Friday Music Day: May 13, 2011

I've put all my music thoughts into my VJ week.
I'm kindof bummed, but I don't think I'll get to playing Fovea Hex, Coil, the Meat Puppets, James Blackshaw, Stars of the Lid, So So Radio, or Marit Bergman.

If you let your digital media player randomly select your VJ week (+3), what would it give you today?

108 thoughts on “Friday Music Day: May 13, 2011”

  1. Awww, no Meat Puppets? I wouldn't let the media player decide that, "Lollipop" is too epic!

    1. With only seven days for my VJ week, I wanted to play some things that I doubted most had heard. (Plus the Reich, because I thought it was very cool to have a clip of the full 37 minutes of Tehillim

      The Meat Puppets just couldn't get past the seven that did make it because I feel most around here have heard them.

            1. That's the spirit!
              TG, Wolf Eyes, Merzbow, and Ke$ha. That's more than half a week already.

  2. Gary Allan--Today
    Rebecca Black--Friday
    Notorious B.I.G.--Last Day
    Dead Kennedy's--At My Job
    Georgia Satellites--Six Years Gone
    Common--They Say
    James Bignon--He Made The Difference
    Tom Frager--You Will Be
    Nina Sky--Surely Missed
    Johnny Paycheck--Take This Job And Shove It

      1. I'm not judging, but:

        "Friday" was derided by many music critics and viewers, who dubbed it "the worst song ever".

        1. In case you didn't realize, I don't actually have this song on my mp3 player. Or eight of the others.

          1. I got that - your song "list" was hilarious. I had to wiki just to know who Rebecca Black was...I just thought that bit was funny.

            1. "Hilarious" might be the wrong word choice - "really clever" would have been better. Congratulations & good luck - my last day at the library was yesterday.

        2. I don't really understand that. I mean, I'm not saying it's any good, but I don't see what makes it so much worse than a lot of other stuff out there.

          1. Yeah, I've certainly heard songs that are much more painful. CCR's Rude Awakening #2. Madonna's cover of American Pie. And, "Don't Want No Short Dick Man."

            1. Personally, having heard about 30 seconds of "Black", I would put it on par with anything by the Black Eyed Peas. Same auto-tuned mess as anything else out there.

              Damn kids these days and their music.

                    1. My brother who is close to 5 years my junior listens to '80s hair rock and modern top 40 country. I listen to a near endless stream of commercial hip hop albums. It seems a little backwards, but he constantly makes fun of the music I listen to. Man, when you have a Whitesnake song as your ringtone on your phone, you have no room to criticize others for their music selections.

                    2. I recently complained to Runner daughter about the latest Bruno Mars song that keeps popping up on Mrs. Runner's car radio. Thank God her response was, "OMG, I know! What do people see in him?!"

                      I would catch a grenade for you -- like that would help anyone
                      Step in front of a train for you -- what good would THAT do?!
                      Write some rhymes that are lame for you

                    3. That threatens an old New Radicals song for some of the stupidest lyrics I've ever seen.

                      Someday we'll know if love can move a mountain -- nope
                      Someday we'll know why the sky is blue -- um, we do

                    4. If it makes you feel any better, my brother once told me the singer-guy from Linkin Park was the greatest singer (he specifically said singer, too, not vocalist) evah. Taste being subjective and all, this was a stupid thing to say.

                    5. Someday we'll know if love can move a mountain -- nope

                      Wow. I'm okay with the "love can move mountains" metaphor in song, but this is just...dumb.

                    6. The stupidest thing said in humankind's history is when "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" played on the radio and my little sister proclaimed it the best song ever (she was maybe ten, but I still make fun of her for it).

                      The first time I heard it, I legitimately thought it was a joke song, making fun of empty pop.

                    7. I recently complained to Runner daughter about the latest Bruno Mars song that keeps popping up on Mrs. Runner's car radio. Thank God her response was, "OMG, I know! What do people see in him?!"

                      The wife is dragging me to a Bruno Mars concert next week.


                    8. We sell tons of Bruno Mars at work, so as usual when this happens with an artist I've never heard of, I checked it out. Then I got angry.

                    9. I have no idea who the hell Bruno Mars is, and I thank you for allowing me to remain ignorant.

                    10. as my friend Mike Munger once told me, after I razzed him about drinking Budweiser when so many more flavorful options were sitting in front of him, "You can't just go to the preference store."

