228 thoughts on “Game 125: Some Baseball Game vs. Lawn Mowing”

  1. One of two things is happening: the Twins will win this game OR my stuff will arrive on Monday.

    Which will it be?

      1. It was in Indiana around noon! That's huge progress, considering it sat in Iowa for almost 3 weeks.

        1. And the Twins are still using Matt Tolbert in a major league lineup, so your progress is significantly greater.

          1. And the Twins are still using Matt Tolbert in a lineup against a major league lineup opponent.


        1. His swing percentage is about the same as last year, so I'm not too worried about his approach. But yeah, the Twins overall "taking some pitches to make a guy work" has been a bit lacking this year.

      1. I effin hated the wolfpack back in the day, so I'd prefer he'd stay off. (not that I've had the time to watch much these days.)

  2. "If Ben Revere can continue to steal with a high success rate, a lot of his singles will become doubles."

    Also, the rest of his singles will become outs.

      1. Yeah, but that looked like strike 3 to Mauer. Oh well, I guess we don't get to see any more of his terrible pitches.

  3. this is more like it. At least we can do some spoiler-ing (even if it is just splitting hairs between evil and eviler).

      1. I think my options at Target are Bud, Bud Light, Corona, Corona Light & Labaat's

          1. that's about what the selection looked like at the county fair yesterday. I opted for a bottle of water, to go with a plate of tacos from the famed Holy Rosary taco booth.

            tonight: stir-fried green beans and tofu.

    1. Yeah, I miss Morneau the goalie- I hope he starts digging stuff out of the dirt again soon by next season.

  4. OK, Gameday has two (2!) highlights for this game- Juicy's homer and Mauer scoring on a wild pitch. If the Yankees had scored 7, I bet there would be 5-8 videos available.

  5. Twins gamelog trivia question: The LCS (local card shop) owner saved an autograph card for me that I picked up today -- which recently departed Twins player is it?

  6. So they Yankees broadcasters are pretty serious about Granderson winning the MVP, huh?

      1. Honestly, without being willing to look up his stats for the year, I'm not sure Granderson shouldn't get at least some consideration. I just don't want to have to see any more Yankee stuff than I have to, so I ain't going to research it at all.

        1. He's probably the best Yankee candidate, and of course, there has to be a Yankee candidate. I doubt he'll win, though. (I doubt the guy who should win will, either. This year's AL MVP is probably going to make me feel a lot like 2006.)

        2. 4.7 rWAR so far. 7th in the A.L. for position players, about eleventy billion behind Jose Bautista.

    1. Oh goodness, they just talked about how Teix should get to 500 HR pretty easily. How I wish I could watch the Twins feed tonight.

      1. He's in his age-31 season and is at 309. He has hit 168 (and counting) in his last 5 seasons, and has averaged 35 HR/152 games for his career (152 games/season going into this year). So I suppose he could make 500 if he plays another 5-6 seasons at a high level. That's not crazy.

        1. For sure, I guess it was more of a tone issue. They seemed to discuss it like it were a mere formality.

  7. "Derek Jeter is the best defensive shortstop of his generation."

    -Too many people

  8. I want to mock Dick for making a Yakov Smirnoff reference in 2011, but that's the second reference to him I've heard today, so maybe I should fear the apocalypse instead.

  9. The Yankees broadcasters are speculating the Luke Hughes missed his flight because he was Australian.

      1. garden-variety. There was almost a grand slam in the middle of the discussion so they changed course pretty quickly.

  10. I think when the Yankees play your cable menu guide should suggest the game will last 4 hours rather than 3.

  11. With the options the Yankees have as long relievers, I'm not hating the Twins bullpen quite as much anymore.

  12. When Jeter gets to 3,000 home runs, then I will concede that he was the best shortstop of all time.

      1. That would only be the final nail in the coffin of those nerd numbers you momma's boys are so fond of.

      1. This is Jeter we're talking about, so that's practically a formality. Extrapolation shows that his range should be basically the same at age 180, so he should be able to keep playing.

      1. Most of the year- there was drama over him not-catching, then over him not-DHing, then Jeter got to 3000.

  13. OK, folks, I'm going to go watch some Vikings preseason crap. Keep it clo- oh, nevermind, I forget that the Twins can lead late in the game.

    1. I asked some co-workers yesterday which was more useless: The preseason or the non-conference schedule? I voted the non-conference schedule.

          1. I find it a bummer that the best Minnesota sports can do this year is tell other teams "he's you're problem now".

              1. I've half-heartedly checked in, but I can't lie, women's basketball is more dull than this past year's NCAA tournament.

              1. I've really got nothing against the Seahawks. I just want to see another team suffer the way we suffered. Preferably, I'd give Chilly to the Packers.

                1. A lot of the diehard Seahawk fans hate the Vikings for the Hutchinson debacle. I was caught unawares the first time I wore my Vikings shirt to a bar on Sunday.

  14. I'm pretty sure the Yankees announcers just said this game is moving at a great pace.

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