172 thoughts on “Game 117: Red Sox at Minnesota Nice”

  1. I'm going to be muting this early if Dick doesn't move on from talking about how the Twins trying to catch the top three teams in the division by "sweeping some teams."

    1. Me too. He's made my support for him look bad terrible the last month or so. Hope he can get back to being an average MLB starter.

  2. i'll just leave this here:

    APkrawczynski Gardenhire quickly dismissed question about possibly moving Delmon to RF tonight: "Definitely not gonna move Delmon. He's fine out there."

    1. Why is the Twins' former catcher tweeting about this? And why can't he spell his own name right?

                1. Mike and the Mechanics. Sheesh. What, were you listening to punk or summat in the mid '80s? (wasn't punk dead by then?)

                  1. Post-punk was thriving, though it appears Top-40 radio was a festering corpse, if that number was any indication.

              1. Wow. I owned that on cassette. One of my first 15 for the price of 1 with BMG when I was like 10.
                I had always assumed Mike did the singing.

        1. Which year? I see Ruth's 1923 season with 378 times on base, 21 higher than Williams' 1949 season where he had 358.

  3. Every time this cat comes up I get gravity towards the Saltimbocca meme: prosciutto, sage, veal, lemon, shallot, white wine.

    1. More fielding misadventures, I take it. Can't wait to see him rollerskating for another club next year (please, please, please).

  4. missed a couple innings while visiting with the neighbor outside; well spent though -- he brought me a HOF induction program that he bought when he was in Cooperstown. Schweet!

  5. With all the offensive talent the Sawx have had in the last 15 years Dick guesses the last Sawx player to lead the league in RBI was Yaz? I could almost understand guessing Jim Rice (nobody doubts he was feared), but why not guess Mo Vaughn, MannybManny, or Ortiz?

      1. When a guy is good for ~140 RBI/season at his peak (or 129 per 162 over his career like Manny), it's just a question of how many times he'll lead the league, and not if.

    1. Baseball ended in 1969 for Dick. Everything since, except for a few games in '87 and '91, has just been work.

          1. The best Chris Walken impersonation ever.
            Titus Welliver

    1. Well, who's the sap from the bullpen that's going to give up those two unearned runs for Blackie?

  6. Did you know that Blackburn DESERVES to win this game? Oh, and he did a great job going two outs further than Light Rail.

    /pitching staff's Cuddyer

  7. I am reluctant to put this completely on me but the Twins have been winning every game this week when I left work.

  8. so, Tolbot has to be substituted in for Plouffe's defense? What exactly is Plouffe good for, then?

      1. USA-Mexico always wins, especially the way the Twins have been playing not helping their case. Game's over anyway, now to concentrate on perhaps beating the Sox.

  9. Why is the Royals 2B/SS playing right field for the Red Sox? It seems like something would should be taking advantage of.

  10. Quick trivia question: What is Nishi's batting average with the bases loaded this season?

    1. He's had a couple of nice games here. I hope he plays well for the rest of the season as he continues to get acclimated to MLB.

  11. Ellsbury was made to look like a fool by Nathan during that AB. Nice work.

  12. Now that this game is over I can listen to the WGOM video of the day over and over again until I pass out.

  13. did any of these games end before midnight? The Red Sox love playing the game at a cold molasses pace

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