                    11. The one good thing about Bruno Mars (and this is coming from someone who couldn't identify one of his songs) is that Janelle Monae was his opener last time I checked. She's fantastic live. Be sure to get there extra early nibbish.

                    12. Janelle Monae was his opener last time I checked

                      This is really the only reason I agreed to go. I've heard that she's good live, and after warming up to her album last year, it gets more spins than most of the stuff I was playing last year, so I'm pumped for that. Hopefully she gets a chance to perform for a good long time.

                    13. Re: Eiffel 65's "Blue"
                      The first time I heard it, I legitimately thought it was a joke song, making fun of empty pop.
                      It's not like it's a serious song. Compared with a lot of Europop that was trying to spread to the US around the turn of the millennium (Vengaboys, Aqua), I found it less obnoxious. Probably because I found the vocodered robot vocals more palatable than the actual human vox of the other acts.

                      Circling back a few weeks, I mentioned that the most successful takedown of Europop was the Bloodhound Gang's "The Bad Touch." Eiffel 65 remixed that.

                    14. My brother, with much nagging, convinced me to listen to the rest of the disc. I did sort of like it, but I've never stopped gagging on that one song.

          2. Right, Ke$ha is an actual recording artist getting paid a lot of money to make stuff that's way worse than "Friday."
            I would gladly pick listening to two hours of "Friday" than any five-minute single from Ke$ha.

            I really do think Ke$ha is a new low in top-40 pop, she takes the worst traits that I've heard from the past decade or so, and puts them all in one miserable package. I think Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Madonna (from 2000-on) have balanced their faults with some actual successes and interesting artistic choices. Ke$ha removes all redeeming qualities of those (and other lesser artists) and gives us just the rotten, over-processed, mechanical husks, with single-entendres posing as wittiness. There's no personality, but there's also not the lack of personality that has made some of the later Spears* interesting (if not good).

            Spears' records have made her come across as a completely controlled empty vessel, a slave for whichever producer and songwriter the label pulled up for her, and to me she's become a sympathetic singer through the apparent complete abdication of her self. And then I wonder if maybe that's what she wants me to think.

            1. You guys are really missing the point here. The reason why Friday's was so derided wasn't that it was just another auto-tuned song with an dumb video and a cute girl. It's the fact that the lyrics were stupider and more insipid than anyone had a reason to believe. Which is difficult given all the insipid songs out there. To wit, here is a small snippet of lyrics:

              Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday
              Today i-is Friday, Friday (Partyin’)
              We-we-we so excited
              We so excited
              We gonna have a ball today

              Tomorrow is Saturday
              And Sunday comes after...wards
              I don’t want this weekend to end

              [Rap Verse]

              R-B, Rebecca Black
              So chillin’ in the front seat (In the front seat)
              In the back seat (In the back seat)
              I’m drivin’, cruisin’ (Yeah, yeah)
              Fast lanes, switchin’ lanes
              Wit’ a car up on my side (Woo!)
              (C’mon) Passin’ by is a school bus in front of me
              Makes tick tock, tick tock, wanna scream
              Check my time, it’s Friday, it’s a weekend
              We gonna have fun, c’mon, c’mon, y’all

              1. He was a boy, she was a girl, can I make it any more obvious?
                He was a punk, she did balet. What more can I say?

                The author of that bit of Shakespeare made millions.

                1. That's what's funny to me. RB's lyrics were derided because someone found it on the web, but if it had simply been put on the radio, a lot of the same people mocking it wouldn't have noticed how stupid it is because it would fit right in.

                2. or this:

                  Oh yeah, I´ll tell you something
                  I think you´ll understand
                  When I say that something
                  I wanna hold your hand

              2. I can pit any of Jon Anderson's poetic lyrics against this any day. Much as I enjoy Yes, his "lyrical paintings" can get pretty weak, particularly when he tries to make them make any sense.

                1. No one listen to the lyrics from today's featured artist.

                  There's been trouble on the Gaza Strip
                  I don't know how to tell you this
                  But your son is dead
                  He's spoken with the end
                  He's got the message my friend

                  (from "Babel", which I didn't feature.)

