Game #58: Twins 6, Royals 0

Twins record: 21-37

Whoops, I forgot I had to do one of these, so I'm going to get in, get out, and go to bed. The Twins won, we swept the Royals in KC, baseball is fun again, Duensing was on top of his game, there's some cool pictures from the WGOM get-together in the CoC, I can't think of as many things to say when the Twins win as when they lose. That's all I've got.

Hitter of the Week: I suppose I ought to give one of these to Alexi Casilla before he turns back into Alexi Casilla.
Pitcher of the Week: Carl Pavano

23 thoughts on “Game #58: Twins 6, Royals 0”

  1. an embarrassment of starting pitching riches this week, what with consecutive, solid-to-stellar outings by Swiftscratch, 'stache, Blackie and the Dunce.

    I'd give it to Snorklespatch, for his "inspirational" outing and "I'm no pussy like that guy who can't work out of the bullpen" speech. Obviously, it was the key to the sweep.*

    *Or mebbe it was just Royals Baseball.

    1. Swarzak had a fine game, but I'm usually philosophically opposed to giving my ultra-meaningful award to someone who walks more guys than he strikes out, when I have another good option (and a complete Pavanostache game is a good option). I also ruled out Blackburn and Duensing since they both had mediocre games against the Tigers, and the award is, after all, the "Pitcher of the Week", not the "Pitcher of the Games the Twins Won".

        1. Elder daughter graduated with honors from high school last night. I feel old, and just a little bit proud of how mature and level-headed she's turned out. She must have inherited that from her mother.

                1. the beauty of sexual reproduction is the mixing of genes, diluting the weaknesses of one of the parents.

                  1. I like to think that the beauty of sexual reproduction comes before the mixing of the genes, but maybe that's my youthful exuberance speaking.

                    1. I am not one of those who adheres to the "intercourse for reproductive purposes only" creed.

                      Indeed, I am quite certain that the reproduction part and the getting jiggy wit it part are easily separated.

                    2. Hearing the words, "I love you, Daddy" from a four year old >>>>> a roll in the hay.

                    3. I agree, and I don't have kids. Then again, I think watching a Twins game with a cocktail and a juicy burger is better than a roll in the hay.

  2. AL Central Standings before KC Series

    Central W L PCT GB
    Cleveland 33 20 .623 -
    Detroit 29 26 .527 5.0
    Chi White Sox 27 31 .466 8.5
    Kansas City 25 30 .455 9.0
    Minnesota 17 37 .315 16.5

    AL Central Standings after KC Series

    Central W L PCT GB
    Cleveland 33 24 .579 -
    Detroit 31 27 .534 2.5
    Chi White Sox 28 33 .459 7.0
    Kansas City 25 34 .424 9.0
    Minnesota 21 37 .362 12.5
      1. Also gaining on Houston for throwing that "worst record in baseball" monkey off our backs.

        I'm kinda peeved that Dazzle and Atteberry ignored my invitation to join us at our tailgating. Did they even give WGOM a shout-out for attending the game?

        1. I didn't hear it if they did, and I listened from pregame to postgame while doing landscaping things.

          Wish I could've been there, I've wanted to go to a game in KC since my parents came back raving about it last year.

    1. so, what you are saying is that the Twins sweep in KC caused the Indians to lose 4 straight?

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