Game 29 Recap: Twins at Pale Hose

Twins 3, Hose 2
Twins Record 11-18, 9 games out of first place
Fangraphs doesn't think Liriano deserved a No-No either.
Save: M. Capps


Crisco, always a good idea in the ninth. Matt Capps is now ranked 20th(give or take) in the King of the Savers race with five saves. A rotting corpse in NYC and some dude in Florida are tied for first with 11 saves on the season.

What can I say about a game that I didn't watch? Not a whole lot, but if someone would post a picture of a painting by Jasper Johns involving a broom on flickr with an agreement to share through creative commons I would repost said photo. That and Jason Kuble is swinging the ever loving fire out of the bat right now.

Featured art [Jasper Johns Broom]

4 thoughts on “Game 29 Recap: Twins at Pale Hose”

  1. If you're going to spell it that way, it's Jason Kublé. And yes, the ever lovin' fire. I hope he remains totally ignorant of his career splits and keeps it up all season.

        1. Heck, one of the ESPN yo-yos was still pronouncing it Justin koo-BELL even early last year.


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