Twins Collectibles Spotlight: Unphortunate Fotos

Thought I'd post some Twins cards with photos that caught my fancy. Some you've probably seen before, some might be new -- all of them caught a certain interesting moment in time.

1994 Topps Gold #543 Larry Casian "Shower time, Larry"; 2003 Playoff Prestige #81 Torii Hunter "backwards K"; 2010 Bowman #137 Delmon Young "Whoa! Uh lookout, whoa!"; 2004 Topps Total #81 Matt LeCroy "Huff puff huff puff..."

9 thoughts on “Twins Collectibles Spotlight: Unphortunate Fotos”

  1. I've met Matt LeCroy, so I can say that that picture is just how he looks all the time.

    1. Tip to LeCroy: focus on getting it over the wall, even if only on a bounce. Homers and GR-doubles don't require the same sprint. Though if you're at second and another batter hits a single, you might be expected to score from there. Best to just take one base and hope for a balk.

    2. LeCroy hit a homer at a game I attended and my friend Ben and I huffed and puffed as he ran the bases. The family in front of us couldn't stop laughing. Thanks for the memories, LeCroy.

  2. Delmon looks either like he's reaching for the high note in the national anthem, or maybe he just saw a UFO.

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