Friday Music Day: July 8, 2011

Long awaited, my summer 2011 mix:

Perfect for little ears
1. Adele "Set Fire to the Rain"
2. WU LYF "Dirt"
3. Shakira f. El Cata "Rabiosa"
4. Tristen "Baby Drugs"
5. Battles "Ice Cream"
6. Katy B "Louder"
7. Hooray For Earth "No Love"
8. Ha Ha Tonka "1928"
9. Jonti "Firework Spraying Moon"
10. Fleet Foxes "Helplessness Blues"
11. Buraka Som Sistema "Hangover (BaBaBa) (Radio Edit)"
12. JKR70 presents Clay Hughes "Love I Gave You"
13. Dionne Bromfield f. Lil Twist "Foolin'"
14. EMA "Milkman"
15. LMFAO f. Lauren Bennet and Goon Rock "Party Rock Anthem (Radio Edit)"
16. Thurston Moore "Benediction"
17. Zammuto "YAY"
18. My Morning Jacket "Holdin On To Black Metal"
19. Chris Brown f. Benny Benassi "Beautiful People"
20. Beyoncé "End Of Time"

Dirty Addendum
1. The Weeknd "Wicked Games"
2. Beyoncé "Countdown"
3. Rihanna "Man Down"
4. Nicki Minaj f. Ester Dean "Super Bass"
5. Vybz Kartel "Go Go Wine"
6. Frank Ocean "Novacane"
7. Shabazz Palaces "Swerve... The reeping of all that is worthwhile (Noir not withstanding)"

See if you can tell which ones I've got dedicated to Chuck James in my heart.

37 thoughts on “Friday Music Day: July 8, 2011”

  1. 'One Night Love Affair' - Bryan Adams Reckless
    'You Make It All Worthwhile' - The Kinks The Kinks Present: A Soap Opera
    'Rip This Joint' - Rolling Stones Exile on Main St.
    'Old Time Rock and Roll' - Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band Stranger in Town
    'Punk Rock Girl' - The Dead Milkmen

    'Starman' - David Bowie Ziggy Stardust...
    'Walking on the Moon' -The Police Reggatta de Blanc
    'That Thing You Do' - The Wonders
    'Clap For the Wolfman' - The Guess Who
    'Groovin' Booker T & the MG's Hip Hug-Her

  2. The Cranberries, "Waltzing Back", Everyone Else is Doing it, So Why Can't We?
    Marty Haugen, David Haas, "My God, My God / Psalm 22", Psalms of the Church Year
    Howard Shore, "Hope Fails", The Return of the King (Soundtrack)
    Enya, "Book of Days", Paint the Sky with Stars
    Andy M. Stewart, "The Land O' the Leal", Man in the Moon
    U2, "Where the Streets Have No Name", The Joshua Tree
    Cascada, "Miracle"
    The Beatles, "Dig a Pony", Let It Be
    Three Doors Down, "Poison"
    Petra, "Creed", Beyond Belief

  3. One of the enjoyable aspects of having a seasonal beard is experimenting when shaving it off. In honor horror of Friday Music Day, here's my "tribute" to Zappa.

    FIAL. It's back to 'stache now, thankfully.

    1. Too bad, I would have approved. (I didn't first think Zappa though: who else has worn that, might be a baseballer?)

      1. It's hard to pull of a Zappa when your hair isn't black. And the squared-off mustache corners is also quite a trick.

        Last year's Hrabowsky was shot down, too.

  4. Woo-Hoo! New Eric Copeland*! Maybe, he'll even tour beyond the four** boroughs this year.

    *He's the guy from Black Dice, apparently the whole band's allergic to social media, so I have to find out via album reviews &c.
    **Screw Staten, I guess.

    The linked review starts with this howler:

    Eric Copeland's music sometimes gets lumped in with chillwave or hypnagogic pop, presumably because of how he chews up old sounds and spits them out in new shapes. It's like building sculptures out of thrift-store finds and junkyard debris, so naturally some of his collages can sound nostalgic.

