2011 Game 141: Night of the Living Dead

Zach Stewart vs. Scott f'ing Diamond. Since we got our Run already today, I may be utilizing the Boy's Netflix subscription tonight.

For your dining pleasure: MLB ballparks ranked by most food safety violations.

Oh, and here is a recent feel-good story from another ball sport. Do you suppose Jeter will ask NYC press not to push for his immediate enshrinement in the baseball HOF when HE retires ascends to heaven on the wings of doves?

89 thoughts on “2011 Game 141: Night of the Living Dead”

    1. so, crowds, traffic, over-priced food, and a roller-coaster ride?

      wait, which am I talking about?

  1. What's up all? I haven't joined you guys for a while, so I thought I might. Is the no cursing rule still in effect? I might want to break it tonight.

  2. The second comment on the strib article announcing Parmelee's call up refers to Parmelee as "soft". And so it begins.

      1. I think somebody on this site needs to do an FJM style feature about every article he writes. I nominate anybody but me.

    1. appropriate, since the p*ssy only plays 2/3 of the time. Are they seconds too (i.e., minor owwies)?

  3. That was an elaborate production to show that Juicy is due up. I imagine it made Gardy die a little inside.

  4. Obviously the season hasn't been bad enough yet if the boys are going to get Pefect Game'd by Zach freaking Stewart. Stupid White Sox.

      1. Yeeeah. So [redacted] annoying with his various cheers for things to go foul. Not that I'm surprised whatsoever, but still annoying.

  5. Heh, I can probably stop paying attention to the game again- one batter, one hit, good enough for me.

    1. Ha! I got home, turned on the computer just in time to see the Twins were being no-hit. I turned on the game just in time for the bottom of the eighth. I went ahead and finished the game, but it sounds like several tuned in at the same time. I was going to take credit for breaking it up. At least we have Frankie's no-no to "brag" about still.

    1. Plus, Liam Hendriks, Joe Benson and Chris Parmelee could all be playing. I'm not sure how much Parmelee will play, but I expect Benson to get a good look with Cuddiier and Kubel both free agents.

  6. Who would have thought the Twins would struggle to reach base with this lineup? Where was Iron Man Cuddiier? So, Juicy and the Dink were the only two to reach base three times in the doubleheader. So sad.

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