Game 139: Twins at Angels

Draft Day alert!! Don't forget the WGOM football draft is at 7 p.m. CDT today. Oh, also there's a baseball game today.

Slowey vs. Piniero

If Kevin Slowey ever wanted to get out of Gardy's doghouse, this would be his best opportunity. The Twins' bullpen was overworked yesterday when Duensing left due to an injury and the Twins have a doubleheader on Monday and are unsure of who will start in Tuesday's game, so the pitching staff is a mess right now. A complete game from Slowey would make him a hero. Eight innings would leave his manager pleased. Seven innings is almost required.

The Twins have scored19 runs in this series, which just about matched their run total from August. The last time the Twins face Piniero in this ballpark, it resulted in an 11-4 win. A win today would even the season series with the Angels, which would be ... something. GO TWINS!!!

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    1. Slowey's IP/GS in his career is the same as Liriano's (5.7) and slightly below Scott Baker and Nick Blackburn, both at 6. Pavano is at 6.2 and about 6.8 the last two seasons. The MLB average is 5.9, so Slowey averages 1 less out per start than Blackburn and Baker. Slowey also averages less pitches per start than average, and averages less pitches per inning than average (16.1 vs. 16.3 MLB average). Looking through his game logs, it seems he had a lot of outings he was pitching well and didn't have that high of a pitch count, but was pulled anyways. So, if the Twins want him to go deeper, they should allow him more opportunities to push his pitch limit, especially when he's pitching well.

  1. Since I'm still blacked out, I'll comment on the CLE-KC game I'm watching. You're welcome!

    Comment #1: It sounds like the Indians have had almost as many key injuries as the Twins. Carlos Santana went down with what looked like a hamstring tweak on a double a couple of innings ago, to add to their problems attempting to catch the Tigers.

  2. Why would anyone ask Dick and Bert if they approve of an additional wild card team. Who doesn't know the answer to that question?

  3. Oh, goodness. Cuddii might be playing short before the game is over after that Plouffe! misstep.

  4. I made the hoisin country ribs last night. My god was I missing out by not making that earlier. Delicious. I added some fresh anaheims from the garden and got my onion fresh from the little stand across the street. Washing it down with one of these made for a terrific night of eating.

    The best part about the dish, I put a fried egg on top of it this morning for breakfast.

    1. oooh, that sounds like a good idea.

      I'm making pav bahji tonight, on request.

      Last night, we had the Boy's birthday dinner: rosemary smoke-kissed prime ribeyes, grilled mushrooms, pan-roasted potatoes and carrots, fresh bread from Costco.

        1. he was appreciative. and then he had a ribeye sammich for lunch today (the package had 4 steaks in it and the Girl is a vegan.... she ate the other stuff).

      1. I can sadly remember a time when I thought the Twins had one of the best booths in baseball. I was going through some weird times back then, I think.

            1. I got married that spring and started grad school that fall. can't say that I remember too much about the Twins, since I spent most of the season living in DC.

  5. "Cuddiier wouldn't tell you this but he is playing with a sore wrist."

    Yeah, instead he will just tell every journalist around so you know.

  6. Oh boy now the booth is praising Cuddii for playing with a bad wrist... despite the fact he's been terrible ever since? He's out there because it's good for his bottom line come free agency. I hope Colorado gives him a great deal.

      1. Currently 3 points above the cut-off line. If he continues to play poorly it's very possible he'll be a Type B instead. The interest in him will be much higher then, all but guaranteeing the Twins a draft pick.

      1. It's not. I pay absolutely no attention whatsoever to what the media says about any of the players, and I tend to skip the teeth-gnashing that goes on here when it's brought up.

    1. No one seems to bring up the bad heel and the bad shoulder Mauer played with last year while producing 5.9 rWAR.

  7. See,this is what I'm talking about. What is the point of removing Slowey? Too make sure we lose? He's only thrown 95 pitches and he's been cruising. Let him go for another inning. He probably won't throw more than 110 pitches. How will young pitchers learn to go longer in the game if the manager won't let him go longer? Now if Burnett blows up, we'll use him up plus another reliever to clean up his mess.

    1. Of course, if you bring in Hoey, now he might need another reliever behind him. So, instead of no relievers, the Twins could end up using three. Great move, Gardy.

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