End of the First half: Brewers at Twins

Thirty games ago, I don't think any of us would thought we could be 8 games out at the halfway point. Fifteen games ago, I doubt that any of us would've been happy with that result, but here we are.

Tonight, we've got Carl Pavano taking on Chris Narveson tonight. When these matches up last Sunday, the result was... not good. On the other hand, after Liriano's game last night, I expect that the Twins will probably win 8-0.

I won't be around much this weekend, so everybody have a safe, fun 4th of July weekend, and cheer on the Twins to a positive end to the first half.

Go Twins!

224 thoughts on “End of the First half: Brewers at Twins”

  1. Would I be too optimistic if I said Thome was going to hit #600 tonight?

    1. It is bordering on optimism, for sure. I would rather not rule it out though.

  2. I see that since the Yankees aren't playing at the same time as the Twins today I get to watch Minnesota. Cool! That is nice of the America's team.

  3. If Joe Mauer breaks Joe DiMaggio's consecutive games hitting streak does it count if he starts games at first base or DH?

    1. I take it since no one answered it was a stupid question and the answer is no.

      1. Not so. It was just such an awesome question that none of us could do it justice by answering.

            1. I thought you guys were due well before then. I hope, ankle injures aside, all is going well.

              1. We're looking at mid-september. Everything is progressing as it should with no problems outside of having to monitor her blood pressure. So that's all good. We also learned with the ankle that pregnant women shouldn't try to multi-task while walking. She was reading a receipt and tripped over a curb.

  4. My wife managed to turn a trip to Old Navy into a trip to the emergency room today (sprained ankle and a couple scrapes. Nothing serious.), so a good ball game would be much appreciated.

            1. Too bad. The company could have made a tidy sum from the life insurance policies they have on them.

  5. Wow, if I watch the home run derby, I get to see a sneak preview of Simon Cowell's new crap! Sign me up!

  6. The Brewer's cameraman caught Gamel mouthing a "mother f*cker". Good times.

  7. I watched the Cubs-Palehose while I was cleaning house before the Twins came on. The Cubbies had runners on first and second three times with no outs and failed to score. Garza went all nine innings, gave up one run on four hits and two walks, and had seven strikeouts, but took the loss. Phil Humber got the win.

  8. All this talk about The Friendly Beer made me crave it. So I finally grabbed a twelve-er of bottles and am enjoying beating the heat.

    1. It's one of my favorites. I moved to Minnesota in '77 when I and the drinking age were both 18. We drank a lot of Grain Belt and Schmidt back in the day, and GBP is still my go-to beer.

      1. An American adjunct lager with flavor and brewed by a legitimately family-owned and very solid brewery gets my vote as well. At less than $10 for a twelve pack, the price is right, too. I wish I had gone to this stuff more back in college.

        1. Also, I looked at my wife after Danny V's shot, pointed at the bottle and told her there was Minnesota magic in there.

        2. Aye to that. I drank waaaay too much Pfeiffers, Wisco Premium, Hauie and similarly horrible beers. At home, at least, I had the sense to go with the old man's go-to beer: Blatz.

    1. He was right, but that K came mere seconds after Bill Schroeder stated that its important to have a good defense behind Pavano because he doesn't strike many out.

    1. Does that mean you missed Cuddyer's too, cause there wasn't a whole lotta time between em.

  9. WTF was that? Was Rectal so upset that he didn't make an out during his plate appearance that he felt he needed to force one on the basepaths?

  10. Yeah that was, not so good. The question is, which one missed the sign/read it wrong?

      1. I'm guessing Rectal. Why would you try the double steal with our best hitter at the plate?

      2. That was my guess, too. Probably mis-translation due to differing accents.

  11. Wow. Dazz must have said "nice play" about four times after that Nishi play. UNexpected.

  12. The things you can find on the Repository. I was trying to figure out what the hell Dazz and Gordo were talking about re: Nyjer Morgan and "Tony Plush". from Morgan's bio:

    Morgan severely bruised his genitals on April 13, 2011, after getting sack tapped by Pittsburgh catcher Ryan Doumit.


