2011 Game 79: Twins v Trustee aka in re Dodgers

Late night reports from Target field hint that the hometown 9 25 do indeed have a pulse. But questions remain:

Will the Twins win the series?
Does Jim Thome really watch reruns of the Mod Squad in the clubhouse?
Why haven't Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau hugged lately?
If Joe Nathan throws 93 mph from a train leaving Eighth Street, at what time does he arrive home?
Who the hell is Rubby De La Rosa, and why do I feel dirty when I say it out loud?
Will Nishioka eat grits?
Does Scott Baker look at the bullpen out of respect for Bert?
Will these questions ever be answered?

Rubby De La Rosa pitching against Twin's undeniable champion, ace, and all around nice guy, Scott Baker.


1. Revere 8
2. Nishioka 6
3. _auer 2
4. Righthanded w/ power 9
5. Thome Bench spot saver
6. Dani 5
7. Hughes 3
8. Repko 7
9. Tolbot 4

1. Gwynn 7
2. Blake 5
3. Ethier 9
4. Dairy Brand 8
5. Lonely 3
6. Uribe 4
7. Thames DH
8. Navarro 2
9. Gordon 6

Go Twins!

161 thoughts on “2011 Game 79: Twins v Trustee aka in re Dodgers”

  1. Everyone step up to platform 30 -- Light Rail will be leaving on schedule in just a few minutes. Looking for a smooth ride *crosses fingers until circulation is cut off*

  2. I know I'm preaching to the converted and all, but a liner over the head of the SS or 3B is still as beautiful to me as it was the first time I saw one.

      1. I'd take that too, I guess, but that's not what Luke did so I didn't mention it.

        And I'd certainly take it so it's audible over the radio, since that's the only way a Twins fan would know what was going on.

      1. Well, I've been haunting the game log since the second inning, so I don't know that I missed it "by a lot", but I seem to have missed it, all the same.

    1. Took my son to his first "professional" soccer game last night. RSL won 2-0 - was hoping today's game might provide a bit more scoring.

    1. My wife mentioned the other day that Revere has Kirby's smile, but so far that's about all.

          1. I suppose it sounds meaner than I meant it to, yeah. Seriously, though, their comparison only works without some minor league context.

    1. Hard liner to first, and Loney didn't hesitate to fire it over to third rather than take the easy out at first. Smart play, but not one that would usually be attempted.

    1. I laughed a lot. I think it's my favorite of hj's creations, but it's tough to remember because he's got about 15 of them up there.

    1. at work so i only got gameday going. did it have something to do with the navarro bunt?

      1. Better. So much better.

        A ball was hit up to Gladden, an easy play, and he reached out and booted it. He immediately ripped off his glove and hurled it against the back wall, then threw off his headset. Dick, paraphrasing, said "He brings his glove year after year, he finally gets a chance and that's what he does with it!"

          1. Yeah. It looked like a real outburst. That's more than I can manage when I'm alone playing video games and dying for the fiftieth time in a row, let alone calling a game that thousands of people are listening to.

        1. I know the frustration. I got my first foul ball the last time Baker pitched a 1-0 game (crosses fingers) against San Diego. Cuddy hit one straight back and it smacked right off my palm. Sure I got the ball and got to be shown on the jumbotron and TV as I hadnded it to my 3 year old who attempted to reinact the Philly girl fan in throwing it back (until he was thwarted by me blocking it) but it still eats me up that I didn't catch it. Of course I didn't have a glove

          1. I get the frustration, surely. But that display...wow.

            Also, welcome back, man. Is that your first post here at the "new" site?

            1. I don't think so, because I signed up right away and thought I posted right away. I've been lurking quite a bit, but just haven't been posting too much.

            2. Searching for "Nate Tubbs Rules"... six comments. Two right away, two in May, and now two in June. He's done until July.

              1. How many do I need to push someone out of the montage banner, 100? Look at me 3 in one day.

                    1. I'm not getting the reference. I'm Homer-level slow on that one. Something said...not good.

                    2. zooomx.2's HAL avatar is the "O" in "WGOM". Since the avatar banner is pretty full, sean was saying he saw a G in your avatar. I'm thinking, use the M and Spooky can fill you in.

                    3. Yay! Six Chuck Jameses!
                      I didn't like being the only one with a close-up actual photo of self or family.
                      So instead of my second, I used the inspiration for the fourth.

          2. The first and only ball I've gotten at a game was during batting practice at the Dome. I walked over to the dome right after class (I was going to the U of M at the time) and got cheap seats, then camped out in the first row, doing homework. Unsurprisingly, about 10 minutes after I got my text book, my notebook, my graphing calculator, my scratch paper and my protractor and compass set up, I hear a good crack of the bat, look up, and see it heading straight for me.

            Needless to say, I didn't catch it in the air, but I also managed not to drop any of my school resources onto the field of play and walked away with the ball, so there's that.

            After the game was done, I figured that I'd try for some autographs since the wife (then the girlfriend) and I had nothing else planned. Nobody signed until 45 minutes after the game when most people had left. Then Mauer and Morneau came out and signed everything anyone offered them, including the scuffed BP ball. Oh, and it was 2006, just to make the story better.

    1. Loved how Dick very snarkily mentions that in all his time broadcasting with Bert he's never seen him with a tear in his eye until Bert noticed Scotty coming back out to pitch another inning. Ha!

  3. Intentionally walking Ben Revere?? Seriously?

    I guess, with the pitcher shortstop-san up next.

  4. Is it okay to look at the bullpen after 119 pitches (most of which were probably UP in the zone)?

    1. close circuit to SBG. I don't think I have your email address any more. If you still have mine, drop me a line, I have a gift for you for putting up my top300 list over the years at the old site.


        1. Cool. I've neglected it this year (its hard to get into that stuff when the play on the field is so putrid), but I'll probably update the numbers at the allstar break and can shoot it to you then. The problem is that I believe SBG had to do a lot of formatting to turn my excel doc into web ready. You may ask him how long that took and decide if its something you want to undertake (as I'm a moron when it comes to that sort of thing).

            1. Suuure, make me do it...

              It's cool. I should be able to format it without much trouble.

  5. Six pitches, two Ks.

    I'm so old that I can remember when Glen Perkins was persona non grata.

  6. Mammy's little baby loves short'nin', short'nin'
    Mammy's little baby loves short'nin' bread

  7. The AL better win the All-Star game, otherwise the Twins don't have a chance at winning the World Series.

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