    Now I don't follow music blogs that carefully, but if anyone is calling Eric Copeland (of Black Dice!) chillwave, they are crazy. Either that or this reviewer built himself the kindlingest of strawmen imaginable to burn down.

    I might not know the exact boundaries of chillwave, but I think I've got a good sense of the general topography. It's kindof an affect applied to new-wave and 80's r&b music, to make it more ironic than just playing straight Hall & Oates tribute bands. (I made that sound dismissive, but I remember hearing some that was good, but not enough to make an impression.) Here are two typical tracks: "You Hid" by Toro y Moi and "Round and Round"*** by the execrable Ariel Pink**** (worst ever live performer I have seen in my life).

    ***Do yourself a favor and do not follow that link, but if you must, do not let it play through. Just sample a few seconds here and there to get a taste.
    ****Ariel Pink is really the only musical act that I Clemenate.

    Black Dice takes noise music and gives it a poppy sheen, not unlike the F--- Buttons, but with less anthemic results. Eric Copeland's solo work grabs even poppier sounds and he gives individual sounds their own space. Below are two wonderful examples of his work. First the surf guitar of "Fun Dink Death", then the three-part "Alien in a Garbage Dump" (four minutes of hip-hop loops, 90 seconds of uptempo horn-y loops, finishing three minutes of what I imagine to be processed humming).

    Now, does anyone hear anything chillwave-y from Eric Copeland? The only connection that I see is through a label: Ariel Pink's first few albums were re-released on Animal Collective's Paw Tracks imprint, while Black Dice is now on the label (and Eric Copeland's two non-limited albums have been on it as well). However, they were never on the label at the same time, as Pink's crap was last printed on Paw Tracks in 2006, at which time Black Dice was still a DFA artist. Black Dice actually comes out of the same noise-y New York scene as Animal Collective and Gang Gang Dance, while Ariel Pink has besmirched the State of California by residing and making his "music" there.

  5. Neko Case "Hold On, Hold On" Fox Confessor Brings The Flood
    Tom Waits "Rains On Me" Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards
    Dr Dog "Worst Trip" We All Belong
    Jonathan Fire Eater "These Little Monkeys" Wolf Songs for Lambs
    Belle and Sebastian "For the Price of a Cup of Tea" The Life Pursuit
    Claude King "Wolverton Mountain" 40 Country Hits
    Bonnie Prince Billy "A Minor Place" I See A Darkness
    Fiery Furnaces "Sullivan's Social Slub" EP
    The Whigs "Dying" In the Dark
    AC Newman "Submarines of Stockholm" Get Guilty

  6. .

    01. Metallica - "Trapped Under Ice", Ride the Lightning
    02. Nile - "Black Seeds of Vengeance", Black Seeds of Vengeance
    03. Queensrÿche - "The Whisper", Rage For Order
    04. Bathory - "Fanfare", Nordland, Vol. 2
    05. Testament - "Legions In Hiding", Low
    06. October 31 - "Misfortune", No Survivors
    07. Iced Earth - "Prophecy", Something Wicked This Way Comes
    08. Blind Guardian - "The Edge", A Twist In The Myth
    09. Agalloch - "The Lodge", The Mantle
    10. Immortal - "Damned In Black", Damned In Black

  7. .
    RATM - "Sleep Now In The Fire" RATM*
    Wilco - "Spiders (Kidsmoke)" Kicking Television
    The Features - "All I Ask" Some Kind of Salvation
    Bill Withers - "Lean On Me"
    Colm Lynch - "Sophie" A Whisper In A Riot

    Tapes n Tapes - "One In The World" No Witch
    Dick Prall - "Great Admirer" Fizzlebuzzie
    Oasis - "A Bell Will Ring" Don't Believe The Truth
    Flogging Molly - "Swagger" Alive Behind The Green Door
    Wilco - "Wishful Thinking" A Ghost is Born**

    *Rage is a candidate for the 2011 Purge. I just don't listen to them at all anymore.
    **Two weeks in a row that a track from AGIB is the closer

    1. Rage is a candidate for the 2011 Purge. I just don't listen to them at all anymore.

      I slogged my way through their debut the other day. Man, that hasn't aged well at all.

