August 29, 2011: Opportunity

Stuff that started moving in the right direction yesterday: an opportunity to get a short film made, and an opportunity to teach acting - both the creative side and the cutthroat side - to kids through Spookymilk Survivor. And get paid.

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  1. Exactly 14 years ago today...was the last weekday I did not have a job or a college course that would help me get one. That was the last summer vacation day before 11th grade.

    On the bright side, this is the first day in history that anyone in my family has had a Master's degree. Here's to hoping my vacation is a short one.

    1. this is the first day in history that anyone in my family has had a Master's degree.

      You and me, brotha.

  2. from calcaterra's daily recap:

    Reds 5, Nationals 4: Your standard 14-inning, won by a walkoff-by-Joey-Votto affair. Both managers were ejected. So too was Nationals’ bench coach and by then acting manager Pat Corrales. Why yes, it was Joe West’s crew umpiring. Why do you ask? Nineteen strikeouts for Reds pitchers.

    1. Outside of the times a manager lets someone on the bench manage for an inning, much like a dad letting his son sit on his lap and steer the car, when was the last time a player managed a game? Pete Rose seems too long ago now to be the right answer, but I can't think of who else it might be.

      Seems like you always run that risk with Cowboy Joe out there, roaming the range. If Cowboy Joe tossed enough of the coaching staff, which player on the roster would you pick to manage the Twins through the rest of the game?

      1. I would pick Mauer, but apparently if you think that Mauer is anything other than a malingerer these days, you know nothing.

  3. We bought a grill at Costco on Saturday and had our first cookout with the family yesterday. Now, I really am wondering why it took so long to get this, as the Wife and I have been kicking the idea around for 2 or 3 years.

  4. For a variety of reasons, I'm selling my Volvo wagon and am looking for a replacement vehicle. Since I have great access to public transportation for my commute, I've basically settled on a 1/2 ton, 6-cylinder, two wheel drive pickup that we can use for things like hauling brush, going to Home Despot, things like that. Plus, something that I can handle regular maintenance on in my own driveway.

    On Saturday I went clear over to Milwaukee to check out a 1965 Ford F100. I'm not going to buy it - sadly, it looks like the cab floor is losing its battle to tinworm too quickly for the price the owner's asking - but was it ever fun to drive a three-on-the-tree again. I wish trucks were still that charming.

    1. C'mon down to the southwest, CH. We have plenty of 60s era trucks for sale, but it'll cost you what you save plus more to haul it back to the midwest.

      1. You also left out the part describing how to convince Mrs. Hayes that driving a 45 year old truck with an indeterminate service history across the desert is a good idea. I'd love to try, though.

    1. Joe Mauer, the Twins' star, has angered members of the organization from clubhouse to front office by displaying a reluctance to play with pain or catch regularly in the first year of an eight-year, $184 million contract.

      Oh, my. Ya know, I'd have hoped that yesterday's articles would have been the end of the Jacuzzi Joe stores for this week, but I was wrong. Unless someone in the clubhouse is willing to go on record with the Joe is a puss line I'm going to continue to believe that the beat writers are manufacturing implication.

        1. Don't forget that he chastises Joe for being unwilling to catch regularly when he was chastising him a month or so ago for not being willing to play other positions.

      1. And anyone that defends him is labeled an enabler or is just repeating the company line because what else are you going to do?

    2. The Tigers develop more major league ready players? Other than trading for Miguel Cabrera, Austin Jackson, Delmon Young, Carlos Guillen, Max Scherzer, Daniel Schereth, Phil Coke and Doug Fister. Or signing Victor Martinez, Magglio Ordonez, Joaquin Benoit, Jose Valverde, Al Alburquerque and Brad Thomas as free agents. The best players they developed are Justin Verlander, Alex Avila and Brennan Boesch. No other developed players are worth more than 1 WAR this season. The Twins only have Mauer, Morneau, Kubel, Cuddyer, Span, Valencia, Revere, Baker, Slowey, Duensing, Swarzak, Perkins and Mijares. Even two of the Twins players they traded for were in the low minors when traded and brought through the system (Casilla and Liriano).

  5. Remember when the Twins' bullpen was so bad that Gardy was extending the starting pitchers to try to win some games? Now, the Twins have three starters on the DL and the other two are pitching extremely poorly. Yeah, that was a good idea, wasn't it Bert?

  6. Speculation rampant that Rick Adelman will be hired as next coach of the T-Wolves. This does not compute with my knowledge of the ways of the Wolves.

    1. You just need to think of it in a broader context:

      Rick Adelman Coach
      Ricki Rubio point guard
      Derrick Williams
      Returning All-Star Kevin Love

      Chances of an actual NBA season: 30 percent

      Your 2011-12 Minnesota Timberwolves

    2. From Zgoda:

      In that interview, Love talked about going to Adelman's house many times -- he played high-school ball with Adelman's son, Pat -- and he called Rick's wife "Mrs. Adelman."

      "I'm just old school like that," he said. "That’s how I am. But I’ve been over to Pat’s house in Portland. I’ve had lots of conversations with Rick. I always got to talk shop and basketball with him. Obviously, we’re not best friends or anything, but we have had many, many talks. I always spoke with him after games when we played Houston, and I’d wait outside of the tunnel to say hi to Rick and his wife. Who knows — maybe that will turn into a player-coach relationship."

      He said he hasn't talked to Adelman at all during the Wolves' search process.

      "I have to let it be," Love said. "Whatever the front office is going to do, that’s what they’re going to do. I am not partial to any candidate, but it is intriguing to me to possibly be coached by my buddy’s dad. I love his corner offense, with the high post player being a facilitator — to be able to pass from there, run pick-and-rolls and shoot from outside. It is very, very intriguing to think about. But I’m not partial to any side."

