Game 20, Take 2: Indians at Twins

So that road trip to open up the season was pretty fun, right guys?

I mentioned this elsewhere, but the AL Central standings are exactly the opposite of what I expected them to be. I don't expect this to continue.

Cleveland's over-performing right now. Their batters certainly are - Asdrubal Cabrera is hitting home runs at a pace of one every twenty at bats after hitting one about every 80 at bats through his MLB career and one every 60 in his minor league career, I would guess that would settle down a bit. Their pitchers are over performing, too. The team's getting lucky, and it's time for the Twins to change that.

Carmona vs. Duensing.

Let's do this.

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    1. It's a busy day back at home, so my time to keep tabs on the game has been (and will be) limited.

    2. I'm in the beginning stages of an IPA in which I'm using a new technique, so I'm very distracted by that.

    3. I'm around, but I'm making my Labor Law outline. Gotta consolidate 1,000+ pages of material into a concise student guide!

      1. I would take Tolbert over Repko - especially with a tough righty on the mound.

        1. This feels like Brendan Harris vs. Jason Tyner, but Tolbert has been a little worse against righties during his career. A little better against lefties, but the difference is smaller.

    1. Wait, how the hell does Travis masonryshoes Hafner get an infield hit to the picther?

        1. I suppose that is a fair point, although I don't think many of Thome's were to the picther...

          1. Did you initially ask because you didn't see it? It was basically a swinging bunt. Duensing didn't misplay was just effectively placed. Still, I thought if anyone could get thrown out even with perfect placement, it was Hafner.

            1. I've got no visual, so that was my reasoning. (remember, I'm too cheap to pay for the ability to watch.) I hope it was at least a close play.

  1. Hey spooky, have you watched any of the new Drew Carey improve show on GSN? They played a game based on Jeopardy the other day that was funnier than anything ever on Whose Line.

    1. I didn't know this existed, but I've seen a few of his specials and have liked them a lot (though he's generally the weak link. Oh well...if he can assemble a great group, I'm in his corner). So, thanks for the heads up.

      The American Whose Line could have been great, but it was a mistake to use three of the same performers in every. Single. Episode.

      1. it was a mistake to use three of the same performers in every. Single. Episode.

        Exactly why I completely gave up on it. Also, in relation to your "weak link" comment, not letting Drew Carey be involved in the improv skits at the end would have been great. I thought he was a pretty good host for the show, but please, Drew, stay off the stage unless it's scripted.

        1. I loved the irony that the "winning" player had to keep a scene with the show's worst performer from sucking.

          Clive Anderson, who hosted the British version, is probably my favorite game show host ever (if you can call that a game show, which I suppose you can't). I wish he'd played a game or two, but maybe that's not in his wheelhouse.

      2. Drew was definitely the weak link, but to his credit, he knew he was the weak link and stayed out of the way. Now Wayne, on the other hand, is a genius.

        1. Definitely. I have no issue with any of the show's three regulars, but - and I think Beau has said this here - eventually you could call the jokes that the guys were going to make based on who was in each scene.

          1. Yeah, they definitely were too comfortable with each other.

            One of our treats going to Disney World was to visit the Comedy Warehouse at Downtown Disney and watching their improv show. It was something really novel at the time, but WLIT and similar improv "game shows" wore off that novelty.

            1. The Mrs. and I saw Wayne Brady on stage in Sactown a few years ago, from about the 10th row. He was awesome.

              1. I can't imagine anyone having a greater ACT+SING+DANCE+FUNNY quotient than Wayne Brady. Sometimes when he performs, I just have to shake my head.

                1. Wayne Brady's guest spot on Dave Chappelle was one of the most brilliant bits I've ever seen.

                  1. I almost mentioned it but figured it was preaching to the choir. Yeah, 7-8 years later, I still quote it. What a great bit of writing and performance.

          2. I've often seen Drew Carey show as materiel on international flights - must have global appeal. Also lotsa Mr. Bean.

      3. This show has more of a revolving host concept - each player will introduce a game to the audience and the audience is way more involved in contributing ideas. It's also taped in Vegas rather than for ABC, so it gets a little raunchier. Also, while Wayne is funny, Greg Proops is easily the most clever guy involved.

        1. Oh, and while Ryan and Colin are still around, the focus is more on the younger blood with much more involvement for people like Chip Esten and Brad Sherwood as well as others who never even appeared on Whose Line.

        2. There was an improv troupe when I was in college, and we did shows before our regular performances, or as standalone shows at bars. We too had revolving hosts, and nearly anyone who talked to us after our performances said they loved that part of it. It would never fly on TV, though. American producers would be too scared to promote a show that didn't have extremely clear roles.

  2. Crap. Thought I had a good answer to today's trivia question, but Mike Mason played in more than just one game for the Twins. Not MANY more, but still.

  3. So, it appears Skim got the container of beef out of the fridge and covered it in ketchup. So much for those tacos I was excited about.

  4. Okay, someone in the truck prove Dick wrong re: his theory on bunting.

    No guy who's paid to provide commentary on baseball should so easily get away with saying "It seems..." so often.

    1. It seems that Dick is willing to make up things that support his love of small ball-type baseball.

      1. It's funny, too, that Dick sees the same amount of baseball that I do, and I can't imagine it "seeming" that bunts "more often than not" lead to multi-run innings. It's just a trend he wants to notice, so he does.

        1. There's a term for this phenomenon, which I don't remember at the moment. Humans are very good at creating hypothesis from a very small amount of data. Unfortunately, once the opinion is formed, it's very difficult to chance--even in the presence of overwhelming data to the contrary. As a result, people who are extremely confident about their rightness about an issue are actually more likely to wrong than someone who has no opinion. Another side effect of this is that people will often find patterns where there are none.

          Imagine explaining the concept of a bunt to someone who only knows the basic rules of baseball, but has no idea about strategy. This person would almost certainly say that bunting is a horrible idea.

          1. Greek, if you come up with the term, let me know, because I talk about it all the time but didn't realize it was already out there.

    1. Hey, spooky. It's really impressive how quickly you guys were able to get settled into a cool new basement. Couldn't imagine a season (especially this season, apparently) without the game logs. And the mobile app is sweet!

      1. Well hey, Hobbes. I seem to remember your name and avatar...were you an occasional poster?

        As you already know if you're following along, Sean helped me with every technical aspect (and did most of them without me slowing him down), but for my part, I thank you. I would have felt completely separated from Minnesota without this place, so letting it lapse wasn't an option.

        1. Yep, I've been an avid reader, if not poster, for the past few baseball seasons. As I mentioned above, it wouldn't be Twins baseball to me without the game logs around here. I can't help but think "puppies!" when I see a win at Target Field.

          So, a big thanks to all made the new joint possible.

    1. Isn't scoring 7 runs more likely to win a game than 8? Ubes? sean? Anyone?

    1. Ah, it's not an obligation. In fact, if no one ever sent me anything, I would still send out samples. To be perfectly honest, in addition to the side reasons like saying "congrats, man" or "that sucks, man, here's something that might take your mind off it", it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see others happy with one of my creations.

  5. Between-inning ad on the CCOTRN for preventing forest fires - Sam Elliot as voice of Smokey Bear. Nice.

    1. I'm still a little mad that the Beef board folks replaced Elliot with Matthew McConaughey.

  6. Sure, today's the day I pick to run errands & skip the game log. Now I'll have to drive around for 3 hours a day for the rest of the season.
    I hate posting via cell phone.

  7. Well, I guess I don't mind missing most of the game when I check the score and see it's 10-1. Nice game so far, keep it up.

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