May 2, 2011: Closure

Osama bin Laden is dead. We don't have to go into the forbidden zone here, but I think we can all agree that it's not nothing.

I don't believe this will cause any philosophical change, but a man who danced on the graves of my countrymen after putting them in said graves is gone.

That's all I've got to say about that.

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  1. Speaking of The Forbidden Zone, spooks, have you seen that movie? It was put together by several of the Elfman family, has Oingo Boingo in it (as well as Hervé Villechaize), and is so bad, it's a cult favorite. Or maybe because of the nudity.

    1. I have not. In fact, to this point I've only heard of it in passing. If it's a cult favorite, I'll check it out, because that means it'll either be amazing or terrible, and either way I'll enjoy myself. Plus, the nudity.

  2. I hope that noone here, nor in the press, tries to view this through a "forbidden" lense. I was at work last night when the word came down, and I bought the one table left in the lounge a round of drinks. I do not feel like dancing in the streets, but this thing did need to happen and I am glad the deed is done.

  3. I go away for a week and the Twins can't win a single game while I'm gone?

    I'm back, Twins. You can go back to occasionally winning games now.

  4. The Milkmaid and I spent last night at an auction to benefit Skim's school last night. We bid on four things that had several bids on them in the silent auction portion of the evening, and we ended up winning all of them. Oops. Well, we certainly won't be short on good wine for a while.

    It was nice to be out with The Milkmaid - something I hadn't done without kids present in over a year, we think - but we ended up at a dinner table with a guy who insisted on bringing up terrorism, out of nowhere, until we had to find an excuse to leave the room for a while. What kind of idiot jumps from screenwriting to terrorism with no segue at a formal dinner? We casually know this guy (he's a pastor at a church in a neighboring town whose daughter goes to school with mine) and he strikes me as a sociopath, or at least socially inept.

    1. Past experience tells me that socially awkward/inept pastors aren't as uncommon as you might think. (And growing up as a church secretary's son, I've gotten to know quite a few pastors over the years.)

      1. That's definitely not the kind of thing I would think is uncommon, actually. I dig ours here at the WGOM, but throughout my life I've met more of the type we sat with last night.

      2. It takes all kinds. I have known a lot of different men (and women) of the cloth over the years. They come in a wide array of personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. Some are intelligent, some are dynamic, some are not.

          1. Even less interesting than Us Weekly: Ministers Weekly. Here's Msgr. Jones carrying two bags of groceries and a box of kitty litter in a grocery store parking lot. Ministers: They're just like us!

        1. What SBG said. For better or worse, all pastors are just human beings like everyone else. Some of us are saints, some of us are jerks, and nearly all of us are some of both.

  5. So the walk yesterday was a great success. The team that Sheenie, Can of Corn and I were on raised more than $4,000 for MS research (with a decent chunk of that money coming from the Citizens here). Of course, we didn't expect it to be snowing at the start and finish, but oh well. We also got to enjoy the small world that is Minnesota as Mrs. Corn went to high school with one of Sheenie's closest friends from the SBG School of Law.

    Thanks again for all your help!

  6. They announced on MLB network last night that Twins/Braves game 7 comes in as the #2 game of the last 50 years and has a 2 hour special next Sunday night. Should be a decent distraction from the pitiful performance of the 2011 team.

    1. Inigo: Fezzik, jog his memory.
      /thunk - Albino falls over/
      Fezzik: Sorry Inigo. I didn't mean to jog him so hard.

  7. as linked by gleeman, pavano v. garbage can:


    i love how baker nonchalantly decides that he should probably be somewhere else.

    1. Savvy veteran move on Pavano's part to use a bat and not his pitching hand.

        1. Eh, he said he was trying to break the bat- by hitting a garbage can. Not the most intelligent idea, that. But yes, at least he didn't punch anything.

      1. I was actually disappointed that Baker didn't show a little more fire in getting out of the way.

  8. My man Oswaldo Arcia is hitting the cover off the ball in Beloit but was put on the 7-day DL yesterday.

    As for the Twins, by no means am I giving up on this season, but I would almost prefer them to keep stinking instead of rising to halfway decent and almost making a run at the division but never quite doing so. That was they could trade away vets who are not in their plans after 2011, shore up organizational positions of weakness, and bring up the young guys like Gibson earlier than they otherwise might.

    1. Not to mention they could also sign a Type A free agent without giving up a first round draft pick!

      1. Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side. I do like silver linings in even the darkest clouds.

      1. Right. No cable is step one. No desire to listen to the radio and follow gameday is step two. Pretty soon, I may start reading to my kids again instead of just having them watch TV.

          1. there's always other things to talk about on the WGOM (another example arrives later this morning!)

    1. I have mixed feelings. It's going to be a year-long shake-down by the Maloofs. Suddenly, they've been crying poverty, which might even be remotely true (what with all the economic problems Las Vegas has had, and so much of the family money tied up in real estate).

      I'm fully expecting the legislature to try to get involved in some stupid innovative way that will end up costing me money. Sorry, but I'm not interested in subsidizing the lifestyles of local NBA fans or local sportswriters (the most vocal of the cheerleaders for building a new arena for the Maloofs).

      I'll stop there before I get lost in the Forbidden Zone.

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