26 thoughts on “May 1, 2011: Candy Again Already?”

  1. so, as i mentioned, my grandmother passed away earlier this week. anyway, the funeral is next wednesday, and the cheapest option is to fly into nashville and drive to outside knoxville where everything is (3.5 hours). my mother, bless her heart, decided to try her hand at priceline. the results were... not good. now, i have to leave around 1-2am early thursday morning and drive back to nashville so she can catch her 6am flight.

    1. I tried my hand at Priceline once and got burned. The Mrs. has banned Priceline from her existence.

      On the bright side, you'll have more time with your mom!!!!1111one111!!!

      1. I've had decent luck with Priceline for rental cars, but that's a case where I don't rent cars often enough for any loyalty program to benefit me and I can't tell the difference amongst any of the rental car companies that Priceline uses. I also had good luck getting a hotel with them once, and I've had a couple of other friends say that it's worked out pretty well for hotels

        With flights, I don't think I'll ever use it because in looking at flight cost, I've often seen two options differ by maybe $5-$20, but the more expensive one has the better flight times, and I'm totally willing to pay $5-$20 for better flight times. So a search for the least expensive flight is probably not going to make me the most happy as a consumer.

    1. He looks to be much larger than about 99.9% of the population. Does not look to be very mobile.

    2. Speaking of draft picks, I think Julio Jones might give Marshawn Lynch a run for the ugliest player title.

      1. Gah, now I have to go find a picture of Julio. Gonna be tough to take that crown away from Marshawn, though.

        1. Hmm, that head shot is much more normal looking than some of the other pictures I'd been seeing. I'll agree, its not even close.

  2. Today is a triumphal day. I just finished replacing the screen on The Girl's Asus Eee PC. It took less than 45 minutes and almost no swear words. The only "part" left over was a piece of fabric tape that I forgot to put back down over the video cable after reconnecting.

    I AM the greatest dad ever. For the moment.

      1. Aye-uh. Smooth as a baby's bottom.

        I was shocked at how easy the whole process was. The only snag arose during reassembly -- I'd put two screws that belonged at the bottom of the metal frame holding the screen in place instead at the top -- where two of the screws holding the bezel in place needed to go. It took my about 5 minutes to clue in on that. after which I slightly cracked the plastic bezel getting it back off. Oh, and the bezel is slightly chewed up in a few spots from prying it loose (per the instructions I found on-line; the thing has a whole bunch of hidden snaps that help hold it snugly in place, in addition to the six screws).

        1. I put a 2 GB RAM stick in my wife's Dell notebook the other day, similarly found a bunch of snaps and such holding the case together. Overall, I was impressed by how simple that "project" was once I'd done a little research on the ol' interweb.

  3. ooh. Arsenal beats Man U 1-0. Chelsea still has a chance at the EPL title. Chelsea at Man U next week.

    1. Lots of GW students showing up at the White House right now. I remember the opposite when I was forced out of my dorm on 9/11 because of Bin Laden.

    2. At 9:15 when it was first announced Obama had an announcement of high national security I immediately thought OBL. My wife, who's seen too many movies, was worried it was something bad, like an asteroid heading toward the earth.

          1. Without treading into that zone, I think it is safe to conclude that this might provide some families, not just of those killed on 9/11, but during the entire GWOT, closure. Granted, that's not much in the grand scheme of things, but it's not nothing, either.

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