Kevin’s Saga

Kevin grabbed his Treat Ticket from Ronnie, the Team Mom, and ran with his Little League teammates toward the snack bar. He already knew what he was going to get. It was what he always got and what he loved: a Twix bar.

Kevin got in line behind some of his teammates and peered in the snack bar. Twix is a popular item at the snack bar, and he could see that only a few were left. He counted five in the box on the shelf and then looked to see how many were in front of him in line.

Carl was first in line. He was the oldest player on the team and always got in line first. Frankie was next. He was big and fast, so he usually wound up near the front of the line.

Then came Nicky. He was slow and uncoordinated, but he was Ronnie's favorite and could usually sweet talk his way to getting his Treat Ticket first.

Finally, it was Scott, Kevin's closest friend on the team. The two of them had played on the same team together several times. Scott was a little older and a little faster and could usually stay ahead of Kevin, but he didn't mind. Today, Kevin was just happy to know that there was just enough Twix to guarantee him his favorite treat.

Kevin finally got to the front of the line and saw that there was exactly one Twix left. He ordered his favorite treat and held it triumphantly as he started to look for his mom.

Brian also was in line, just behind Kevin. Brian was a little younger and a little slower than Kevin, but he was Ronnie's son, which provided him with extra privileges. Brian also wanted a Twix bar and ordered one at the snack bar. He was disappointed to find out none were available, but he told the lady at the snack bar, "OK. Give me a Mr. Goodbar, then."

Ronnie was with Brian and saw that Kevin had taken the last Twix. She marched over to Kevin and snatched it from him and gave Kevin the Mr. Goodbar.

"That's mine!" Kevin said.

"Not anymore, it's not," Ronnie retorted.

"It's OK. He can have the Twix. I like Mr. Goodbar, too," Brian said.

"No son of mine is going without a Twix!" Ronnie said.

"But it was mine first and he said he's fine with it!" Kevin pleaded.

"You're lucky you get any candy at all," Ronnie said. "This is why nobody likes you!"

Ronnie stormed off with Brian in tow. Kevin looked down at the Mr. Goodbar. He had a taste of one before, and it was fine. But it wasn't a Twix. He opened the wrapper and took a small bite. A peanut made his tooth hurt and the chocolate turned bitter in his mouth after the anticipation of that sweet Twix bar. He tossed the Mr. Goodbar in the nearest trash can and looked for his mom.

Kevin told his mom what happened.

"Don't worry about it Kevin," his mom said as they pulled out of the parking lot. "There are plenty of stores that sell Twix. We'll go get you one. Maybe even a giant size bar."

4 thoughts on “Kevin’s Saga”

    1. Free Kevin Kjonaas Slowey!

      They took a man from his role
      Took everything that he knowed
      And built him a bullpen with his mind

      They couldn't kill the man's hope
      The words he said, they can't choke
      His words spread like a fire burning bright

      Now it's catching on
      So before the dawn
      Free Kevin Slowey
      Free Kevin Slowey

      Let him go, let him go
      Cause that man is innocent
      He's only just been speaking his own mind

      So let him go, let him go
      Yeah, that man is innocent
      How can they see the truth when they're all blind?
      So, let him go

      Your 'pen is only four walls
      Your 'pen won't take his resolve
      Yeah, I know this man will change the team

      They took his starting away
      But they'll never make him obey
      A wild horse, this man will never tame

      Now, it's catching on
      So before the dawn
      Free Kevin Slowey
      Free Kevin Slowey

      Let him go, let him go
      Cause that man is innocent
      He's only just been speaking his own mind

      *Kevin Kjonaas was a friend of mine Freshman year at Augsburg. I don't doubt that he deserves his sentence.

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