                  I find those to be some of the most hamfisted lyrics that I listen to with regularity. While those are the worst, there's a lot of other bad ones on the album. Lyrics are definitely the band's weakest point. The headlining song was actually written by someone else, and things are better:

                  Ain't it strange, how it ends where it began
                  Don't you love how the planes X out the sky
                  Cold Georgia Sky
                  It's not a sound, it's more like drone
                  It's clearly not here and it's not in Rome
                  Right now it's wherever I charge my phone
                  I swear someday I'll make it home.

                  Love the way Dylan Von Wagner delivers "wherever I charge my phone."

  3. Let's do this. I need a shot to my vitality after hj's link in the CoC:

    01. Testament - "F.E.A.R.", The Formation Of Damnation
    02. Dark Tranquillity - "Of Chaos And Eternal Night", Skydancer
    03. Meshuggah - "In Death - Is Death", Catch Thirtythr33
    04. Testament - "Let Go Of My World", The Ritual
    05. Dark Tranquillity - "Crimson Winds", Skydancer
    06. Kamelot - "Nothing Ever Dies", The Black Halo
    07. Symphony X - "The Walls Of Babylon", Paradise Lost
    08. Metallica - "Phantom Lord", Kill 'Em All
    09. Iron Maiden - "Sun And Steel", Piece Of Mind
    10. Queensrÿche - "Anarchy-X", Operation:Mindcrime

    1. 08. Metallica - "Phantom Lord", Kill 'Em All
      09. Iron Maiden - "Sun And Steel", Piece Of Mind
      10. Queensrÿche - "Anarchy-X", Operation:Mindcrime

      1983, 1983, 1988.

      1. And Testament has been going since 1983. I realized that after I started typing. I'm going with the "I wasn't old enough to be a part of that scene as it was happening" rationalization.

    2. Metallica is another song on your list that I could have on mine. (Not right now, but I could see it happening if I get in a mood.)

  4. .

    * A Door in the Dark - Victoire - Cathedral City (M. Mazzoli)
    * Sleeping Giant - Mastodon - Blood Mountain
    * The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar
    * Sex Type Thing - Stone Temple Pilots - Core
    * Endgame - R.E.M. - Out of Time
    * Mota - The Offspring - Ixnay on the Hombre
    * I Summon You - Spoon - Gimme Fiction
    * Dead Flowers - The Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers
    * Emit Remmus - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication
    * Mountain - Tonic - Lemon Parade

    1. The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar
      September 1996. Nearly 15 years old, planning on getting its drivers' permit this fall.

      Sex Type Thing - Stone Temple Pilots - Core
      1992. 19 years old, finishing up freshman year.
      Matt Capps's entrance music is "Plush."

  5. Ten random tracks for thumbing your nose at superstition.

    “Say it Loud” – Ron Miles, My Cruel Heart
    “Peter Gunn Theme” – Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, In Concert
    “Riding on a Cloud” – Passport, Blue Tattoo
    “Ducks and Drakes” – Rick Wakeman, Country Airs
    “The Only Thing She Needs” – UK, Danger Money
    “Movement 4″ – Vangelis, Soil Festivities
    “Concerto” – Geoffrey Downes, Vox Humana
    “Waltz of Chihiro”, Joe Hisaishi, Spirited Away (Image Album)
    “Less Cities, More Moving People” – The Fixx, One Thing Leads to Another: Greatest Hits
    “Country Doctor” – Bruce Hornsby, Hot House

  6. .

    Eminem - "Going Through Changes" Recovery
    Spoon - "The Mystery Zone" Transference
    Jay-Z - "Intro" American Gangster
    Elton John - "Tiny Dancer" Greatest Hits
    Coldplay - "Don't Panic" Parachutes

    Feist - "Brandy Alexander" The Reminder
    Sujfan Stevens - "Jacksonville" Illinoise!
    The Strokes - "Metabolism" Angles
    Warren G - "Regulate"
    RATM - "Vietnow" Evil Empire

    1. Coldplay - "Don't Panic" Parachutes
      Only 11 years old. Younger than I thought.

      Warren G - "Regulate"
      April 1994, 17 years ago.

  7. 1. Michael Franti & Spearhead - "What I Be" - Everyone Deserves Music
    2. Adele - "Someone Like You" - 21
    3. Guster - "Mona Lisa" - Parachute
    4. Wolfmother - "Joker & the Thief" - Wolfmother
    5. Blues Traveler - "Stand" - Four
    6. Styx - "Lady" - Greatest Hits
    7. Dejan's Olympia Brass - "It Ain't My Fault" - New Orleans: Rebuild Restore Rejoice
    8. Atmosphere - "Shoes" - Seven's Travels
    9. The Decemberists - "The Rake's Song" - The Hazards of Love
    10. Bob Marley - "Slave Driver" - Gold Disc 1

  8. .

