59 thoughts on “April 27, 2011: Downfall”

    1. I still don't want to draft him at #12, but I've never really been anti-Locker. That was a good read.

      1. Is looking like Brett Favre really such a good thing for a prospect? It almost seems like the equivalent of a hitter who looks like Vlad. Sure, their style is similar, but what's the chance they'll actually replicate the success?

        1. I had a friend on my Little League team who was a fairly average player. Some flashes of awesomeness, some suck. The next summer he went to a baseball camp and they apparently convinced him to change his batting stance and his swing. It looked they tried to turn him into Kirby Puckett. He was awful that season.

        2. That is a valid point, ubes. Still, since Favre was successful with a similar style, at least there is some reason to believe Locker might be able to transition to the pro game. I wouldn't bet a lot of money on it, but some NFL team sure will.

          1. That's more or less how I think about Locker. Mainly, that the hype last year got a little out of proportion. Sure, Locker's a guy who could potentially be a very good QB, but there have to be players out there who are just as talented but have proven more in college, so if he winds up in the second round (where Favre was), that seems about right.

      1. Holy wow.

        That one comes courtesy of Ryan Sorrell, who's one of the Spookymilk Survivor contestants this time around. That link is the conclusion of his entry, which I think should be the third link on the right margin.

            1. Must have been. When I first looked at it this morning, DK's name wasn't listed and my name linked to Matt's entry. Weird.

            2. By the way, Beau, my links above are direct. Not sure if your comp is were goofy or what.


      1. What? Is there some sort of grandstanding going on today that we can't discuss?

        1. No, I don't. And the article says "coach", not manager, so I seriously doubt it's Gardy or Ozzie.

          1. I have a feeling that it is someone no longer employed by a MLB team.

        2. I don't know of anyone that would say that. If Ozzie wouldn't say something, who would?

    1. Since Gardy's son plays ball, it would be enormously surprising for him to say anything about kids not belonging at a ballpark.

    2. and the winner is: roger mcdowell!

      i'm not going to get too far into this, and i'm definitely not going to excuse his behavior, but one part of this story so far is missing: what ignited this incident? i highly doubt that mcdowell randomly walked up to them in the stands and let all this fly. again, not defending, just curious.

    1. That doesn't surprise me at all, what with the not being able to workout thing. Here's to hoping he finds a good workout regime to get back as soon as possible.

  1. Say it ain't so, Harold McGee!

    at last sensory scientists have taken an interest and run careful taste tests to answer them. It seems as if most salts taste pretty much the same....
    Considered together, the two studies suggest that it would take an unusually sensitive palate to be offended by the taste of ordinary salt, or to notice a difference in foods prepared with different salts. So there’s probably no need to rewrite all those cookbooks or throw out the kosher salt.

    1. I was always under the impression that the advantage of kosher v. regular salt was that the larger surface area:mass ratio due to the flaky rather than cube structure allowed it to be dissolved and absorbed better, not necessarily that they had any real difference in taste.

      1. Kosher salt is un-iodized. That makes a difference, both to flavor and my odds of goiter.

    1. All over this, Mag; thank you. If you want to trade stories to get some first impressions, I'd love a partner on this thing. I already have a couple ideas.

      1. Sure, I'd love to do some workshopping. I probably won't get started until my new computer gets in*.

        *Don't get me started. I contacted the sales people about the delay. All they did (both of them - I emailed and live chatted) was parrot the script back at me. I'm calling tomorrow, and cancelling if things don't change by Monday.

      1. I did miss the semi-finals, so a case could be made for that.

        Of course, we did each get our own magnets commemorating the win.

  2. I was reading about Coleraine on wikipedia when the article mentions it's only 30 mi from Derry and 55 mi from Belfast. I thought, "man, how small is Northern Ireland?" because I've been all over it and it seems bigger than that. I think the lack of what we'd call Interstates and the large number of meandering 2-lane highways makes travel slower. Turns out Northern Ireland (14,139 km2/5459 mi2) is slighly smaller than Connecticut (14,371 km2/5549 mi2/)

  3. With the Padre out today(??), I will note that Sideshow Pat took the loss yesterday for Tucson against the River Cats. He handled the 8th fine, but gave up the winning run in the 9th off of a double, walk and a single against a drawn-in infield.

    also on the Tucson roster: Bobby Kielty, who has hit 346/393/538 in nine games so far.

    1. The Padre gave a heads-up that he would not be able to post today's minor leagues update. I will note that Kyle Gibson followed up his great start last time with 6 IP, 1 run allowed , 8Ks, 2 BBs, 4 hits and took the loss. Hope he can keep up the great results but start to pitch deeper into the games.

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