Game # who cares recap —> 20 games under .500

Twins 2, Tigers 4

Twins record 17-37, 16 games out

LP Scott Baker, WP R. Porcello

Save: The King of D-bags, Valverde

What to say about this? Well, there isn't much to say about this. Oh, what's that you say? Alexi decided that bunting for a base hit with two strikes in the 9th was a good idea? Holy crap, I wish I had dreamed that, but I didn't. No, with the undisputed king of the d-bags on the mound Alexi decided to bunt with two strikes. He executed the bunt puuuuurfectly for the tigers. I imagine that Joe Mauer will take the blame for this loss. As boosty pointed out in the game log this is a particularly  bad loss bringing the twins to 20 games under .500. That's bad. Really. B-A-D.

This, of course, doesn't mean that I'll stop watching the Twins lose, but this is still  something of a milestone. Boo.



2 thoughts on “Game # who cares recap —> 20 games under .500”

    1. Butters' offensive futility is one of the things I care about. Watching the replay, I think Dirks could have caught that at the fence if he hadn't been so stunned that the ball actually made it out that far.

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