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        1. I usually do prepare...a lot. I always have other league's drafts before my money league draft, and this is no exception, so at least I've done that much.

      1. They didn't in the league I'm in- I ended up picking up James Harrison, Patrick Willis, Justin Tuck and a bunch of other stars up off the waiver wire the next day.

    1. I'll try to be as ready as I can be with the new baby. Hopefully I'll get some time to pick some players.

      1. And here I completely, 100% forgot about the draft. We had a fairly difficult night with the trinket crying seemingly non-stop, so it slipped my mind.

        And wonderful, I drafted both Mannings...

      1. Two years ago I did this league's draft and my law school-colleagues, money league draft at the same time. That's why I had a mediocre team in this league that year. Things were restored to their natural order last year.

  1. Remember the hullabaloo in April when a lot of the local cable companies weren't signing deals with FSN and we were supposed to lose like 20 or so games this season? Maybe they should have held out for a year.

  2. So, I knew I was moving in with three people, two of which were in a relationship. What I didn't realize was that these two fight all the freaking time. They yell and swear at each other and they're at each other's throats every single second they're together. It's before nine in the morning and the girl is crying and they've been yelling for an hour. The last comment: "I can't take this anymore! I don't want to do this anymore!" Hey, that would be a win for roommate here.

    I never would have moved here if I knew about this. I haven't been in a house this tumultuous since the few months before my parents split.

    1. Play video games, yell at the screen, throw the controller, yell some more. The answer is competition.

    2. I think you should set up an alliance with the other roommate, and scheme to get one of the couple voted out. Then, next week, you can vote out the other one and you'll have a nice, calm apartment with one roommate.

    1. Bugger. I checked around the web and it appears people have been having the same issue for the past few months, regardless of browser.

  3. I swear to god I understand women better than cats. Harvey keeps laying on my lap and otherwise demanding attention, but when I try to engage him all I get is bit and clawed for my trouble.

    1. These four cats at this house are similar. They were all outdoor cats that were rescued (they're siblings) and the three females are still so feral with their instincts I can hardly take a step near them. The male has grown to like me. The funniest part is when I pass by the stairs and all four cats sit on the stairs watching me, they're always in the same formation, according to how scared of me they are.

      1. That may be part of the problem here - Harvey was born a barn cat. He's not all that old, like 6-8 weeks, but Adam is still trying to get him to be a house cat.

        As I type this I am now bleeding from the arm. Fantastic.

          1. It definitely takes time. Ours bit the shit out of me after too much petting for a while, but now she just tries to lay on me while I'm doing something that requires I have no cat laying on me.

      1. As I’m talking with Torii, a guy brings over his paycheck. Torii hands it to a rookie sitting next to him. ``I always let the young guys open my paychecks,’’ Hunter said. ``It motivates them.’’


      2. So I’m talking with former Twin Torii Hunter in the Angels’ clubhouse on Friday afternoon, and he starts talking about how he insisted on staying in the lineup early this season even though his quadriceps muscle was killing him, and killing his stats.

        Hunter kept saying that he felt he owed it to his team to play. ``I’m making $18 million, I’ve got to be out there,’’ he said.
        About three hours later, a guy making $23 million decided he didn’t need to be out there. Joe Mauer begged out of the lineup with what the Twins described as an upper respiratory infection.

        As someone who grew up on Sudafed, let me tell you what an upper respiratory infection is. It’s a cold.

        This prompted me to make a couple of tweets:

        @SouhanStrib Where does Torii put his hand when using you as his mouthpiece? I'm guessing from the same place you pull medical diagnoses.

        @TwinsPrez #Twins should add @SouhanStrib to medical staff. Jim thinks he can diagnose #Mauer without examination or training as an MD.

        Seriously, eff Jim Souhan and the Strib for employing him.

        1. According to Wikipedia, upper respiratory infections are the leading cause for people missing work in the United States, but Souhan thinks no one will understand Mauer not being able to play the most physically taxing position in the major leagues. Also, URIs can be caused by flu, not just cold virus, and last I checked, people die from the flu. And apparently Souhan has never heard of a common cold not being properly treated turning into pneumonia. But let's make sure the guy the Twins have under contract for the next seven years please under any conditions when the Twins have no reason to try to win other than pride.

  4. RhettBollinger Brian Dinkelman & Kyle Waldrop will join #Twins tomorrow. Blackburn transferred to 60-day DL to make room. Other spot comes from Thome trade

    RhettBollinger RHP Liam Hendriks will also be recalled prior to Tuesday's game and will start that day vs White Sox. #Twins yet to make corresponding move

    1. How did the Thome trade create a spot on the 40-man? Oliveros was brought up in a few days.
      I assume this means that CJ is gonna be cut.

      To respond to a comment from last night's gamelog: CJ probably could start. He hasn't been stretched out, so it'd be a bullpen start, but he could go three innings, more if he's efficient, and then some of the other guys could take it from there.

      1. Wait, Oliveros was in the Delmon trade. Nevermind. It's still gonna be Chuck James getting cut.
        I imagine he'll be comeback player of the year for some other team in 2012.

      2. Can't the Twins put injured minor leaguers on the 60-day DL? Slama and Manship are both done for the season, at least the minor league season.

        1. I think that putting people on the 60-day DL may involve calling them up to the majors first, which in turn involves them accruing major-league service time. Not to say that necessarily is or should be any sort of concern in Manship or Slama's cases, and I'm not entirely sure I have that correct anyway, but it's possible it could be a mitigating factor.

  5. The video function on Skype has been crashing this past week or so. It's really frustrating to try to chat and have it crash 30 seconds in.

  6. Huh...Chester Taylor got cut. I realize he did nothing for the Bears last year, but I was so bummed a year and a couple months ago when we lost him.

  7. Major schadenfreude.

    The Tigers trailed 8-1 in the fifth Saturday before rallying to win 9-8. They’d scored 26 consecutive runs and led 18-0 Sunday when the White Sox finally scored two in the ninth.

        1. The Rangers scored three runs in the next game before Baltimore scored again, so 33 consecutive runs. Also, that game was the game after Bedard (as an Oriole!) dominated them with 11 strikeouts, and two games after Santana owned them in his 17 K game.

  8. CJ seems to think he's not getting recalled:

    @ChuckJames43 Chuck James
    No love for a sep call up. Big secret I guess! Good luck to the call ups. Bunch of good guys.

    I can only hope that the org is just waiting until Rochester's last game is over. (Tomorrow.) At the same time, they've got a Double-header tomorrow and two questionable starters. (Sweetmeats and Scotty D♦.)

    [Sigh] They're probably going to cut CJ.

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