71 thoughts on “2011 Game 143: Chicago at T____”

  1. Well, it's gotten that bad, eh? T____.

    On the grill: Pizza done two ways. First is Feta and fresh mozzarella with fire roasted green chili. Round two is an olive oil, roasted garlic, poblano and onion delight with sharp tillamook cheddar. Paired with several Torpedoes.

              1. The only thing we have to fear is Tolbert himself.

                I assume we have not crossed into the forbidden area with this bit of silliness.

  2. Guess who just agreed to accompany Sheenie to a sneak preview of The Way? This guy! Guess who has no interest in the movie at all but can't pass up the opportunity because both Martin Sheen and Emilio are scheduled to be there? This guy! Emilio. The Mighty Duck Man, I swear to God.

      1. Not hang on a minute, were people booing Joe, or were they booing Axelrod for intentionally walking him? When in doubt, I always assume the hometown crowd is booing the Sox player.

        1. I was unclear in what I was saying. On Tuesday, when Mauer was facing Thornton in the 8th inning with Plouffe on 1st, Mauer was booed when he struck out on a really terrible pitch (slider low). He was fooled and way out ahead of it, and he was booed as he limped back to the dugout. It wasn't a Capps boo, but it was a boo, none the less.

          I was pretty annoyed at it, and my wife was quite peeved at the fans (and at the FO for letting him play when he was clearly really hurting).

          I really hope he's shut down soon so he can heal and come back next year healthy and ready to go.

  3. And with that the Twins tie the season series with the White Sox 9-9.

    It's refreshing to see even in the worst of seasons the South Siders can't win.

  4. Twins haven't blown a save in a loss since Capps' last game as closer on July 15. Not that they've had many save opps since.

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