's Theme 2.0." Uncharted 2 Soundtrack
    Elastica, "Car Song," Elastica
    Stone Temple Pilots, "Lady Picture Show," Tiny Music...
    Jurassic 5, "Futuresound," Feedback
    Lupe Fiasco, "All Black Everything," Lasers
    Sufjan Stevens, "Come on Feel the Illinoise," Illinoise

        1. No, I came late to the Tool party. I try to make for it with enthusiasm though. Fortunately there's always enough time to catch up on back catalog in between album releases with those guys.

        2. I was hooked the first time "Sober" played on MTV's 120 minutes or Alternative Nation or Headbanger's Ball or whatever it was. But then I lost interest sometime after Ænima but before the next one. I had moved on to techno and trip-hop and IDM &c and didn't really have the time to follow them into those danged long songs.

          I could probably sing all of "Sober," "Prison Sex," and "4°."

          1. I got hooked watching the "Prison Sex" video on 120 Minutes. Tool had been suggested to me a lot in the year or so leading up to that, but for some reason (okay, because I was obsessed with rebellion against everything when I was a douchebag teen) I resisted. After I finally saw it, I never looked back.

            1. Way to show the AGawkers what this site is all about, guys. Might as well start linking to "your" movies too, spooky. 😉

                1. Might have to ease us* into that stuff.

                  *Us meaning me...I have no idea what "your movies" are.

                    1. Oh...that, I knew about that. I thought we were talking about your movies, not hers.*

                      *NSFW (or home, really)

    1. Oh man, TODG.
      There was a time where I liked that better than Ten or Badmotorfinger.
      Although I remember a few really bad tracks, too.

        1. Low point might be right in the middle: "Call Me a Dog" and then "Times of Trouble"?

          Did you ever catch the remastered re-release? I think they used a completely different vocal take. Someone went ahead and spliced it over the original video:
          (hoping this works now).

            1. It's a joke. One guy's done a lot of similar things. (All I remember is "500 Miles" by the Proclaimers.)

              Someone from HS keeps posting these on his FB, that's why I know them.

              1. Yeah, I definitely knew it wasn't Cornell, but most of it was close enough to the intended tone that I thought it might be a real attempt to sing it. Most of it's a painful half-step away from the right sound. Trying to force it out of my head now...

  10. The Heartless Bastards - "Sway" The Mountain
    Tom Waits - "Blue Valenties" Blue Valentine
    Colin Hay - "I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You" Garden State
    Neutral Milk Hotel - "Aunt Eggma Blowtorch" Everything Is
    The Josh Davis Band - "Rest Of The World" The White Whale

    Lupe Fiasco - "Popular Demand" Enemy Of The State mixtape
    The Baseball Project - "Broken Man" Frozen Ropes and Dying Quails
    Santana - "Maria, Maria" Supernatural
    Wilco - "One True Vine" Sky Blue Sky EP
    Camera Obscura - "Tears for Affairs" Let's Get Out Of This Country

    1. ahh, starting to feel the waits, or is that just something that popped up that you haven't gotten around to yet (lots of that on my pod)?

      1. just something that popped up that you haven't gotten around to yet (lots of that on my pod)?
        So much of that in my iTunes, it takes vigilance to keep it limited on the iPod though. Too many times, I'm listening on random and 5 songs I'm not interested in hearing play in a row. (Not because of the mood -- that happens -- but because it's not really that good.) Then it's time to cull.

  11. 1. Tom Waits - "San Diego Serenade" - The Heart of Saturday Night
    2. Hot Chip - "Transmission" - War Child Presents Heroes
    3. Rage Against the Machine - "Testify" - The Battle of Los Angeles
    4. The Hold Steady - "First Night" - Boys and Girls in America
    5. The Beatles - "You Never Give Me Your Money" - Abbey Road
    6. Paul Simon - "The Boy in the Bubble" - Graceland
    7. Atmosphere - "Apple" - Seven's Travels
    8. James Brown - "Ain't That a Groove, Pt. 1" - 20th Century Masters
    9. Better Than Ezra - "Desperately Wanting" - Friction, Baby
    10. Ryan Adams - "AMY" - Heartbreaker
    B. Semisonic - "Secret Smile" - Feeling Strangely Fine

    1. "Closing Time" was the big hit, but "Secret Smile" was the one I liked. Or was that "Singing In Your Sleep"? Listening to both of the "SS" songs, now I can't remember. Probably "Singing" because I made a ton of mixtapes.*

      I remember the Orb remixed "Secret Smile" but I was never able to find it. I should fix that.

      *For our fifth anniversary, I filled a CD wallet with CD versions of all the mixtapes I made for her when we were courting. I still make her one each year on her birthday.