    1. Electric Light Orchestra - Wishing / Discovery
    2. Smokey Rogers - Drinkin' and Thinkin' / Stompin' Singers & Western Swingers
    3. Johnny Cash - Rusty Cage / Unchained
    4. Nirvana - Radio Friendly Unit Shifter / In Utero
    5. Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone / Highway 61 Revisited

    6. The Junior Wells Chicago Blues Band - It Hurts Me Too (When Things Go Wrong) / Chicago/The Blues/Today! Vol. 1
    7. Tom Russell - Touch of Evil / Veteran's Day
    8. John Cale - Sylvia Said / The Island Years
    9. Johnny Cash - Restless Kid [demo] / Bootleg, Vol. 2: From Memphis to Hollywood
    T. Merle Haggard - Big City / 40 #1 Hits

    B. Woody Guthrie - Going Down the Road Feeling Bad / This Land is Your Land: The Asch Recordings

  9. Hmmm...this would be an interesting week. Nice start, then a couple of "filler" days, followed with a little 'bootsy' in the middle, and then a strong finish with something called Dishwalla?

    Feeder Day In Day Out
    Chevelle The Clincher
    Sugar Ray Fly
    Oasis Digsy’s Dinner
    Chuck Berry Maybellene

    Al Green Look What You Done For Me
    Creedence Clearwater Revival Hey Tonight
    Billy Bragg & Wilco Christ For President
    Atmosphere Hair
    Fall Out Boy Sophomore Slump Or Comeback Of The Year
    BT Dishwalla All She Can See

      1. I still find it hard to believe that at one point Sugar Ray was a pretty heavy rock band. "Mean Machine" still rocks pretty hard.

      2. I think it was Sugar Ray who named an album "14:59" when they knew their time was almost up. That made me laugh.

        Pointless aside: back when Jeff Probst was hosting Music Jeopardy (or whatever it was called), Mark McGrath absolutely decimated the other celebrity contestants.

    1. I've always been perplexed by "Hey Tonight." I think it's one of the worst songs that CCR released as a single, yet it's pretty darn popular. It's not their worst song; I actually don't mind it. But I feel there are at least forty better songs in their library.

      1. Agreed - I am always surprised when I realize how many great songs those guys have...kinda like the Kenny Rogers discussion we had a while back.

        1. My Top 10:

          Up Around The Bend
          Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
          Ramble Tamble
          Walk On The Water
          Who'll Stop The Rain
          Wish I Could Hideaway
          What Are You Gonna Do?

          1. A CCR song that I have always liked and thought was underrated was "Wrote a Song for Everyone."

              1. Down on the Corner/Fortunate Son?
                Proud Mary?
                Lookin' Out My Back Door?
                Proud Mary?

                there's a lot to choose from in that songbook.

                1. Proud Mary twice, eh? Down On The Corner is Top 15, and Back Door is definitely Top 20. Fortunate Son is Top 40 (Everyone seems to be crazy about it except me; I like the lyrics, but not the vocals). I put Proud Mary just above Hey Tonight. I don't mind it, but meh.

                2. I thought "Proud Mary" was a Tommy Roe song.
                  (That would have been like #20 on my list this morning.)

                  1. oh, you're a warm cuddlebunny.

                    re: the doors, i never really understood that. i like them, not love them, but i don't see why people hate them. is it the fan base that's more hated, or the actual music?

                    1. It's Morrison, mostly. I think he was a tool. Their fanbase is annoying, but so is Tool's in some ways, and they're my favorite band. A stoner friend of mine had a Morrison poem on a poster in his dorm room, and I remember reading it and laughing out loud at how bad it was. I just think he's a rotten writer.

                1. httpv://

                  Kids in the Hall killing it on the doors.

                  1. "'Greatest Hits' albums are for housewives and little girls."
                    Of all my Bob Marley albums, Legend is my least favorite.
                    Of all my Hendrix albums, The Ultimate Experience is one of my least favorites. (Alongside Voodoo Soup). My Dad's copy of Smash Hits! is what got me interested, though.

