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    1. I actually don't like Star Wars, but she does, and this boy is obsessed. I do occasionally listen to the rap group Jedi Mind Tricks, though.

        1. Oh, I definitely recognize the significance. I was just never a huge sci-fi guy to begin with, and Lucas has done his best to alienate even hardcore fans.

          1. How is that possible? He died in a mysterious helicopter crash right after Jedi came out.
            (Much like that Wachowski brothers. [No, I'm not checking the spelling.])

  1. saw this note in the morning Strib ( I still go out and buy the Sunday edition): "725: (Scott) Baker's career strikeouts, good for 10th on the Twins all time list."

    Kevin Tapani was 10th with 724 k's. Next is Dave Boswell with 865. Bake is also closing in on the Top 10 list for innings pitched ans wins. He has 907 IP, 10th place is Boswell with 1036. Bakes has 59 wins, Boswell is 10th with 67.

    he still needs to get the ball down in the zone!1!!!111!

  2. Gentlemen, I will be at the game today. I expect an awesome game log (with puppies) to read when I get back.

  3. Rob Neyer's column on realignment reads like advocacy from someone who wants the MLB to look and function more and more like the NFL. If he doesn't like the "conservative" argument for keeping the current system (which I think he dismisses far too breezily considering baseball's emphasis on history), then perhaps someone could point out to him that the proposed solution is the most unimaginative of any of the potential realignments, and that altering the way teams get into the playoffs hurts the regular season. I know ubes has written about that particular problem before (though I can't remember if he has on this version of the WGOM).

    1. There are a couple things I really like about the realignment proposal. I like that it would get rid of the unbalanced schedule. When four teams account for half of your home games, that is too much repetition. When I get my tickets for the year, I inevitably end up with something like three Cleveland games out of my six total.

      I also like the idea that the top teams in each league should go to the playoffs. I think Twins management has gotten away with just saying, "Hey, we win our division." A big reason we've had this run of success is that the division has just been poor and we've beat up on the unbalanced schedule. It really doesn't make sense that the Twins make the playoffs every year while teams like Toronto are left on the outside.

      1. For the sake of equality (and quality) of competition, I'm also in favor of ditching the unbalanced schedule. I think that the motivation for doing that also points toward getting rid of interleague play, which obviously isn't going to happen (no matter how much some fans might want it).

        Maybe ubes already ran this down, but I'd be curious to see if Toronto would have ever made the playoffs with a second wild card. Obviously we can't easily correct for the unbalanced schedule, but my guess is that the balanced schedule would still benefit New York and Boston more than it would Toronto. Frankly, that second wild card seems as likely to dilute the quality of division champion chases (or substitute those for less interesting wild card berth chases) as it does to get the best teams into the postseason. And if it means an automatic ticket to the postseason for both the Sawx and Yankmes (or, heaven forbid, three AL East teams in the postseason), then I'm even less inclined to look at it approvingly.

        Your point about the Twins is a good one, however. I think that's exactly what the front office and ownership has been up to; whether that's a smart percentage play is debatable, but I do think it's somewhat cynical.

        1. Re: winning weak division, I think it's partly management doesn't have to try as hard and partly not facing stiff competition and getting better because of it.

  4. My Derek Jeter will not get his 3,000th hit before June 21st wager (+300) is getting down to crunch time. Joe Pos, unintentionally, breaks down chances of this wager happening in a recent column. I didn't expect this wager to come close without an injury to Mr. Jeter but his stinking has made it so I have to sweat it out.

    1. I was just wondering what the exact date was on that wager the other day. I think Poz is a bit optimistic predicting Sat (18th) or Sun (19th), (Jeter has 8 hits in the first 11 days of June) but yeah, it's going to be a close one.

  5. Cuddyer has now passed Denard Span in OPS+ and only trails Kubel in Twins with at least 100 PAs.

      1. also, that they call it 'take a sheet' is really irresponsible because the last time I took more than 2 hits I was really eff-you-see-k-D up.