  12. I'm so glad it's music day.

    01. Frog Eyes - "The Sensitive Girls" from Paul's Tomb: A Triumph
    02. The Streets - "OMG" from Computers and Blues
    03. Hot Snakes - "Think About Carbs" from Audit in Progress
    04. Boris with Merzbow - "Naki Kyoku" from Klatter
    05. Cold Cave - "Life Magazine" from Love Comes Close
    06. The Field Mice - "Indian Ocean" from Skywriting + Singles
    07. dälek - "Rouge (Deadverse Remix)" from Deadverse Massive Vol. 1: dälek Rarities 1999-2006"
    08. Marnie Stern - "Transformer" from
    This Is It & I Am It & You Are It & So Is That & He Is It & She Is It & It Is It & That Is That
    09. The Intelligence - "Estate Sales" from Males
    10. Obits - "I Blame Myself" from Moody, Standard, and Poor

  13. 1. View from the Afternoon -- Arctic Monkeys
    2. Kris Kraft -- Pavement
    3. Redemption Song -- Johnny Cash (w/Joe Strummer)
    4. Dixie -- Bob Dylan
    5. Call Occupants of Interplanetary Craft -- Babes in Toyland
    6. Cry Baby Cry - The Beatles
    7. Blood -- Pearl Jam
    8. Hoodoo -- Billy Bragg & Wilco
    9. I'll Fly Away -- Alison Krauss
    10. Love My Way -- Psychedelic Furs

    Bonus: Don't Worry Baby -- Beach Boys

      1. Joe Strummer also did a pretty good cover Redemption with the Mescaleros, not sure which version came first.

        Also I didn't think the Carpenter's were the originator's of Calling Occupants, but I didn't know it was Klaatu. I should have known.

  14. 1. "Hypnotize" - The White Stripes Elephant
    2. "The Lesson" - Maximum Balloon feat. Holly Miranda Maximum Balloon
    3. "Narc" - Interpol Antics
    4. "Pollyanna" - Patterson Hood Murdering Oscar (And Other Love Songs)
    5. "Twenty Cell Revolt" - Menomena I Am the Fun Blame Monster!
    6. "This Is No Rehearsal" - Porcupine Tree Stupid Dream
    7. "Black Wave/Bad Vibrations" - Arcade Fire Neon Bible
    8. "Attention" - The Raconteurs Consolers of the Lonely
    9. "White Unicorn" - Wolfmother Wolfmother
    10. "Atlantic City" - The Hold Steady War Child Presents Heroes

    1. There was one song off of it I liked, but I can't remember which one it was off the top of my head. I said this in my earlier summation of the album - Is This It is one of my favorite albums ever, so I fee like anything The Strokes put out is automatically going to suffer in my head.

      1. Mag, speaking of album reviews, what was your final decision about Lasers? Never did see what you thought.

        1. Mag can speak for himself, but I finally checked out Lupe thanks to Mag, and this is a great place to thank him.

          For my part, I love Lasers.

          1. Agreed, not a "bad" song on the album. I just figured that we'd hear about it from him considering how long he'd been waiting for the release.

  15. La Luna Atlas Sound Bedroom Databank Vol. 2
    Woven Birds Calexico Feast Of Wire
    Sister Jack Spoon Gimme Fiction
    Deeper (In Love With You) The O'Jays The O'Jays In Philadelphia
    We Put A Pearl In The Ground St. Vincent Marry Me

    Marble The House Of Love Best Of The House Of Love
    To Go Home M. Ward Post-War
    Let the Wind Blow The Beach Boys Wild Honey
    Here Comes The Heartbreak Emma Pollock Watch The Fireworks
    Mother Earth (Natural Anthem) Neil Young & Crazy Horse Ragged Glory

  16. As it is the holiest weekend of the year, I'm reliving the most spiritual experience I've had in recent memory. I'm listening to audio from the Arcade Fire concert I attended.

    Speaking of, Joe Posnanski went to one recently which prompted him to ask, who would you suggest holds the no longer existent title of greatest rock band in the world? Could it possibly be Arcade Fire? Or is it one of the old guys still going, radiohead, foo, greenday? Others?

    1. Joe Posnanski? Didn't he have a column....

      ok, maybe that should be added to the retired joaks?

    2. I completely get what Pos was talking about.
      I think that the Arcade Fire might be right. Or the Black Keys.
      His friend said Muse was a possibility, but that can't be right.
      I think Radiohead might have held the title most recently.

      But whoever it is, the Greatest Rock Band in the World Right Now is probably lesser than the GRBITW at any time in the past five decades.

      1. Its Radiohead, but they don't want the title do we're left standing around looking like idiots trying to figure out who second in line is.

        I do think Muse is a decent candidate. They are perennial top five in scrobbles at, even if that service is more Eastern Europe centric.

        1. Right, Radiohead vacated the title, they weren't surpassed. (Are they still rock?) LCD Soundsystem could have been a contender, but they retired before they had the chance to contend. Arcade Fire is the only other band around named partially after some sort of electronics.

            1. Sure, I like it. I don't love it like OK Computer, but I like it at least as much as In Rainbows, and probably more. I wish there was more of it, but it's a fine short album.

            2. I love it, but it might be due to the fact that I took a long hiatus (for no real reason) away from their music before listening to it. Through three listens - the first being just two or three days ago - I'm digging it pretty well.

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