152 thoughts on “2011 Game 123: Yankees at Twins”

  1. The Star Trek guys who wore red shirts were usually security officers, so that seems like a suitable rank for the Dunce.

  2. I wonder whose glove Joe is wearing tonight. I figure he has his own first baseman's mitt, but it's a little bit of short notice to have an outfielder's glove broken in and ready to go.

  3. I'm getting a lovely banner with a script "World's Greatest" next to the torso of a lefty white guy (black glove). Dunce? Whoever it is, I'm thinking he's probably not the "world's greatest" Twin, as somewhat suggested.

      1. oooo. Good point. BS and Gardy are crazy like foxes. don't let him even get a whiff of the Big City boys.

    1. Gameday has the homer somewhere around hitting 2nd Ave. Guessing it was a bit closer to the field than that.

  4. Based on the image Gameday is showing of where that ball was, it appears it traveled about 650 feet.

      1. From the angle down the line it appeared to go over the fair pole.

        Upon closer consideration, the umpiring team decided the Yankees are the only team that matter.

      2. Replays were inconclusive, I thought. They show the ball coming down in foul territory, but it was hit so high that I don't think the umps could conclude it didn't leave the field of play in fair territory. That's the point Gardy was making to them when he got tossed.

    1. I can definitely say that Nishi doing anything but striking out against cheesburger is amazing.

  5. There's not a better lineup in the A.L. to be facing when you are scuffling like this, Cap'n Cheezeburger. Enjoy it.

        1. Kind of straying from the topic a bit, but the vanity plates in Arizona are terrible. The vast majority of them aren't readable whatsoever, and the rest are, excuse me, a little vain. "BOBSCAR?" We know, Bob, because we see you f(*&ing driving it.

          I saw "ETQTRYD" today. If anyone can make sense of this, let me know. E.T.Q. tried? Etiquette ride?

          1. i have a picture from an arizona trip way back of a car with the vanity plate of "STYXFAN".

      1. I tried getting the "uffda!" part all together on the right side, but doing that turns the Minnesota in the middle into a blob like Abe Lincoln on Illinois' plates.

        1. I'm trying to adjust to getting up earlier while also adjusting to East coast time. Next week I get to start teaching at 8 AM!

    1. Ah, we can still do the virtual fist bump, nibs. Umps changing the original calls and everything ;-), Ugly Juanita can hold her grotesque head high.

  6. I think it would be ironic if, years down the line when Mauer retires, he would have played somewhere in his career at every position EXCEPT third base.

  7. The YES Network isn't even broadcasting this game tonight. That is how confident the Yanks are when they play the Twins.

  8. Alright, Perkins is in. Time for the Yankees to just let the Twins bat.

  9. Speaking of celebrating (this is a stretch) I went out after work with a couple of co-workers at the bar I've never been to before. They had a nice enough beer list, without prices. I ordered a Ayinger Celebrator and told them to leave it open. Then I ordered another, and another, before hitting the road. The beers were delicious, as I knew they would be, but when I went to settle up, the bill was $27! For three beers! Bullcrap. No twelve ounce beer is worth $9. I am never drinking outside of the home again.

    1. No twelve ounce beer is worth $9.

      I disagree. I'm pretty sure I could find several that were worth that (to me). Like this, for example. But, yea, if I can drink it at home for 2/3 the price (or less), I'm all over that.

      1. I've had this before but for some reason I thought it came in bomber size. I'm not sure they offer a 12oz version. Then again, it was a while ago.

  10. Alright, historically, the Twins OWN Corey Wade*.

    *Might not actually be true.

  11. If post-elm'n number hold, from the first game he wasn't on the team, the Twins are only going to lose one more game the entire season!!1!111!!!

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