2011 Game Logs: Game 40 Minnesota @ Seattle



King Felix

I was kind of hoping to make this game log a eulogy for Harmon. There are plenty of people out there who could do a better job than me though. I thought maybe I'd write a clever story about the Killer looking down from the big Diamond in the sky, talking with Kirby, Lyman, and Delmon Young's zone judgment but thought better of it. I thought about writing about the game itself but it somehow seems insignificant.

Tonight, you have two pretty good young pitchers. If you have the chance, watch the game with your fathers, your sons, your mothers, or your daughters. Watch it with your grandparents, your brothers, sisters, or spouses. Life is a fickle thing. It takes away people who are by all accounts are amazing to everyone with little or no explanation. So raise your glass, thank those around you for the good times and hope that maybe, just maybe there might be a couple of people in Heaven rooting for Minnesota tonight.


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      1. I have found that naming your boy after a Twins' player results in the Twins sucking. I advise against it.

  1. Seattle's feed produces a graphic of Killer's "career numbers." Games, BA, HR and RBI. That's woefully inadequate for this guy.

  2. Runs are a good start to honoring Harmon. I think a better way would be to hit them over the fence.

  3. After giving us the bare minimum for Killer's career stats, they give us Franklin Gutierrez's OPS in his six-game AAA rehab assignment? Argh.

    1. He did play during the reign of the Triple Crown stats. Don't want anyone to be overwhelmed with anything new.

  4. is it just me, or has morneau been missing a lot of catches this year? i can think of more than a few examples of, yeah, they weren't great throws, but ones with a low to mid level of difficulty to catch.

  5. Heh. It just occurred to me that my last 5 MLB games have all been at different parks--and they're the only 5 parks I've been to. That streak will end when I go back to Target Field later this year.

  6. I know it's midweek, but this is a pretty crummy crowd for a Felix vs. Recent No-Hitter Thrower game. Just a couple of years ago, Safeco was packed for late-season games when the team was a disaster.

      1. The vitriol against that team is pretty thick here. Ownership is the enemy, but the average fan has taken it out on the players.

  7. I missed out on a cheap 'Lexi autographed card on eBay tonight; got a moderately priced Kubel autographed card instead. I consider that successful.

      1. went for $.55, plus $1.70 shipping. if I'd have been paying attention, I'd have taken another shot at it; that's low compared to all his other stuff out there

  8. I'm impressed that the Twins aren't hacking blindly at that slider. They're actually exhibiting patience against a great pitcher, which is the opposite of what they say they prefer to do.

    1. Maybe Gardy listened to the M's broadcast last night and realized that attacking early in the count was playing right into their hands.

      1. He went back to that twice more last night, both times saying it's what the Twins should do in that situation and both times saying it would benefit the Mariners. I think conventional wisdom and actual wisdom were having a fight in his head.

    1. I've had three people arrive at Spookymilk Survivor with the search term "Sophia Loren nuede pictures" in the last three or four days (yes, with that misspelling in every case). Poor guy...I have no photos, nude or otherwise, of Sophia Loren. Frankly, I don't even think we've ever had a player mention Sophia Loren.

        1. I suppose I did just open the door for him, eh? I should go around typing that everywhere, so he keeps running into me and no Sophia Loren pics. I'll be his arch-enemy!

  9. Bert with the Home Run Derby reference.

    +1 Uncomfortable chit-chat while the other guy bats.

    1. With no loving in our souls
      And no money in our coats
      You can't say we're satisfied

        1. I've sorta been posting a lot of random stuff in this thread tonight. I just saw that tab was still open and thought I'd share it with you all.

      1. That's cool. I like how it was symmetrical. It started out, went to t/2, then went backwards from there. Almost deconstructing and reconstructing itself.

        1. It seems to go through a lot of patterns and groupings. I imagine if you did it with even more things with even longer periods, that you would see tons of cool stuff evolved--or it could just look like a giant mess.

      2. YouTube would have been such an awesome resource for my high school physics course (with its terrible demos and general lack of labs.)

