September 5, 2011: Long-Term Commitments

These two at my house still won't stop fighting, and it's going to make my decision to move on from this house easy. They've been together for ten years and are still trying to figure out if they're right for each other. I've known them for three weeks and I'm dead certain the answer is no. I probably shouldn't say anything, but damn, I could save them from wasting more time.

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  1. I listened to about three minutes of Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith filling in for Mike and Mike this morning. I feel considerably dumber for the experience.

      1. I got the Stephen A. filling in for Colin Cowherd experience a couple weeks ago. I'm still recovering. I don't expect much from Cowherd, but Stephen A. brings even less to the table, and yet manages to be more annoying.

  2. cc to cheaptoy: Alaskan Amber has finally made it east of the Mississippi. I bought some last night to take to a dinner party, only to find the host had bought some for me at a second establishment.

      1. Awesome news, dudes. I will say their quality control isn't perfect, and I've had the occasional bad sixer to go along with the usual fantastic ones. My sample size is pretty huge, though.

        1. I don't remember ever getting a bad one during my time in California, but two years ago I got a couple sixers while in Seattle and one of them was off.

          I hope this means they'll be bringing other styles and seasonals out this way, too.

  3. A couple of great baseball episodes in a row for Curb Your Enthusiasm. Last night's guest, Bill Buckner.

  4. I'm taking the entire family to the game this afternoon. 70 degrees and sunny. Hopefully we get some decent baseball, too.

    1. speaking of, yo, bS: you've got double duty today. and you thought it was a holiday.

      enjoy the game, algonad. hopefully we all will.

        1. that's really cool. But what do Freddie and Queen have to do with Canada?

          [ed: ahh, now I see Bootsy's birthday wishes for Freddie; never mind, nothing to see here]

  5. Trying to escape the Gulf Coast now that Lee has mostly passed us by:
    1. While checking the status on the phone when approaching the Pensacola airport, we discover our scheduled flight has a one hour delay (probably weather related). Problem is that we only have a one-hour layover in Atlanta to catch the last flight of the night back to Minneapolis.
    2. The very kind people on the phone at Delta switched our connection flight to one tomorrow morning. This leaves us with a layover overnight in Atlanta (because if we drove all the way back to New Orleans with Sheenie's family we couldn't get back to MN from there until 6pm tomorrow).
    3. At the check-in to the original flight, we were told we might actually be able to get on an earlier flight leaving in 20 minutes out of Pensacola that had been delayed which would let us make our connection after all. That pipe dream passed because we are traveling with our dog and apparently they can only have two dogs on board a single flight. I'm not sure what harm could come from three animals all being on the same flight, each in a carrying case and never crossing paths, but oh well...
    4. After getting through security, we have begun trying to find a hotel in Atlanta that a) has an airport shuttle and b) takes pets. So far, one place meets the conditions but requires a $250 deposit - not a huge problem, but still a little ridiculous.
    5. An announcement was just made that there is a mechanical problem on our flight out of Pensacola and a mechanic will not be able to work on the plane tonight. They're now working on hotels for everyone on board. There is pretty much no chance this goes smoothly.

  6. Friend of mine (Gene, for those of you who were at the KC get-together) recommended putting a dollop of peanut butter on my hamburger; tonight when the grilling is done I find out if he was pulling my leg or if it works. Really wish I has a couple strips of bacon too, though.

    1. well, if you are gonna put the peanut butter and the bacon on it, you might as well go whole hog and put some banana on it too.

      1. not gonna happen.

        Had a slice of pepper jack on it, and I have to say that...the peanut butter didn't ruin it. But I can't say it added that much, either. Fun experiment, though

  7. Not Recommending Anything ...but, am curious.

    Wall St. Journal Weekend Edition has a recipe for a ShandyGaff: 6 oz. IPA or Pale Ale. 5 oz ginger beer. Pour beer in a glass and slowly top off with a ginger beer.

    Termed a 'beer cocktail' (this frightened and confused me) - they had several posted, including a pairing with IPA/scotch, Orange Juice/Allagash White, and Cerveza Cabeza (beer w/ limeade). Proceed with caution, Nation.

    The ginger beer reminds me - if you haven't tried a Dark and Stormy, you must do: Gosling's Black Seal Rum + Barritts's Ginger Beer + squeeze o' lime + ice. A Cape must.

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