                1. I've always liked the Doors. When I first heard them at 14, I thought the formula was: guitar + bass + drums + frontman/lead singer = rock band. I enjoyed the revelation that the inclusion of a keyboard and deletion of a bass could also be a "rock band".

                  My cousin typicaly panned everything I said I liked. She told me the Doors were a terrible band, but that Jim was talented poet...I didn't agree but I went to school in a farming community and she attended art school in "The Cities" so what did I know.

                  1. Yea, I don't get the antipathy. Krieger is and was an outstanding guitar player; Manzarek is brilliant, and when he wasn't totally loaded, Morrison was one hell of a front man. I don't know enough about rhythm sections and drummers to have an informed opinion on Densmore's skills. But the three guys surrounding Morrison were serious musicians.

                    Sure, most of Morrison's poetry probably is cr@p, but that doesn't exactly make him stand out amongst rock lyricists, does it?

                    the band put out some damned good albums. Side one of the debut album is brilliant; side two has a bitchin' cover of Willie Dixon's "Backdoor Man" and "The End" which, minus the spoken word part, is an iconic piece (recall its use in Apocalypse Now)

                    Strange Days has at least six really good cuts. Waiting For The Sun again has a great first side, plus a couple of good cuts on side 2. The Soft Parade is weaker, but still has four or five really good cuts. Same with Morrison Hotel and L.A. Woman; on side two of that album are "Crawling King Snake," "WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat)" and "Riders on the Storm," all of which are, to me, great recordings. And side one, the hits "Love Her Madly" and "L.A. Woman".

      2. John Fogerty is going to be playing at the Casino in ND -- there was a commercial on TV last night. My mother says, "Hey, I'd kind of like to go to that. He's got a unique voice." She had no idea who he is.

        1. My mother would have no idea who he is, either, since he never appeared on The Lawrence Welk Show.

          1. Well, okay, but your mother is in her eighties. My mother is about the same age as Mr. Fogerty (in fact, they are two months apart in age). I guess having three kids by the time she was 23 put a damper on her enjoyment of popular music. She was too busy changing diapers or some such.

          2. Oh, Jeff. You just described all of my clients.

            Well, my clients know who Elvis Presley is, because he ruined good music.

  10. With release years, to make me feel extra-older:

    1. God Lives Underwater “Rearrange (Example 2)” Rearrange EP (1998)
    2. Das EFX “Klap Ya Handz” Dead Serious (1992)*
    3. Marit Bergman “I Followed Him Around” The Tear Collector (2009)
    4. James Blake “I Mind” James Blake (2011)
    5. Massive Attack “Risingson” Mezzanine (1997)*

    6. Linfinity “Continuum” Live at Marcata: Demos* (2007)
    7. Gold Panda “Police” Quitter's Raga 7”* (2009)
    8. The Weepies “Stars” Say I Am You (2006)
    9. Bonnie “Prince” Billy “People Living” Stay 7” (2009)
    T. Mix Master Mike “Supa Wyde Laces” Anti-Theft Device (1998)

    2. Closing in on its 20th anniversary! (I wonder if Ryko will reissue.)

    5. As a freshman in college, I had made a friend towards the end of the year who was into vinyl. One day he came back from Let It Be with this on 12” clear vinyl and Portishead's "Cowboys" promo 12”. That might have been 14 years ago today. (As May 13, 1997 was a Tuesday.) That was probably the absolute best new music experience I ever had: compare "Risingson," "Cowboys," and "Superpredators (Mad Professor Remix)" to "Karmacoma" and "Sour Times." Both singles were relevations.

    6. This is official release, available on iTunes, of a solo acoustic concert by Linfinity singer Dylan Von Wagner. It's just as good as the album, and I absolutely love the song "Tweedy." I couldn't find a "Tweedy" video on the internet, though, so I went with "Southern Belles."

    7. This must have been a dead-end experiment for Gold Panda, a bit too active and EdBanger-y (I thought it was Eats Tapes when it came on). I don't think anything else he's done has sounded like this.

