13 thoughts on “2011 Game 134: White Sox 3, Twins 0”

            1. Yup, they let the elevators free-fall from the top floors, and had a big cushion at the bottom of the shaft to arrest the fall. Because of the relatively brief fall, the cosmonauts only got a few seconds of weightlessness, compared to the several minutes experienced by American astronauts who flew parabolas in modified cargo jets. As a result, there were significant fears in the Soviet space program about what sustained weightlessness would do to the bodies and minds of their cosmonauts.

  1. FiOS decided I didn't need to see much of this game. I DVR the games so I can skip between pitches and between innings (and big innings by opponents) and the schedule on the screen said this was one of the two games in HD. I turned on the game and it was a different game, so I turned to the channel with the standard def game just in time to see Diamond come in in the 8th. Not that I missed much. Good to see Slowey's line, which looks even better after Gardy's criticism of the infield defense. Surprisingly, he had more ground balls than fly balls allowed (11-9) and even more grounders than Buehrle, who had a 9-9 ratio.

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