    1. See, if Bron Bron had gone to college, he'd know you don't have to drop acid. You can take it pass/fail.

    1. I think they remembered. The sheet must be wearing off. Weak stuff, man.

      1. I'd believe Brian Cardinal dropped acid before I thought Lebron did.

        1. The Birdman, of course, is the NBA player most likely to drop a sheet of acid.

    1. Because of that, and because he's originally from Chicago, I definitely decided he is my least favorite player ever.

  6. I know this is an impromptu game log, so, I'm cooking up a roasted chicken, curry couscous,and spicy green beans served with gin n juice, with a magnum almond for desert.

      1. Oh, more delicious than they look.

        When I was in london last summer I would routinely walk to the corner shop to get a magnum gold, or double caramel, when they pub kicked me out. I'm a pretty happy camper that they've finally made it to 'merica.

    1. I made some home made BBQ sauce last night, slow cooked a pork roast in root beer today and ate it on home made burger buns. Now I'm drinking one of these and about to head to the bed to read and watch basketball.

    2. Had a burger (w/ Swiss, 'shrooms, and sauteed onions) with a glass of Malbec at Joe's Garage after work. I'm presently sipping a Jim Beam Manhattan though a Red Vine straw.

      1. I'm presently sipping a Jim Beam Manhattan though a Red Vine straw.

        classy, and classic.

  7. Heh. James backing down on Barea is hilarious. How on earth could it not end up in an offensive foul?

  8. After Ian Mahinmi hit that shot to end the quarter Gilbert Areas had this to say tweet:

    wow..how every u say ur name great rebound and shot

    I really enjoy Gilbert Arenas.

    1. According to the internet these are the first minutes of the second half that James has sat all Finals.

  9. The Heat have 19 more free throw attempts than the Mavs this game.

  10. I sure hope Mark Cuban has something stupid to say tonight.

      1. Does that happen right after the game, or will it happen tomorrow? I must be watching for that.

  11. Before the playoffs I placed a wager on the field to win the Finals MVP award. I'd like to see a couple more Jason Terry bombs to make it interesting.

  12. getting straight blocked by jason kidd isn't a good thing to put on your resume.

  13. 2-1 break Chalmers and James bearing down against Terry (I think). Chalmers took it himself. Gees, Mario f'n Chalmers doesn't even trust Lebron James.

  14. I figure down the stretch it's 10 seconds a possession. 13 possessions left about and Dallas has a 4 possession lead. A couple of stops and this one is all but over.

  15. The entire playoffs have been terrific. And now Dirk gets a ring? ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!!!!

    1. House on the Rock is so creepy. Like the darkest thing I ever took in before I was a teenager.
      Is American Gods about it? Maybe I'll read it.

      1. It's one of the settings in the book, but it's not about the House. Well, at least 150 pages in it's not about the house, but the house looks to figure as an important place.

        1. I like how they failed through a series of preeing, taunting, and general d-bag-edness.

  16. Better go to the fridge now for a cold one. You aren't going to want to miss any of this celebration.

  17. I don't see how the NBA can lock the players out after how wonderful this season/playoffs have been.

  18. Ha! Cuban asked Stern to hand the trophy to the original owner of the Mavs!

    1. I like how Stern got the f*ck out of there without so much as a glance toward Cuban.

    1. I actually thought it was cool that he deferred to the team and his coach. He'll have plenty of time to say outrageous shit in the off season. Tonight is for the players and coaching staff, the latter of whom made some outstanding adjustments throughout the postseason.

        1. Hey, it got Stern off the dais almost immediately. Given their mutual dislike for one another, I thought having the old used car salesman accept the trophy was a pretty deft rebuke of the commish.

    1. He'll probably never amount to anything, but he'll have more rings than Kevin Love if Love sticks with the Wolves.

  19. Jeff Van Gundy just suggested that maybe Miami should trade one of Wade and James for Howard. LeBron to Orlando? That would be awesome.

    1. Jeff Van Gundy sounds like he'd be a perfect GM candidate to replace Kahn.

    1. I just said the same thing! ESPN 2 for the post game press conference.

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