  11. .
    01. Blues in the Night - Cal Tjader Quartet - Jazz at the Blackhawk
    02. The Bed's Too Big Without You - Police - Message in a Box
    03. Laugh Kills Lonesome - Michael Nesmith - Tropical Campfires
    04. Monkberry Moon Delight - Paul McCartney - Ram
    05. Harvest - Neil Young - Harvest
    06. Crying Like a Church on Monday - New Radicals - Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too
    07. One of Those Days - Velvet Underground - Peel Slowly and See
    08. There's a World Outside - Psychedelic Furs - Greatest Hits
    09. Love is a Rose - Neil Young - Decade
    10. 'Round Midnight - Stan Getz - The Essential Stan Getz

        1. Can't help myself, I've always been a big Papa Nez fan. In fact, Davy Jones excepted, I still enjoy the Monkees.

    “daughters of the soho riots” – the nationalthe alligator
    “you wouldn’t like me” – tegan and saraso jealous
    “tomorrow night” – g. love & the special saucecoast to coast motel
    “she says” – ani difranconot so soft
    “hands” – the raconteursbroken boy soldiers
    “when my baby’s beside me” – big star#1 record
    “the beast in me” – johnny cashamerican recordings
    “love struck baby” – stevie ray vaughnlive at carnegie hall
    “don’t let it bring you down” – neil youngafter the gold rush
    “crown of love” – arcade firefuneral

    Ft13thB: “i ain’t superstitious” – jeff beck grouptruth

  13. I thought rap was going to get a clean sweep for a while there.

    01. UGK ft. Eightball & MJG - "Gold Grill" from Dirty Money
    02. Gucci Mane ft. Jason Ceasar - "I Think I'm in Love" from The State vs. Radric Davis
    03. Ghostface Killah ft. Trife - "Clipse of Doom" from Fishscale
    04. Devin the Dude ft. K-Dee & K.B. - "Can't Change Me" from The Dude
    05. Project Pat - "Rubberband Me" from Walkin' Bank Roll
    06. Eightball & MJG - "For Real" from On Top of the World
    07. Young Jeezy ft. T.I. - "I Got Money" from The Inspiration
    08. The Wrens - "Joneses Rule of Sport" from Secaucus
    09. Xiu Xiu - "Tonite and Today (What Chu' Talkin' 'Bout)" from Knife Play
    10. El-P - "Stepfather Factory" from Fantastic Damage

    If there's a more cynical song than "Stepfather Factory" out there, I'm not sure I even want to hear it.

  14. 1. Idiot Wind -- Bob Dylan
    2. Mommy -- The Suburbs
    3. Girl Talk -- Elvis Costello
    4. Blank Generation -- Richard Hell & the Voidoids
    5. Postcard -- The Suburbs
    6. Bridge Over Troubled Water -- Simon and Garfunkel
    7. The Sprawl -- Sonic Youth
    8. Love and Marriage -- Frank Sinatra
    9. Liked It A Lot -- Charlie Pickett
    10. Believe -- The Chemical Brothers

    Bonus: Comfortably Numb -- Luther Wright and the Wrongs

  15. Could've Been Anyone Aimee Mann Whatever
    Something in the Woodshed The Divine Comedy A Secret History... The Best of
    The Thrill Is Gone Diamanda Galás Malediction and Prayer
    My Favourite Buildings Robyn Hitchcock I Often Dream Of Trains
    England The National High Violet

    Give Him A Great Big Kiss The Shangri-Las Leader Of The Pack
    From Dr. Dog Fate
    The Debt Collector Blur Parklife
    L'Amour Stories Deerhoof Apple O'
    A Tear for Eddie Ween Chocolate and Cheese

    bonus: Ghost Town Kurt Vile Smoke Ring For My Halo

    Fate is my first foray into the Dog. Hat tip to Buffalo, Joe and others for touting these guys. The record is really growing on me.

  16. AC Newman "Drink To Me Babe, Then" The Slow Wonder
    Most Serene Republic "Epilogue" Underwater Cinematographer
    The National "Runaway" High Violet
    Luna "Friendly Advice" Luna Live
    By Divine Right "Old Soul" Bless This Mess
    International Submarine Band "Folsom Prison Blues/That's All right" Safe At Home
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "Not What You Wanted" Baby 81
    Titus Andronicus "Arms Against Atrophy" The Airing Of Grievances
    Bob Dylan & The Band "Too Much of Nothing" Basement Tapes
    Sondre Lerche "Love You" Two Way Monologue

    1. "Too Much of Nothing" is a great, great song.

      A swell version by the Brit Folk supergroup Fotheringay can be found here. (A rare Sandy Denny clip.)

      (On a semi-related note, the old site still proves to be a veritable treasure trove of spirited conversation--and more--whenever I search for something over there. I hope it never goes away.)

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