Game #21: Twins 4, Indians 3

Twins Record: 9-12
MLB Game Wrap

If the Twins had somehow lost this one, I was seriously considering whipping up a Downfall parody video in which ol' Adolph would have cursed the days of birth of Alexi Casilla, Steve Liddle, and whichever pitcher ended up coughing up the lead. Thankfully I can save that one in the DK Box of Tricks for some later date.

Things are starting to look up (he says, hopefully). First series win of the season; first series sweep (basically) of the season. The offense is starting to pick up; Thome made contact today that sounded like it deserved eight total bases, but only got three. Meanwhile, Pavano keeps on Pavanoing. Next stop: .500 (he says, again, hopefully).

Hitter of the Week: Jason Kubel
Pitcher of the Week: You think, when a guy gives up zero runs, only one walk, and strikes out nine, I'm going to give it to anyone else? It's again yours, Scott Baker.

4 thoughts on “Game #21: Twins 4, Indians 3”

  1. From Gardy's presser:“If he (Choo) wins a Gold Glove, we’ll probably have [3B coach] Steve [Liddle] hand it out.”

  2. We watched the beginning of the game at Mom and Dad's, but I had to leave during the 6th to get back here in time for my softball game. Luckily, I can barely pick up 730 KWOA out of Worthington, MN. The game ended just as I was getting out of range.

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