      Love would tear it up in that kind of offense.

      1. If nothing else, if Adelman is the key to keeping Love on the Wolves, it will be a great decision in my eyes. There's no question Love is my favorite player in the league.

      2. maybe that will turn into a player-coach relationship

        What a terrific burn on Rambis.

  7. It's not Movie Day, but this seems right in the wgom's wheelhouse.

    Completing a monthlong countdown on Current TV titled “50 Documentaries to See Before You Die,” Morgan Spurlock will name the Top 10 in the final episode on Tuesday night. The widely beloved “Hoop Dreams,” Steve James’s 1994 film about high school basketball players in Chicago, seems like a noncontroversial choice at No. 1. (Though in its time it wasn’t even nominated for an Oscar for the best documentary feature.)

    We are interested in your thoughts about Current’s selections, from “Hoop Dreams” on down to “Spellbound” at No. 50. (The entire list appears at the end of this post.) Is there a ranking or a choice you’d quibble with? Something missing? Let us know in the comments.

    The main bones of contention -- the list doesn't look at anything earlier than 1988's The Thin Blue Line and all but ignores foreign documentaries.

    1. Edward Murrow, baby, Edward Murrow. Or doesn't television count? In any event, I agree with your points.

    2. If he wants a noncontroversial #1, he should consider the Up series as well. Or maybe it's already there. I don't have time to write this message, let alone follow the link right now. Just shut down this browser, Milkman!

    3. I was prepared to come in complaints-a-blazin', but King of Kong is on there, so good enough for me.

  8. No Mauer or Morneau tonight against Buehrle. But Cuddyer's back, but even more important, Nishi's back!!!!!!11111!!!!

    1. Nishi's back

      Thank goodness he's here to save us from Plouffe's almost-major-league bat. It'll be nice to have that .498 OPS and -5.3 UZR back in the lineup.

      1. Same thing he's had for a week and similar to what Cuddyer had that kept him out nine games. Morneau landed on his shoulder diving for a ball yesterday and has a sore shoulder. At this point, if anyone is banged up, they should be sitting anyways.

  9. I had a fun time at Target Field yesterday. But, our seats were in the boondocks...Section 303 (RF corner) Row almost to the top of the stadium. We were running late so I didnt get a whole lot of time wondering around the stadium. But had a few items from Senior Smokes, muy excelente. Even though the seats were up up up, the view was better than anything I sat in at the Metrodome. I was told the seats would be bigger and more legroom at Target Field than anything at Metrodome. I found that to be false. Thank goodness the people around us left by the third inning to give us some leg room. Also looking around, I saw I was the only one keeping score. That made me sad. But the game was cool because we hit HRs and won the game and the weather was perfect. Now that I have been there, I can have a better plan of getting around and seeing more stuff the next time.

    1. When the wife and I went to Target Field for the last series of the year against Toronto, we walked all the way up to the top row in left and right field, just for fun. The view over the fence to the outside of the park is pretty damn impressive. It was also windy and very cold up there (Minnesota in October), so we were happy to return to our seats on the second deck over by first base.

      1. yeah, I could stand up, turn around, and see a wide view of town and trees. it was very cool to see

        oh, I was also impressed with the videoboard. even with the sun shining on it, one could see clearly what was on it.

        That was my first trip to a real outdoor baseball game. even with my minor complaints about it I would go again. There were things about Metrodome that were better. I never had to wait in line for a bathroom. and one could find a section of empty seats to stretch the legs out and find a place with no kids so I dont have to watch my language. But Targetr Field was worth building

        1. something tells me that if the team continues on the current path, you will be able to find empty sections of seats soon enough at the Bullseye.

        2. Funny, I find I'm one of the few that score games anymore. You need to bring your own pencil + sharpener as these aren't to be found either.

            1. Agreed. And also chatting with the other fella who is keeping score to catch up when you get back from beer/brat-trip.

    1. SBGville was up 44-0 at the half on Saturday. I drove into town and it was 50-0 early in the third and scrubs were in, so I didn't bother stopping.

    1. I actually had a Lissie cut in my DJ folder that I never got around to playing. Love her voice. It reminds of Patty Griffin. That Imelda cut had an intriguing roadhouse feel, not unlike early Neko Case, though with a rockabilly vibe rather than the redhead's Virginian twang. The last girl was cute, but didn't move me much. Kat is no Cat Power. Perhaps her studio work would be more to my liking. (Or a photo shoot...)

  10. Dr. Tom apparently wasn't a real big fan of the Buffaloes (Colorado edition).

    "Frankly, the [Colorado] rivalry wasn't really my favorite. People started telling Nebraska jokes that week on television stations, and some of it came from people involved in the program," Osborne said. "It got to the point where some of our fans wouldn't go out there to the game because of the way they were treated. ... But I think people will be pleased with they way they are treated in Lincoln. We have a tradition of being very hospitable to visiting fans."

  11. Reading the latest Northern Brewer catalog homebrew supply catalog. Am seeing Lakefront featured in the Pro Series beer kits - anyone have any experience with Lakefront?

    1. Their pretty solid. I really enjoy their IPA and pale ale, which makes for a nice black and tan with Murphys. They put out a black IPA that was good, too, and the stein beer is what I would drink at Miller Park. Plus, they do own the chalet and beer mug from County Stadium.

  12. So, anyone want to talk about last night's Breaking Bad. That Jesse Pinkman, oh boy.

        1. The above was supposed to be under a spoiler heading. Whoops.

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  13. While I appreciate the humor of the highlight of 2011 banner, it is not at all true, considering we had a no-hitter of the White Sox in Chicago and a 600th home run from a beloved player. Cuddyer pitching would be third.

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