Game #70: Twins 5, Padres 4

Twins Record: 31-39
MLB Game Wrap

Happy Father's Day to the WGOM Nation from Sunday Recap Central. Just imagine there's a picture of Butters Stotch hugging his dad or something right here.

Hitter of the Week: Even in a week during which the Twins win all their games, when two of those are 1-0 wins, picking this award gets a little tougher. Or, maybe it gets a little more obvious: Team MVP Michael Cuddyer seems to be the best candidate once again.
Pitcher of the Week: All the starters were good-to-great. I'll have to again pick Scott Baker as the best. He is this team's first half All-Star as far as I'm concerned.

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    1. Is it worth it to have multiple pictures with between 1-4 pieces of butter plated? Yeah, just the one should be fine.

  1. Since May 1st, Alexi Casilla has hit .310/.375/.411 for a .786 OPS. Is that unsustainable? Sure. But overall, he's got a .672 OPS and ZiPS has him projected at about a .675-.680 OPS. Thank you regression to the mean.

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