2011 Game 121: Marisa Monday, Post _elm_n Edition

I just got this message from "ThaReal_elm_n":

some rights reserved by GranniesKitchenThome Watch continues. Younger and wussier players around him continue to wilt in the August heat, but the Masher keeps on keeping on. The Tiggers have pretty much pwned the Twins for the last year, having won 12 out of their last 13 against our boys.

pitching matchup:
F-Bomb (tRA+: 92, FIP: 4.53, xFIP: 4.41, fWAR: 0.8, 97:66 K:BB in 117 innings)
Rick Porcello (tRA+: 108, FIP: 3.92, xFIP: 4.00, fWAR: 1.9, 76:30 K:BB in 126 innings)

The 22-year old Porcello is having a solid season. Amongst the mortal starters on the Tiger staff, he leads the way in pRAA at +4.8 (Verlander is at +33.0, tied for 7th in the Majors; he's third in pitching rWAR). But the real strength of this club is the offense, which weighs in at +43.2 bRAA and is 5th in the A.L. in runs per game at 4.44 (Twins are 12th at 3.87 -- behind Oakland, for goodness sake). So, tell me again why they wanted _elm_n???

Porcello is a ground-ball inducing righty. The Twins have a lefty-heavy lineup, with no _elm_n and a questionable Cuddy.

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  1. Span is a late scratch. So, the first game without Delmon and we get -- drum roll please -- Trevor Plouffe in left field. This should be interesting.

    1. Ben Revere, CF
    2. Trevor Plouffe, LF
    3. Joe Mauer, C
    4. Justin Morneau, 1B
    5. Jason Kubel,RF
    6. Jim Thome, DH
    7. Danny Valencia, 3B
    8. Matt Tolbert, 2B
    9. Tsuyoshi Nishioka, SS

        1. well, if you consider Span's offense equivalent to Tolbert's. [edited to do the Span/Tolbert conversion rather than the _elm_n/Tolbert one]

          1. I was thinking experienced left-fielder, Delmon, compared to utterly lacking experience left-fielder Plouffe. About the same.

    1. "more than a full Pedroia away from home plate."

      That earned a definite LOL. Particularly with the graphic.

        1. I told some other baseball fans I expected him to destroy the Twins pitching staff and suck against everyone else. My prediction is well on its way to fruition!

        2. i pretty much did too. i just got home, fired up the mlb.tv, saw the score, and thought, no, really? so it did happen then, eh?

  2. I'm hoping Delmon tears it up as he often does in August and September, the Tigers sign him to a 4-year deal, and we reap the benefits down the road

    1. meat, the pork was excellent.

      I think I mentioned somewhere along the line that I probably under-did the hoisin, as I had 5+ lbs of pork. After defatting, I reduced the sauce by half, but it still wasn't the thickness I really was looking for. I removed the bones and big chunks of fat, returned the meat to the crock, added a couple ounces of chopped pepperoncini and a spritzing of roasted sesame oil, then poured the reduced sauce back over. Tay-stee. Two thumbs up from the family as well.

      1. We had leftovers over baked potatoes the next night. Then leftovers in burritos another night. Plus I had leftovers for a couple lunches. Plus we had leftovers last night with yellow dal & rice.

        *leftovers go a lot further when one of your kids doesn't eat meat. Just sayin'.*

  3. So the drama with my stuff continues. It was picked up from my Ames apartment on July 28th and was supposed to be delivered between August 2nd-12th. Then it was supposed to be here yesterday but never showed up. I found out this morning that my stuff has not even left Des Moines yet.

    I'm thinking at this point that I need to hire another company to pick up my stuff from them and move it for me. Does anybody know a good company in the Minnesota/Iowa area that might be able to do this?

    1. mebbe your stuff got claimed on waivers? you should see about working a trade for a sofa, bed, and a dining set to be named later.

      but seriously, good luck. Have you tried calling the Better Business Bureau in Des Moines yet? What does your contract actually say about delivery? And did you pay with a credit card so that you can dispute the charges more easily?

      1. A friend of mine had pretty much the exact same experience last summer.

        Holy crap! The exact same thing happened to me last summer...and it was Allied out of Des Moines. Here's the worst part: they didn't seem like they were going to ever get my stuff here, so the only way I got my stuff was by hiring another company to pick my belongings up in Des Moines and bring them to me. Good luck, dude!

        I'm paying by credit card, but more than half will be charged to the Citadel. I might try calling the BBB at some point if they don't come through. I'm not sure my contract says anything in particular about the delivery date, but I was quote (multiple times) a delivery spread of the 2nd-12th.

  4. Logging onto mlb.tv right as Delmon Young was batting was one of the most confusing things I've experienced...ever.

    Seeing Young deal with Plouffe's double in LF...I almost want to tear up from happiness.

  5. Matt Tolbert may be ready to play baseball in the middle of Janurary, but it doent mean he is going to be good at it

    1. If this game helps cement his 4-year, $48 million deal with the Tigers, I hope he hits about eleventy-billion HRs and makes all of the defensive putouts the rest of the way tonight.

    1. It looked like he was in a full sprint there, not his standard tippy-toe gait. I bet that son of a bitch has been sandbagging for 3 years.

        1. Hoey went 1.1 innings, striking out one. [redacted] was 2-4 with a double and two strikeouts. Clearly the Twins just need to continue trading for players.

  6. Even though he was out, the attempt was pretty sweet. You're giving me a reason to still watch Twins!

  7. Oh man, I just missed it. Something somewhere told me to check on the game, and I got here just in time to see the congrats in the dugout.

    Congrats to Big JI

    JIM THOME. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

    1. Yeah, I didn't really think 3 hours ago that I would see number 600 sailing out over Delmon's head.

  8. Heh. That HBP opens so many questions as to what would've happened had Delmon charged the mound.

  9. I missed inevitable live look-ins on ESPN for Thome so I could catch up with Breaking Bad. It seemed pretty fun.

      1. Matthew Dicus Capps (born September 3, 1983 in Douglasville, Georgia)

        WTF. I want an age check. No more fried chicken for me.

        1. Yup, I ran into that factoid a while back. It makes Capps just a little less than three years younger than my younger brother.

          1. He's a bit more than 18 months younger than me, but beer and a beard make me look a bit older than him.

  10. Killer timing for me tonight...between a call with the kids and a phone meeting with a possible agent, I missed both taters. Well, maybe I'll catch #700.

  11. Workout was somewhat successful. I was still pretty sore from yesterday, and I'm not very strong to begin with, so the upper body workout was a little tough. I did 20 minutex of yoga to top it off. I popped my hip, which has been bothering me for awhile, so hopefully that helps things out a bit.

  12. Just watched the Revere triple/out at home highlight. I'm guessing that inside-the-park is probably the only way Sweet Ben will ever get a home run.

    1. Would have been a great ending to the game if it had happened one out later. But I'll take it gladly.

      1. I feel like a better ending would have been an UNO pop out with the bases loaded after Nathan walked Raburn on four pitches.

    1. I feel like they won once DY was traded, but yeah, it's nice that they win the game Thome got his 600th in.

  13. Heh, Baseball Tonight just butchered the "Thome notable home run" segment. They showed about 5 of em, and I think Berthiaum talked about two of them correctly while they were showing them.

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