    1. grilled eggplant, diced cucumber, carrot, and daikon salad with a sesame dressing, and some nippon style curry from last night that ended up being amazingly tasty. oh, and some old style (most disappointing part of the meal).

        1. to answer both y'all: i just meant japanese style curry. and only homemade-ish. we had some help from the s&b from our local mitsuwa.

          1. now that you mention it, i'd really like to try it homemade. just have to find the right recipe, i guess.

            1. I've had some success with grinding spices to make tai green curry, but really I just leave to work up to the spice mill at the plant.

          2. still not familiar. What distinguishes Japanese curry from Thai? Japanese don't really seem to be into spicy -- more with the subtle flavors (unless you count blowfish)

                1. that looks really good, actually. i'm a little curryed out at the moment, but i'm definitely printing that one out for next time.

      1. It's not my favorite of the SN line, for sure. Something about the malting that I don't really like. But it's still quaffable. I bought a case, but won't buy another.

            1. I miss Jason Morneau. That guy was an MVP. Now all we've got is this Justin guy.

  10. We really got the good F-Bomb tonight. Mebbe this is the start of something good.

  11. Evening, citizens. Does anyone remember when we last had a lead this late in a game?

    1. I seem to recall blowing up a game in the late innings recently, but I've been going to therapy to surpress the memory.

  12. Sims is losing it. "Seven good innings for Felix, but he comes out now in favor of Wilhelmson...and the pitch...oh, that is Felix, sorry. I thought Wilhelmson had come in."

      1. I know the Seattle blogs get on his case, but I've never felt too strongly about him. The last couple of days have been iffy, though.

    1. Sounds like Gordo, but he figured out he was wrong faster and knew how many innings in they were.

    1. Yeah, she's their Robby/Marney, and her baseball knowledge extends back to the beginning of her job with the Mariners.

      Weird to see Harmon on the "news and notes" screen alongside Braden and Hamilton.

        1. Not particularly. They have a hot girl, but she's their LaPanta.

          Actually, after some sleuthing, it turns out that their hot LaPanta is gone. Even more sleuthing suggests that she's not as hot as I remember. Well, whatever.

      1. It pains me to know that people like them get jobs like that while clearly not giving a damn about the game's history. It pains me even more to realize they're also the next generation of Dick Bremers.

  13. It looked like Perkins was struttin' back to the dugout.

    Save it for the postgame!

  14. I completely forgot about the game. Watched the lottery and then went to look at a rental house (ironically, turns out it's owned by Marco Jaric). Got home, ate, and then thought to check the scoreboard. A pleasant surprise.

    1. same with the SEA boys. the thought the view from 1B to 2B was definitive for a moment.

      1. do be honest, after the 3rd out they looked back and agreed with the ump. maybe he was technically-technically safe (casilla came off the bag a split second before he caught the ball), but in real time, that was an impressively good call.

      1. It sure seemed like a bad call in person (from the upper deck, a couple hundred feet away, but still...) As a Twins fan, I got a hearty chuckle out of it!

  15. WINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A really, really, really bad call. But we needed it dammit!

      1. They only showed it twice on the Twins feed, neither one were good angles.

        I'll take it!

        1. I guess that's the benefit of watching the Mariner feed. They were pretty pissed, so they looked at it obsessively until they realized he was indeed out.

    1. If it's any consolation to Mariner fans, that last out would have been an easy DP.

      1. Well, I know it exists for hindering a catcher's throw, and if the ump is struck by a batted ball. Not sure about throws from other fielders, though.

  16. oh hey, i completely forgot about these:



    [puppies exploding by fireworks]

      1. I was considering Googling it just to see what happened, but then I remembered that this is the internet, and I would probably find disturbingly literal results.

  17. Liriano's last two starts when he has been in the same city as ubelmann:

    16 IP, 1 R, 1 ER, 11 K, 7 BB.

  18. I watched the top of the first and saw the Twins score 2 runs. Then I fell asleep during the commercial break and missed the rest of the game. With the Twins getting 3 hits total, looks like all I missed was a Twins win.

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