Game 138: Twins at Angels

Of all the things I thought September would bring, runs wasn't exactly one of them. I'm not complaining, it's just that I wish they could try scoring some during games that I watch. Still, any lineup that insists on batting both Nishioka and a player with a OBP forever hovering around .300 can't complain about any runs they might score along the way.

Duensing takes on Weaver tonight. Normally, that would sound like a sure-fire loss, but Weaver's ERA has jumped up a half run since last month (still league leading at 2.28), and lately a lot more of his pitches have been turned into souvenirs (9 in his last 47 1/3 innings). Besides, Duensing was mostly watchable, and the Angels' lineup usually features at least one lefty... so...

Yeah, it's still pretty bleak.

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  1. I get annoyed that I have to shut off Netflix to watch a bad team, and then I get annoyed when I'm reminded I'm in blackout country. I can't win.

    Gameday it is, then.

  2. Oh, son of a bitch. Dick and Bert are totally going to say the bunt was the key to this inning. Dammit.

  3. When are the Twins going to find some medical and conditioning staff who can either keep guys from getting hurt, or actually treat them when they do go down?

    1. but a return could be difficult given Hunter's feelings about Twins GM Bill Smith, who he describes as having "no heart, no compassion, no nothing."

      there are a good amount of Twins fan that would agree with him

      1. Bullshit.

        No heart or compassion = didn't offer me as big a contract as the Angels when I became a free agent.

        I am sick of being subjected to Hunters thoughts on th Twins whenever we play the Angels.

  4. What choice did the fielder make on Revere's hit, exactly? Seems like either Nishi should've scored or there should've been an out somewhere, right?

      1. I'd turn on the radio to listen to Dazz and Blackjack bitch and moan about the official scorers, but I just played through that conversation in my head, so I'm good.

        1. I got the radio on tonight, so I dont know how the play exactly went down, but Dazzle said that he could of tagged the bag

  5. I know I said this shortly after Nishi got his leg broken, but I still would like to see a Plouffe-Hughes middle infield on a fairly regular basis.

      1. Not if it's Nishi and Casilla flashing it, I'm not. I don't think the error totals would be that much different.

          1. Yea, I agree that they wouldn't cover as much ground. I still think Plouffe/Hughes would be better in total than Casilla/Nishioka. Luckily for me, I don't think we'll ever see enough of either combination for me to be proven to be a dumbass.

            1. I'd like them to find a better option somehow this offseason for the middle infield, since none of these four guys make me feel especially confident in their all-around abilities as regular starters. But there's a lot of things that need addressing this offseason, and after all, they had two MIs I liked better and they got rid of both of them.

              1. Once they traded Bartlett, I was a little confused about how the FO was evaluating the infielders. Other than trading for Hardy and Hudson, nothing done since then has made me feel any better.

    1. Their collective defensive abilities at those positions would tend to worry me, however. Not that Nishioka's doesn't, obviously, but I would think (if healthy) that Casilla is probably better at either position than either of them. Which is also sad to say, in its own way, since Casilla isn't especially great either.

      1. Both of you guys are right. I suppose a weak fielding guy with a bit of pop in his bat is a step up from a weak fielding guy with none.

        1. To me, it's looking like Plouffe/Casilla, with Hughes and Tolbert or Nishioka as utility guys, Hughes getting some time at DH also. That's fine with me.

    1. I've watched an episode of Twin Peaks, read my kids a bedtime story over the phone and had two other conversations since the first inning. I feel like it should be over.

      1. I thought Revere broke his leg going up for the latest homer. Man, that would have been awful.

            1. If Revere were to break his leg I think Cuddii to center, Hughes to right, and Butera to 1b, right?

    1. rock-n-roll chicks should leave the high heels to the professionals.


  6. SethTweets Seth Stohs Liam Hendriks will be starting for the Twins on Monday. Kyle Waldrop and Brian Dinkelman will also be coming up! None on current 40 man.

      1. Can the Twins put injured minor leaguers on the 60-day DL to clear room? If they can, then they could put Slama, Manship and Bromberg on the 60-day. Slama and Manship are done for the season. Not totally sure about Bromberg. Otherwise, I'm not sure what the Twins can do unless they're willing to place some of the major leaguers on the 60-day DL.

        1. that's a good question.

          also, maybe it's not such a bad idea. if they hung up mauer and span for the year, i wouldn't be terribly upset. especially span.

    1. I've liked Waldrop since seeing him in Spring Training last year. Not sure he has MLB stuff, but he looked pretty poised. But half the Twins staff doesn't have MLB stuff, so I shouldn't worry about Waldrop.

  7. The good thing about this game? The Twins still have three innings to make up four runs. The bad thing about this game? I don't think I can stand watching another three innings.

  8. Dazz wondering why the Twins can't develop a backup catcher with some run production.

    Does Wilson Ramos ring a bell?

      1. Bad influence or not, it'd be nice to have a backup catcher who can OPS+ in three digits. Or, heck, even above 50.

        1. I was being fatuous. (And parroting some rot a local scribe printed earlier this year.) I hated that Capps trade the day it happened. Still do.

          1. Actually, I think it was the Rochester guy, Jim Mandelaro, that wrote about Ramos being a bad locker room guy.

  9. Good lord. 10-6, two outs in the eighth, man on 2nd, and a pitching change? Cassevah only threw 37 pitches. Can't he finish the inning?

  10. I've moved on to scotch and water. It's been that kind of night in my house.

    Beware, all you Citizens with young daughters. Eventually they become teenagers. Keep your life insurance up to date.

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