Cuddyer’s Teammates

I've been following and enjoying Michael Cuddyer's weekly web column for FSNorth. I often get behind and catch up on a few weeks' worth at once. Today, I read the two most recent columns, including this one from June 29th: "Teammate bonds stand test of time". In it, he remarks:

If I had to guess, I would say I have had more than 100 teammates since I began my major league career, and I have played for only one team!

Well, that's the kind of info that I can muscle my way through a bunch of data to find! Just a few hours on!

In honor of Cuddy's All-Star selection, I present the following list of all 172 players that have been Michael Cuddyer's active-roster teammate on the Twins for at least one day.

Name Games
Justin Morneau 1003
Torii Hunter 993
Joe Mauer 862
Nick Punto 747
Jacque Jones 727
Jason Kubel 706
Cristian Guzman 554
Luis Rivas 549
Corey Koskie 542
Doug Mientkiewicz 514
Lew Ford 494
Delmon Young 468
Denard Span 447
Joe Nathan 434
Matt Guerrier 393
Alexi Casilla 388
Juan Rincon 386
Matt LeCroy 381
A.J. Pierzynski 381
Jesse Crain 376
Shannon Stewart 333
Jason Bartlett 321
J.C. Romero 310
Denny Hocking 297
Brendan Harris 296
Carlos Gomez 290
Dustan Mohr 261
Mike Redmond 257
Luis Castillo 227
Bobby Kielty 224
Johan Santana 221
David Ortiz 214
Matt Tolbert 212
Eddie Guardado 210
Luis Rodriguez 206
LaTroy Hawkins 201
Jason Tyner 194
Dennys Reyes 191
Brad Radke 180
Kyle Lohse 172
Danny Valencia 167
Brian Buscher 164
Scott Baker 157
Jose Mijares 157
Juan Castro 147
Jim Thome 145
Tom Prince 139
Rondell White 137
Pat Neshek 132
Carlos Silva 129
Mike Ryan 127
Orlando Hudson 126
Francisco Liriano 122
Nick Blackburn 117
Henry Blanco 114
Brian Buchanan 113
Bob Wells 113
Joe Mays 113
Glen Perkins 112
J.J. Hardy 101
Boof Bonser 96
Jason Repko 95
Drew Butera 95
Brian Duensing 94
Kevin Slowey 92
Terry Tiffee 91
Joe Crede 90
Terry Mulholland 88
Mike Lamb 81
Jose Offerman 77
Jon Rauch 76
Jose Morales 74
Tony Fiore 73
Rick Reed 72
Alex Burnett 72
Jack Cressend 67
Eric Milton 67
Michael Restovich 61
Carl Pavano 61
Matt Capps 61
Orlando Cabrera 59
Craig Breslow 59
Michael Jackson 58
Ben Revere 58
Chris Gomez 58
Craig Monroe 58
Ron Mahay 57
Hector Carrasco 56
Aaron Fultz 55
Grant Balfour 55
Luke Hughes 53
Tony Batista 50
Jeff Cirillo 50
Travis Miller 50
Adam Everett 48
Joe Roa 48
Brian Bass 44
Willie Eyre 42
Trevor Plouffe 40
Jason Maxwell 39
Josh Rabe 38
Bobby Keppel 37
R.A. Dickey 35
Chris Heintz 34
Kenny Rogers 33
Todd Sears 31
Garrett Jones 31
Augie Ojeda 30
Jeff Manship 29
Luis Ayala 28
Ramon Ortiz 28
Matt Garza 26
Rene Rivera 26
Tsuyoshi Nishioka 24
Todd Jones 24
Alex Prieto 24
Brent Abernathy 24
Carmen Cali 24
Rob Bowen 24
Livan Hernandez 23
Randy Ruiz 22
Rene Tosoni 22
Anthony Swarzak 21
Pat Borders 19
Matt Macri 18
Jim Hoey 17
Phil Dumatrait 17
Bobby Korecky 16
Julio DePaula 16
Phil Nevin 16
Dusty Hughes 15
Ruben Sierra 14
Sean Henn 14
Bret Boone 14
Carlos Pulido 13
Glenn Williams 13
Philip Humber 13
Seth Greisinger 12
Jason Pridie 11
Brad Thomas 11
Randy Flores 11
Tommy Watkins 9
Brian Fuentes 9
Adam Johnson 9
Jesse Orosco 8
Travis Bowyer 8
Mike Duvall 8
Kevin Frederick 8
Sidney Ponson 7
David Lamb 7
Wilson Ramos 7
Anthony Slama 7
Brian Dinkelman 6
Steve Holm 6
Mike Fetters 5
Corky Miller 5
Jason Miller 4
Javier Valentin 4
Howie Clark 4
Jose Rodriguez 4
J.D. Durbin 4
Chuck James 4
Juan Morillo 3
Joe Beimel 3
Armando Gabino 2
Kevin Mulvey 2
Dave Gassner 2
Ryan Jorgensen 2
Eric Hacker 2
Rob Delaney 1
Matt Fox 1
Justin Huber 1
Mike Smith 1

