2011 Game 43: Minnesota Twins at Arizona Diamondbacks

Brian Duensing vs Ian Kennedy

And now begins the interleague preview.

The Twins have played the Diamondbacks three times. The most recent series was here in 2008, sweeping them. Livan out pitched Webb for the win in game 1. The Twins visited Arizona in 2005, winning the series 2-1, and again in 2004 with the same results. Their sole loss was a complete game by Randy Johnson. I guess Silva, Aaron Fultz, and Joe Roa weren't a good match against him. In 2003, the Twins lost the series 1-2, with the sole win coming from spot starter Santana. It was his final start for a month before he was permanently installed in the rotation.

Following the clear progression, I predict a sweep.

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        1. I can't think of a better way to spend my last evening before the sh*t hits the fan.

          1. of course, tomorrow night I would not be surprised to see our bullpen "left behind".

            1. I'm an optimist. If I'm left behind, at least there will be more parking spaces.

              1. I showed that to a co-worker yesterday and he giggled the rest of the day over it, then got mad he didn't think of it first.

              1. ha! i picked up a little la fin du monde without even thinking about the irony...

                1. That definitely crossed my mind, but I thought I'd go with something more local in case the Canadians are somehow spared from all of this.

                  1. well, we're ready:

                    (i'm fairly confident that i'll be here to feed the cats, so i don't think i'll need the service)

                    [take a look-see, hj. --bS]

                    1. are you saying to post the image, then go back an edit with the width attribute? when i originally posted it, i add the att. like i always do, but it disregarded it. then, when i tried to go back an edit, it came back as spam. could this be an issue of permissions?

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    1. I'm here now but on and off the phone with other friends of the girl who died tonight. Hoping for a Twins win to make things a tiny bit better.

    1. Gameday makes it look like he hit it to Las Vegas. (direction of left field wall and Las Vegas may not be accurate.)

  1. Who will get more hits this series: the Twins' pitchers or catchers? Odds anyone?

  2. Perkins seems to have the "throw the lead runner out on the bunt attempt" thing down pat.

    1. I got a live look-in right then. That was some nice work. Perkins has definitely earned my respect this year. (something I assume all pitchers aspire to.)

  3. hmm, i was trying to post a(n original) picture of a large width. i tried to resize it in the tag, but it deleted that and posted original size. when i tried to edit and re-add the "width=", it marked it as spam. twice. so, how do we resize images now?

    1. The attribute might have been malformed. I despammed and approved it so you can try again if you want. Otherwise I can try my hand at it.

      1. You can also use a fixed number of pixels. That's what I do to prevent scaling issues. I pick a width that's less than ~640 pixels but evenly divisible.

    1. I thought that was bizzare. It was Willie f(U&*(&(*P&*&P*(&*(in Bloomquist, Gardy, what the hell?

  4. In good news, the White Sox blew a 1-run lead in the bottom of the ninth and just lost it in extras.

  5. Time to get something positive that doesn't include the words 'single' or 'solo'.

      1. Well, sure, I would too if I could. But the Sam Adams Scotch Ale is pretty good. Not too peaty, but very creamy. It's no Wee Heavy, but it's good.

          1. I will give credit where it is due. I picked up a variety pack case at Costco (Boston Lager, Noble Pils, Rye Ale, Scotch Ale). Like I said, the Scotch Ale is good. The rest were forgettable.

    1. i think this game is progressing more to st. jude's territory than a rally cap, but i half bakedly whipped up a visual rally cap if we ever want to use one. throw it in the vault if you wish (do we have one of those?):

      1. a vault would be sweet, to relief (err, relieve) the effort of searching for creative commons-licensed pics.

  6. Ah. Ullger at 3b coach. Now it all makes sense.

    Does Liddle think he's being raptured tomorrow, or is he really sick?

  7. D Young's game plan that at-bat was to not swing at the first 2 pitches no matter what, and then flail away at the next 2.

    Who'd know it would work?

  8. The desert heat must have finally seeped in. Three runs the first six innings, ten 11! in the last three innings.

  9. crap. Whoda thunk that Butters and Tolbert would come through in the 9th, but not Kubel and Morneau?

  10. well, crap.

    by the way, i'm not a fan of the d-bags announcers. there's a little too much red bull in the booth...

  11. That was a lot better loss than some of the other ones this season, so it has that going for it.

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