      1. I slogged my way through their debut the other day. Man, that hasn't aged well at all.

        Huh, just the other day I was rockin' out to their debut and was wishing there were more bands like this. To each their own I guess.

        1. I think I mentally ended up throwing the baby out with the bathwater when it came to bands that did the whole rap/rock mix thing.

          Or I wasn't in the right mood to hear Zack's screeds. I still love the instruments on that album, but it seems I can only put up with the vocals for so long, anymore.

          1. Fortunately, you can get almost all of what you like about RATM with Audioslave with none of what you hate. Unfortunately, they've disbanded.

            1. I have "Revalations" from Audioslave. I'd say I agree your characterization. I listen to it far more than I listen to any Rage. Chris Cornell is a much better singer than Zach de la Rocha.

            2. Yeah, I definitely enjoy Audioslave much more than Rage, but there was a certain energy that the first Rage album in particular had that I don't think Audioslave ever quite matches - pity Zack is the performer that he is.

            3. I'm right there with you on the vocals, and yet I never have gotten around to listening to Audioslave. Maybe one of these days I'll try them out.

  8. .
    01. Blues From a Gun - Jesus and Mary Chain - Automatic
    02. Lost Outside the Tunnel - Aztec Camera - High Land, Hard Rain
    03. Nowhere at All - Lou Reed - Between Thought and Expression
    04. What Goes On - Velvet Underground - Peel Slowly and See
    05. Come Fly With Me - Frank Sintra & the Red Norvo Trio - Live in Australia 1959
    06. Wild Wild Life - Talking Heads - Popular Favorites
    07. Here Come the Cowboys - Psychedelic Furs - Anthology
    08. Diamonds Are Forever - Shirley Bassey - The Best of James Bond
    09. Postman - Ziggy Marley - Fallen Is Babylon
    10. Take Five - Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out

  9. 1. Wiz Khalifa - Roll Up - Rolling Papers
    2. Chase & Status - Eastern Jam - Eastern Jam
    3. Stone Temple Pilots - Vasoline - Purple
    4. The Vaccines - All in White - What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?
    5. Radiohead - Feral - The King of Limbs
    6. Gramercy Arms - Looking At the Sun
    7. Dessa - Alibi - A Badly Broken Code
    8. Shaded Red - Slow Suicide - Red Revolution
    9. Nobuo Uematsu - Searching For Friends - Final Fantasy VI
    T. Deerhunter - Nothing Ever Happened - Microcastle

  10. 1. Pipeline/Kill Time -- Sonic Youth
    2. Morning Comes -- The Feelies
    3. She's Happy -- Gear Daddies
    4. Cherry Cherry -- Neil Diamond
    5. Company in my Back -- Wilco
    6. Brain Stew -- Greedn Day
    7. The Fly -- U2
    8. Houston -- R.E.M.
    9. New York J.D. Blues -- Pete Seeger
    10. Fat Girl -- Embermen

    Bonus: Fillmore Jive -- Pavement

    1. Minus the Neil Diamond, I think there's a good chance that I'll put that playlist in Grooveshark at some point today. Very nice.

  11. So, I've got 27 videos, streams, and downloads linked in the article, four more in the Copeland vs Chillwave rant, and now here are another 11 tracks. Hey everybody! Look at my tastes! Aren't they awesome!!