The number following their names is the number of games each player played on the Twins from 2001-July 5, 2011. (It does not represent the number of games for which Cuddyer and each player shared spots on the active roster.) Cuddy has played in 1080 games so far.

I noticed one thing in Cuddyer's list of some players he has been teammates with:

I reached the big leagues in 2001 and have seen so many players put on the Twins uniform since the day I first did. I have played with such guys as Chad Allen, Eddie Guardado, Torii Hunter, Corey Koskie, Joe Mays, Jesse Orosco, Jacque Jones, Joe Mauer, Shannon Stewart, Ruben Sierra, Nick Punto, Mike Redmond, Matt Guerrier . . . and the list goes on and on.

Well, you won't see Chad Allen's name in my list. That's because Chad Allen went on the 15-day DL on 8-15-01, and was moved to the 60-day DL on 8-29-01. Allen signed with the Clevelands before the 2002 season, and would never play for the Twins again. Cuddy was added to the (expanded) active roster on Sept 21, 2001 (he made his debut on Sept 23), when Casey Blake was claimed off waivers by the Orioles. It doesn't even look like they were ever on the same minor-league team. I assume that Allen was there in the dugout and clubhouse that first week after Cuddy made his debut.

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  1. these count appearances by the players, not days on the roster, right? Of course, common days on the roster sounds like a lot more work.

    1. Right. Those are games played from March 31 2001-July 5 2011 for all players who shared at least one day on the active roster with Cuddy. So the Pierzynski and David Ortiz numbers, for example do not represent how many games they played while Cuddy was on the roster, as a lot of their games during that span were before Cuddy's 2001 debut.

      Between 2001-Today, there were only 14 Twins who did not share roster time with Cuddy:
      Cuddyer himself,
      Chad Allen (as mentioned above)
      Casey Blake (claimed on waivers the day Cuddy was promoted in 2001, and outrighted well before Cuddy was promoted again in 2002).
      Darnell McDonald (only active during Cuddy's 2007 DL stint)
      James Baldwin (only active during Cuddy's 2003 demotion)
      Jay Canizaro (was not with the team in 2001, last played with the team in May 2002, before Cuddy's July promotion)
      John Barnes (traded before Cuddy's debut)
      Mark Redman (traded before Cuddy's debut)
      Matt Kinney (last played with the team in June 2002, before Cuddy's July promotion)
      Matt Lawton (traded before Cuddy's debut)
      Michael Nakamura (only active during Cuddy's 2003 demotion)
      Mike Trombley (last played with the team in May 2002, before Cuddy's July promotion)
      Quinton McCracken (released before Cuddy's debut)
      Warren Morris (last played with the team in April 2002, before Cuddy's July promotion)

      I put in way too much work to only find Darnell McDonald after 2003.

