September 8, 2011: Cryptoquote

Who likes cryptoquotes? I do. I didn't have any other ideas for today, so here's a quote from cheaptoy on August 5th...

R U   L J N N I B   M U K   N M I   V I J V U R   Y O R O V M I V ,   O ' H H   X I   E U R N I R N   C R U K O R W 

N M J N   N M I   K M O N I   V U G   V S E C I T   J V V.

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          1. I would never get sick of using that.

            My girls were born in Yakima Valley Memorial and Fairview Ridges (Burnsville). It would seem the barn gag isn't available to me.

              1. I was born in a car on the road to the hospital. "Between the stock yard and the junk yard," sez GrampaS.

                We had vinyl seats in all our cars growing up after that.

        1. I was born in Nevada, where my parents were working on a ranch, so it's close enough I can use it for an excuse. Somehow I completely forgot about the spoiler tag, I guess I haven't been using it enough. Thanks for white-washing it for me, spooks!

            1. I don't remember the name of the spread they worked on at the time, but without going to the google I'm guessing the one you're referencing isn't known for producing much beef, so no, not the Mustang Ranch.

    1. I was surprised that, at least by the two measures he cites at the top, that we were simply among the most injured, not far and away the worst. Best bit I've seen yet about the Twins' training staff and this year's problems.

      1. Numbers cited don't include Morneau and Span out currently, since no DL needed in September. Also, the many times the Twins sat players with injuries without placing them on DL, like Cuddiier's and Mauer's neck injuries.

  2. Please forgive the brief foray into the Forbidden Topic, but I think the President and Speaker Boehner need to be commended for their recent bipartisan efforts to save the country from an ongoing disaster.

    I am speaking, of course, about the Kid Rock performance before tonight's game.

        1. An advantage to our local country station having a small playlist is that Kid Rock doesn't seem to be on it.

          1. I have no use for Kid Rock on a country or on a rock station. I do find the idea of him being stuck Groundhog Day-style in Green Bay for a year or so to be amusing, however.

    1. And for some reason, down here in Madison there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth over NBC not being willing to cut off the speech for the pre-game...

    1. Awesome.

      I almost completely forgot to tell my mom to bring some down when she visits this weekend. I would have been upset with myself if I hadn't asked.

    1. The wife had new ice cream for us tonight. You got it, Schweddy Balls. It was pretty good. God love my wife, she had no idea what that name might be referring to.

  3. Im not a big Cryptoquote fan. I do the crossword puzzles in the Sunday paper. (I rarely solve the New York Time puzzle, but the other puzzle I have many times)

    1. dido. i'm only good enough to get most of a wednesday NYT puzzle though (think i've finished one or two). never tried a sunday yet.

      1. I usually finish their Sunday (which is generally easier than Friday and Saturday, just bigger). I do at least two crosswords every day, usually during writing breaks.

    2. I like crosswords a lot, but I got started on the cryptoquotes and sudoku because the crossword only took me about 30 minutes and I worked 12 hour shifts at the time.

    3. I love crosswords. I do the USA Today one regularly because it's available online, but I rarely find them all that challenging. I don't like the NYTimes' online interface.

      1. Games still exists? I subscribed ages ago and had a book of their best that I recently found and threw away. The Sunday NYT puzzle always gets me to a point where I doubt I will solve it, but I almost always do.

      2. Here's a word game for you. Give me a word with three consecutive pairs of double letters. I know of at least two related words.

          1. Nicely done. Of course, if you get this one, you should be able to get the other one that I know of.

    1. I did my part and voted Twins. I find it amusing that White Sox and Reds are ranked second and third- sure, they aren't that good, but who really expected them to be?

      1. The White Sox motto for the season was "All in." They signed Dunn to a huge contract to be the most disappointing player in baseball and they're barely above .500.

    2. not sure why the twins are running away with this thing, they have had more injuries then most mathmeticians can count... to me that isnt disapointing thats just bad luck, whitesox have had dunn and rios healthy the whole year and those guys have burried that team

      so injuries are not "disappointing", just bad luck. Huh.

    3. I guess I'd have to vote for the White Sox or the Rockies, since I picked both of them to make the playoffs. I never expected the Twins would, so I can't really claim they've disappointed me the most.

    1. That's the actual tagline on the Star Trib story. Thanks for the insight, Sid and/or editors!

      edit myself- yup, that's what Moss was saying. My brain ain't working right today, everyone.

      1. I felt similarly when Yahoo once had an article saying "Experts predict the end of Compact Disc format." Really? It took experts to tell me that at some point, technology would advance?

    1. One thing I saw on a "how pass for under 25" list somewhere was "Never leave a voicemail", which is very accurate. I rarely ever leave one, and if I do it's usually "Hey, I'll try you on the landline" if I'm calling Mom or Dad.

        1. It's taken years of complaining, but Sheenie now follows that instruction about 90% of the time.

  4. Ha, McCarver does a hell of a Barney Fife impression in the second inning of '91 game 6 on a short hopper by Junior Ortiz to Pendelton at third.

  5. Has the p*ssy meme run its course? Or is Gardy saying that he's better off having Joe play a different position? From LENIII in the Strib today:

    "Mauer can catch right now," Gardenhire said. "He's already told me. 'Whatever you want me to do, catch, DH, first base, whatever you want me to do.' It's just a better fit to leave him over [at DH]. I've got two other catchers. [Wednesday] is a Pavano night. When we get to Detroit, there's a good possibility that he'll catch one, maybe two."

    1. Mauer is exactly at a 100 OPS+. He also leads the team in OBP, including the recently departed Jim Thome. Not bad for a bad year from a catcher.

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