    1. The Weeknd “Love Through Her (My Panda Shall Fly Remix)” Bootleg Remixes
    2. Grinderman “No Pussy Blues” Grinderman
    3. Robyn “Don't F---ing Tell Me What to Do (Mylo & Sharooz Mix)” Don't F---ing Tell Me What to Do
    4. Portishead “Machine Gun” Third
    5. Mix Master Mike “Sektor Seven” Anti-Theft Device

    6. Run-D.M.C. “Can You Rock It Like This” Greatest Hits
    7. Twilight Circus Sound System “Rock Salt” Horsie
    8. Nas “Got Ur Self a...” Greatest Hits
    9. The Weepies “Suicide Blonde” Say I Am You
    T. Fovea Hex “Still Unseen” Here Is Where We Used to Sing

    E. Current 93 “Bind Your Tortoise Mouth” Black Ships Ate the Sky

    1. Found a bunch of Bootleg mixes of the Weeknd online. This one's getting tossed, not any good.
    2. Damn!
    3. My PMS is killing me!
    5. Actually, Eric Copeland and Black Dice are closer to this guy's record (Mix Master Mike was the Beastie Boys' DJ for Hello Nasty, and he's also one of the Invisbl Skratch Piklz)
    7. Absolutely my favorite horse-themed dub album. (Honestly, though, my favorite dub album of any theme.)

  12. .

    1. Chuck Berry - Say You'll Be Mine / America's Hottest Wax
    2. Roger Miller - Invitation to the Blues / Live on The Johnny Cash Show
    3. Roy Orbison & The Teen Kings - Ooby Dooby / The Soul of Rock and Roll
    4. Sam Cooke - Twistin' the Night Away / The Man Who Invented Soul
    5. Charlie Haden with the Haden Triplets - Seven Year Blues / Rambling Boy

    6. Merle Haggard - We're Falling in Love Again / I Am What I Am
    7. Johnny Cash - Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream / American VI: Ain't No Grave
    8. Johnny Cash - Jim, I Wore a Tie Today / Bootleg, Vol. 1: Personal File
    9. Dr. John - Mama Roux / Gris-Gris
    T. Tower of Power - Don't Change Horses (In the Middle of a Stream) / Back to Oakland

  13. Thank god I'm finally coming out of my morning haze. Ugh. I hate the morning.

    01. Ghostface Killah ft. Raekwon - "R.A.G.U." from Fishscale
    02. The Black Lips - "Spidey's Curse" from Arabia Mountain
    03. Young Jeezy ft. T.I. - "I Got Money" from The Inspiration
    04. Lil Boosie ft. Webbie - "Betrayed" from Incarcerated
    05. The Raveonettes - "Sad Transmission" from Lust Lust Lust

    06. UGK ft. Too $hort - "Life Is 2009" from Underground Kingz
    07. Butthole Surfers - "Woly Boly" from Psychic... Powerless... Another Man's Sac
    08. Devin the Dude - "What?" from To Tha X-Treme
    09. Ween - "Moving Away" from The Pod
    10. El-P - "EMG" from I'll Sleep When You're Dead

  14. I drink Beer - Dan Reeder - Sweetheart
    Never Said - Liz Phair - Exile In zguyville
    Wind-Up - Thursday - Full Collapse
    Empassant - The Black Lips - Let It Bloom
    The Father, The Son, And The Homosexual / Single Parent - Dillinger Four - Situationist Comedy

    Treading On Heels - Avail - Dixie
    Million Miles - Bobby Dylan - TIme Out Of Mind
    Spanish Bombs - The Clash - London Calling
    Smokers - Old 97's - Drag It Up
    Jettison - Neko Case - The Virginian

    Wagon Wheel - OCMS - S/T

  15. .

    Cripple Creek Alexander "Skip" Spence Oar
    Section 10 Steve Reich Music For 18 Musicians
    Bad Fog Of Loneliness Neil Young Live At Massey Hall 1971
    Night Life Marvin Gaye Moods of Marvin Gaye
    Underwear Pulp Different Class

    Where Are You J Mascis Several Shades Of Why
    Moonlight in Glory Brian Eno and David Byrne My Life in the Bush of Ghosts
    Cornflake Zoo Andy Ellison Electric Sugarcube Flashbacks 1966 - 1971
    Sentimental Journey Julie London The Very Best Of Julie London
    Go By Elliott Smith New Moon
    bonus-Ring of Fire James Carr A Man Needs a Woman

      1. I have. (A painter friend in my building was kind enough to lend me her copy.) I've only had a chance to listen to it twice, though. There are a couple of great numbers on there.

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