    1. I think everyone who has seen that and didn't change it should be commended.

    2. Morgan occasionally refers to himself as Tony Plush, which he states is his "name on the field" or his "gentleman's name

      This coming from a dude who has a sub-heading on his repository page named "Incidents".

  13. I really want Danny V to jack a 3-run donger here to motivate me to go sanitize some bottles.

    1. Ok, so no 3-run homer, but the other runs are enough. This rye brown ale's gotta get itself into some clean bottle sooner rather than later.

  14. This hasn't exactly been the most impressive of ways to score runs, but I'll take it!

    1. speaking of meat...

      grilled tri-tip, pinto beans, sauteed spinach and sourdough baguette. I'm working my way through a large margarita, so the Boy may be doing the grilling tonight.

      1. Panera broccoli cheese soup and baguette, Coca-Cola. Pizza when the wife gets home from work.

  15. Giants are leading the Tigers 6-0 in a rain delayed top of the third.
    Indians beat the Reds 3-1.

  16. I broke down today and bought a gas grill. I'm a little sad, but overall I'm extremely happy to have grilled sausage and asparagus for dinner tonight. Leffe blonde for desert.

    1. Boo to gas. (I don't live in the depths of hell, so we're still allowed to use charcoal.)

      1. @'toy I agree re: boo to gas, but the burn ban won't be lifted even in 'winter'.

        doc, yeah, I can has a gas grill, but no charcoal. I'll be doing a fair bit of smoking on my new patio sized gas grill.

          1. Both, er, two burner grill = same grilling space as my webber. I really didn't have any interest in purchasing a gas grill let alone a huge 4 burner infrared + extra searing unit grill. I just realized that my webber is about 8 years old this summer, that's one hell of an investment.

      1. Heh, definitely talkin sammiches. Having a stogie at lunch with my wife would probably get me into some trouble.

  17. Jerry Augustine of Fox Sports Midwest has a "Fist List", and the Brewer's booth thinks its an awesome name....

  18. Greetings from Target Field. Tonight is Miss SBG's first Twins game. And what a dandy it is. She's enjoying it and so am I.

  19. Hey, shouldn't the Brewers have to give up a run this inning to make up for that run last inning off of a terrible call?

  20. The Twins should just tell the umps they'll start every inning with two outs.

  21. "As good as Narveson was against the Twins, he was that not good tonight."

    Well put, Dick.

  22. They just showed Morgan playing hockey on the Brewers' feed.

    Twins' fans would be all over him if he ever became a Twin.

    Tony Plush jerseys everywhere.

    1. I'm willing to bet he eats too much bread and too much rice. Also, Twinkies are vegan.

      1. A quick good search of "world's fattest man" reveals that you are indeed correct.

  23. geez, a successful stolen base every now and then would be nice. or having batters that didn't require a steal to have any chance to score

  24. Alright, I'm gonna take a break from bottling to sweat through Crisco's ninth.

    1. And Gardy is thinking maybe try to lose the game with Dumatrait warming up.

      1. If your goal is to lose, then putting in Dumatrait is a good first step!

  25. Come on. A three run lead for one inning barely even qualifies as a Save Opp.

  26. I know there aren't many closing options, what with the front office deciding that the Twins didn't need a bullpen this year, but Nathan or Perkins maybe?

  27. I'm trying to read good night stories to my kids as I listen to Capps take a dump on the rest of the team. My daughter now thinks Bambi has at least four cusswords in it.

    1. That makes me feel at least a little better. Punching the treadmill didn't help, anyway.

  28. I couldn't bear to watch the 9th inning at all, but for f's sake. That might have ended their season. Blowing a 7-0 lead is ridiculous.

  29. This is on me. The Twins were up by a lot when I stopped watching. I'm sorry.

    1. Actually, I take the blame. The Twins were up by a lot when I switched from the Minnesota made Grain Belt to the southern Wisconsin made my home brew.

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