    2. Yeah, common days on the roster would be a real pain.
      I haven't found any simple place on the internet that tracks roster moves in a regular manner.
      A simple database could make this easier. I imagine something that turns this and this into this:

      Date Player From To Process
      2001-09-01 Matthew LeCroy MIN-40 (AAA) MIN-40 (MLB) Recall (Sept)
      2001-09-01 Johann Santana MIN-DL15 MIN-DL60 Transfer
      2001-09-01 Mike Duvall MIN-00 (AAA) MIN-40 (AAA) Purchase
      2001-09-01 Mike Duvall MIN-40 (AAA) MIN-40 (MLB) Promotion (Sept)
      2001-09-04 Tony Fiore MIN-00 (AAA) MIN-40 (AAA) Purchase
      2001-09-04 Tony Fiore MIN-40 (AAA) MIN-40 (MLB) Promotion (Sept)
      2001-09-04 Danny Ardoin MIN-40 (AAA) MIN-00 (AAA) DFA
      2001-09-04 Adam Johnson MIN-40 (AAA) MIN-40 (MLB) Recall (Sept)
      2001-09-04 Bobby Kielty MIN-40 (AAA) MIN-40 (MLB) Recall (Sept)
      2001-09-18 Michael Cuddyer MIN-00 (AAA) MIN-40 (AAA) Purchase
      2001-09-18 John Barnes MIN-25 MIN-00 DFA
      2001-09-18 John Barnes MIN-00 COL-40 (MLB) Waiver Claim (Sept)
      2001-09-21 Casey Blake MIN-25 MIN-00 DFA
      2001-09-21 Casey Blake MIN-00 BAL-40 (MLB) Waiver Claim (Sept)
      2001-09-21 Michael Cuddyer MIN-40 (AAA) MIN-40 (MLB) Promotion (Sept)
      2001-09-21 Johann Santana MIN-DL60 MIN-40 (MLB) Activation (Sept)
      2001-10-12 Casey Blake BAL-40 (MLB) MIN-40 (MLB) Waiver Claim (Offseason)
      2001-10-12 Jason Maxwell MIN-40 (MLB) FA DFA
      2001-10-14 Hector Carrasco MIN-40 (MLB) FA DFA
      2001-10-16 Javier Valentin MIN-00 (AAA) MIN-40 (MLB) Purchase
      2001-10-24 Chad Allen MIN-40 (MLB) FA DFA
  2. Hey, AMR got a shout by the All Star on Twitter:

    mcuddy5 Michael Cuddyer
    Wow. Pretty impressive! RT @AMR_MN: @mcuddy5 After your last FSNorth column, I made a list of all 172 players (cont)

      1. It'd be weird to have a Twin check in with any frequency. Too much Clemenating of people that any Twin would know personally.
        Imagine if Cuddy would check in on game recaps. "SoCal, you're being too tough on Capps. I talked to him after the game and ..." Sorry but that's too close. Twitter is the appropriate distance for me.*

        *Not true for Chuck James! Come join our online community, Chuck! We're awesome and you're awesome and we love you and you'll love us. You and I agree on the important things, like that you should be pitching for the Twins now and for years to come. BTW, when you get the next call, I want you to know that we have a guest room in our new house, just minutes from Target Field via public transit. The room is available to you any time you want, I've got clean sheets on it and the #44 Pillow that I appliquéed just for you. I'll even let you use the internet whenever you want, even if it's just to post on Talking Chop instead of here.

        But we now know that at least one Twin has been to the new URL.

        1. I'd love it if some players would check in here once in a while, as long as they didn't take any of the stuff said here personally.

        1. Thirded.
          I want him to be Twin for Life like Radke, Hrbek, Kirby, Gassner, Watkins, and Glenn.
          And I proposed it before, but if he can stay a Twin for Life and avoid injury and aging well enough to retire on his own timetable, I'd love for the Twins to send him off by letting him go César Tovar and play every position in one game. (He's only avoided Catcher, Pitcher, and Shortstop in his career).

    1. Thanks. As I read the article on the bus, I imagined putting it together and then tweeting it to Cuddy as Twitter bait. Success!
      It's like near-instant-gratification fan-mail.

      I waited a few hours after posting to Tweet to Cuddy so it had a chance to be peer reviewed. (No one saw any material defects.)

      I wonder what banner he got. I hope it was his Magic or the Punto one.
      I hope it was not Tolbertin' Lasers or Capps & Gravy.

      1. heh. when i opened the article after seeing he had read it, i got the mustache banner and wondered the exact same thing.

        1. All I could wonder after seeing this is which banner he got. I sure hope he saw "Where the Magic Happens".

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