2011 Game Logs Game 66: Chicago (AL) @ Twins

Gavin Floyd


Carl Pavano


Let's warm up for the first game of the series against the White Sox with a miniature version of The Nation Has Problems, sound good? Great.

On Saturday a Twins starter retired the first 12 batters he faced.

On Sunday a Twins starter retired the first 19 batters he faced.

The last time the Twins opened a series on a Tuesday against the Chicago White Sox the Twins starter did not allow a single hit.

How many batters will the Twins starter, Carl Pavano, face before allowing a hit tonight?

Sadly, there is no spoiler button for when you are writing a post. It seems each of you will have to watch 9 innings of baseball to find out. Oh crap, I hope I didn't give it away.

Let's keep this streak of butt-kicking alive. Win Twins.


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      1. I watch Quick Pitch on MLB Network before bed every night lately, and just the little bits of Hawk in that make me see red.

        "STRETCH! STRETCH!" God. He makes Dick Bremer seem like someone without a rooting interest in the game in comparison. That's impressive.

        1. I don't even understand it, either. He's from frickin Georgia and didn't even play for the Sox, so where does the rooting interest come from? At least Bremer is a Minnesota guy, so his homerism is at least logical.

          1. He played for the Red Sox. Close enough.

            Especially since the White Sox don't wear white socks.

      1. well, on a bright side, it's not like we're losing a productive part of our lineup.

        wait, that's not a bright side...

  1. The radar looks pretty bad. Minneapolis is right in the middle of this storm.

    On the plus side, if today's game gets rescheduled, there's a better chance Mauer will be able to play whenever it gets rescheduled.

    1. Sounds like later in the summer, so could have Mauer, Morneau, Thome, Kubel, Span, Nishi, Perkins and Nathan. So, yeah, I'll take that. The Sox have Adam Dunn and Gordon Beckham batting seventh and eighth. The Twins have Dinkelman and Tolbert. Not good.

  2. Interesting game alert: Verlander has a no-hitter through 7. Only 2 have reached. The second batter on a HBP, and a walk in the 7th that was erased in a DP.

    1. Bye-bye Indians. Got to say, they lasted in first a lot longer than I thought they would.

    1. It just changed from Rain Delay to PPD on MLB.com.

      No game but another day closer to the return of Mauer.

  3. If you have a hankering for baseball tonight, you can listen to the Wings here. Perkins should be pitching in the bottom of the seventh. Wings lead 4-0 after scoring three runs in the seventh on one hit.

  4. Orlando Ballgame breaks up the No No. Apparently he kills No Hitters and rallies!

    And how 'bout that, Verlander's no hitter was his next start after Liriano's. His next start after Liriano taking a no hitter into the 8th, he takes a no hitter into the 8th.

        1. That was a tricky vote. Do you vote for the guy that was the best player in the world for a half-season, only to be derailed by injury, or the guy who was only one of the twenty best but pulled it off for a whole season?

          1. I didn't think it was all that tricky. It's foolish of me to think I have no bias here, but the difference in how good they were was so pronounced.

            1. 0.4 win difference according to rWAR (and Liriano is second to someone else), but 1 win advantage for Liriano in fWAR. It's a tough vote. If Liriano had 20 more innings, I think he wins.

    1. I wonder if this no hitter would have been more important than Nolan Ryan's last?

  5. I have 20 minutes of free wi-fi here at Chicago-Midway, and that's about how long it takes to open the Twins website with the throughput here. sheesh

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