EEE & MMM – Mothers’ Day Edition

Relevant EPL Results

Fulham v. Liverpool is on ESPN3 today at 1:55 Central.

Relevant Table

Position Club Games
Points GD
2. Chelsea 36 70 +38
5. Spurs 35 56 +7
7. Everton 36 51 +6
10. Fulham* 35 45 +7
12. Sunderland 36 44 -12
14. Aston Villa 36 42 -13
17. Wolves 36 37 -21
  • *Fulham will be 8th with a win over Liverpool today
  • Stoke's win over Arsenal saw them leapfrog several teams in the standings, as well as officially end the Gunners' title hopes
  • Wolves are out of the relegation zone by 1 point. Currently Blackpool (36), Wigan (36), and West Ham (33) are below them.

MLS Results

14 thoughts on “EEE & MMM – Mothers’ Day Edition”

  1. Since the top of the table is all but decided, here's the relegation battle.

    Team Pts GD Remaining Games
    Blackburn 39 -14 ManU (H), Wolves (A)
    Birmingham 39 -18 Fulham (H), Spurs (A)
    Wolves 37 -21 Sunderland (A), Blackburn (H)
    Blackpool 36 -22 Bolton (H), ManU (A)
    Wigan 36 -23 W. Ham (H), Stoke (A)
    W. Ham 33 -23 Wigan (A), Sunderland (H)

    I think Blackpool and West Ham are in trouble. Just to be different, I'm going to say that Birmingham goes 0 for 2 and Wolves and Wigan do enough to pass them up and send them down.

      1. I don't know about that middle column, but I did the best I could to make it presentable.

        Update: a little look above and I think I have it figured out.

    1. I think Wolves can stay up. I'd like to see Blackpool stay up, but that looks unlikely. At least then I can get one of their jerseys out of the clearance bin somewhere. I really like their orange tops.

      1. But ManU winning this weekend helps Blackpool. I can see SAF resting his big names v. Blackpool with the title locked up so they are fresh for the CL Final against Barcelona the next week.

  2. That goal in the 36th second of the ManU-Chelsea game sucked the life out of me.

    Oh well. At least the offseason is short, and at least there's a lot going on in the relegation zone.

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