66 thoughts on “How About Some Folger’s?”

  1. Folger's? Going with the thrifty blend this morning...à la "Twins bullpen"?

    1. I was thinking that Irishing-up the coffee would be a good idea at 20 games below.

    1. Yeah, that 1982 team was bad, but it had the seeds for what would become a great time for Minnesota Twins baseball after the sell off that impacted the 1981 season. Those seeds aren't present in this team, I don't think. Them mission for the 2011 team is to win now. Fial.

      1. I was thinking about that the other day. This has to be the worst first third of a season ever as a Twins fan.

  2. Updated AL Central lines:

    Rot American League Central To Win Moneyline
    221 Chicago White Sox +300
    222 Cleveland Indians -200
    223 Detroit Tigers +300
    224 Kansas City Royals +4000
    225 Minnesota Twins +8000

    1. That seems about right except for maybe the White Sox. The Twins are now 16 1/2 games back. The largest deficit overcome I believe is 13 (1951 Giants and 1995 Mariners). It would be a record and a miracle for the Twins to win the division, although I think they are closer in the wild card but of course many more teams to overcome and few games against them other than division foes. At this point, I'll settle for a return to competence and a reason to believe that this season is an anomaly.

  3. Good thing the Twins handed Duensing a spot in the rotation in spring training. He now has the second-worst ERA+ among the 53 pitchers that qualify with a 74. Fausto is last with a 72 and Pavano is at 76. I wonder how long they will continue to blame his struggles on his start being rained out while ignoring a gaping hole in the bullpen. This would give the Twins a good excuse to move Duensing to the bullpen and put Slowey in the rotation when he's healthy, but I think that bridge has been burned already. More likely, the Twins could bring up Gibson in a week or two. At least give the fans a glimpse of hope for the future.

      1. This tweet should interest Mr. Runner:

        #Twins have a 53% save% this season. The last time they finished sub-60% was '86 w/ a pen headlined by R. Davis, K. Atherton & F. Pastore.

    1. Deunsing has a 65% LOB%. Unless you think somehow he forgot to pitch from the stretch, his numbers are really just fine. His season FIP and xFIP are in line with his career numbers and are no worse than Kevin Slowey's career numbers. Sure, anyone who expected him to post a sub-3 ERA was deluding themselves, but part of the reason that ERA was misleading is that ERA is misleading in general, and there's no reason to believe his 5.37 ERA in 58 innings is more meaningful than his 2.62 ERA in 130 innings. If you go over his '10-'11 combined stats, his ERA is still 3.48, which is below his FIP in that period, but by less than half a run.

  4. Mentioned due to Shaq retiring:
    This winter, when watching his PSAs for Marrow.org's "Be the One" campaign, I realized that Shaq is the only big-name athlete with tons of endorsements and commercials that I have never gotten sick of. (MN players possibly excluded, I can't think of one that's been in the top tier of commercials.) Forget his basketball abilities, this is what I find most remarkable of the man. Was it that he let himself be a goof, never taking himself seriously, what with the rap and acting careers and the Icy Hot commercial? Was it his genuine smile? Was it that even though he was the best player in the world for a while there, he still had some big holes in his game? I can't quite figure it out, He played for the Lakers, destroyed the Timberwolves' one chance to make the NBA Finals.

    1. I think it's because he's 7'1, 350 lbs. and a big kid. Oh, and Kobe hated him, which makes it a whole lot easier to like him.

  5. I see Russell Martin is leading AL catchers in fWAR. I believe earlier this season I was mentioning how it was outrageous that the Yankees were able to sign him to a 1-year $4M contract. This isn't so much that I expected the Twins to sign him--he wouldn't have signed where he wasn't going to get a chance as the every day catcher, but check out some of the other deals free agent catchers have now:

    $6M/2yr -- Yorvit Torrealba
    $7M/2yr -- Miguel Olivo
    $18M/3yr -- John Buck
    $8M/2yr -- Pierzynski
    $50M/4yr -- Victor Martinez

    No one out there was willing to gamble on Martin bigger than they were willing to gamble on Miguel Olivo or John Buck? Olivo's been above 2 fWAR once. Buck's been above 2 fWAR once. Pierzynski's ceiling is about 2 fWAR and he's been there twice in the seven years since the Twins shipped him out. Martinez is extremely valuable, a 3-5 fWAR player when healthy. In five seasons, Martin has never had a season below 2 fWAR (and he's already to 1.8 fWAR this year), and that's even with some trouble staying healthy. The Yankees got the upside of Victor Martinez for the cost of players that rarely reach even league average value, all on a practically riskless one-year deal.

      1. I am shocked, just shocked, that he's regressed.

        I'm shocked it's 53%.

        Did I miss a new citizen meme?

  6. huzzah!

    aarongleeman Thome and Kubel on DL. Every hitter in Twins' lineup tonight is slugging below .400 and only Span has OBP above .325. #Yuck

    revere and hughes to be called up.

        1. Yep, time to put your money down. The odds won't get much better than they are right now.

    1. Let's see, the Twins on the DL inlude Nishi, Mauer, Kubel, Thome, Perkins, Nathan, Liriano and Slowey. Did I miss anyone? That's one-third of their Opening Day roster on the DL. Meanwhile, angry Twins fans complain about why the Twins can't plan for such contingencies. Pretty soon Cuddyer will just have to do the Bugs Bunny thing and play every position on the field. He better perfect his changeup and his alliterations.

            1. Los pasajes rápidos ir por encima de su cabeza. Ya conseguí un agujero en su guante. Yo mantengo pitchin" "em y mantenga missin' y 'em. Already consiguió mantener un ojo en la pelota. Ojo. Ball. He tenido casi una mordaza, hijo. Broma, que es.

              1. Tickets go fast over his head. And got a hole in his glove. I keep pitchin '' em and keep missin 'and' em. Already managed to keep an eye on the ball. Eye. Ball. I had almost a gag, son. Joke, that is.

                There's the Google translated version. Sounds like Ozzie to me!

                1. Here's the original quote before I babelfished it to Spanish:

                  "The fast ones go over your head. Ya got a hole in your glove. I keep pitchin' 'em and you keep missin' 'em. Ya gotta keep your eye on the ball. Eye. Ball. I almost had a gag, son. Joke, that is."

                  But I think your translation back to English is indeed more Ozzie-esque.

      1. One has to wonder if the Twins training staff is feeling any pressure to improve outcomes...

    1. I was just out in Casper, WY, visiting my brother. Judging by the snow we saw in the mountains and the amount the dams are already releasing, there's a lot of water going to be coming downstream for a while.

  7. Dallas wins. I do not believe it. One of the greatest comebacks you will ever see. A 22-5 run to end the game.

    1. Absolutely beautiful. When Miami started preening with over 5 minutes left, I wished upon a star. His name was Dirk.

      1. My favorite Miami possession was the one where LeBron missed two low percentage threes with about three seconds left on the shot clock each time.

        1. heh. That was solid basketball. (Dallas really did play some terrific D in those last 5-6 minutes.)

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