2011 Games Logs: Game 23 Rays @ Twins

As in 1% of our team is healthy.

Rather than making the easy joke about Smokestackelcrack starting tonight for the Twins I used this site to create a comic about Ron Gardenhire looking for players.

Enjoy the strip, reading left to right, below.


Sorry about the text being so small, the site wouldn't allow me, I don't think, to make it any larger.


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    1. I wish I could pin it on the top of my other windows, the Mini window is not as handy on my laptop as it is on a widescreen.

        1. Thanks, nibbish!
          BTW, I thought your avatar was a strange little gnome for the last couple weeks. Is it a Gardy bobblehead?

          1. Yeah, I'm a big fan. A tiny, tiny program that only runs when you specifically want it to - and it does exactly what I want it to do. It's nice when you find stuff like that.

  1. Better start than yesterday!

    It's gonna be a long day if Blackie can't find the strike zone though.

  2. Afternoon everyone! I just get back to the office and turn on the game and see we're down 2 already. Hope it's not gonna be another one of those days.

      1. Right now I'd settle for anything but Twins. This has been an excruciatingly frustrating season.

  3. Peace out boys...I've got less painful things to do today: root canal, pass a kidney stone, maybe minor surgery without anesthesia.

  4. [Abe Simpson .gif]

    I don't remember who made this joke first but I enjoy using it during blow outs.

  5. L Hughes bunt popped out to pitcher

    The 2011 Twins, proving that you can miss Nick Punto when he's gone.

      1. I promise that I won't leave it in its current sorry state forever. I might have used this email account as a user at the previous site and it just so happened when I signed up here Top Jimmy came along for the ride.

        1. I'm still worried I'll develop a Pavlovian response and start associating your sagacity with Top Jimmy.

      1. Actually, I think if the Twins put in a position player to pitch, it would probably be Cuddy.

        1. Even though we'd lose the DH, I'm all for this.
          Then all he'd have left is catching and SS.

          If he's at all passable, we should have him do that one inning at each position in a single game thing.
          Hell, if he can stay healthy and stick with the Twins til the end of his career, I'd say that's a proper way to send him off for his last game.
          Dang AL rules mean that the Twins would have to give up the DH for the game once he pitches (or moves to a position), so it might make sense to slate him to pitch the 9th, but then what to do if it's a save situation?

          1. Pitch him in the eighth! I would like for him to start the game though, if only to go in ascending position number.

    1. As amusing as it would be, I bet he would get injured and then replaced by someone *shudder* worse.

  6. The Rays are only -115 to win the second game today. If I believed in wagering against the team I root for this might be a great time to do something like that.

    1. In my short-lived endeavor in sports betting, I found that I really hated betting on the teams that I liked, because when they lost, it was twice as brutal. Betting against them, of course, was also terrible. In the end, I decided not to bet on games involving teams I liked.

  7. I will go down with this ship
    And I won't put my hands up and surrender
    There will be no white flag above my door

  8. Came home, saw the score and figured I could safely ignore it in favor of writing tonight's game log. It looks like FTLT's as good at Thursday as I am.

    Alright, time for the comeback!

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