2011 Game 144: Minnesota Twins at Detroit Tigers

Kevin "Malingerer" Slowey v Brad Penny

Per Joe C:
Revere CF
Plouffe 2B
Mauer C
Kubel DH
Valencia 3B
Parmelee 1B
Benson RF
Tosoni LF
Nishioka SS

Some thoughts:

  • Gardy must really hate Plouffe's defense at shortstop. Is it really worse than Nishioka's?
  • Slowey should really like the outfield defense today. I don't know how good Tosoni is at LF, though TZL rates him as +3 so far this year. Nonetheless, with Revere in CF and Benson in RF, this is going to be a no doubles night.
  • This is the first time Mauer has caught since August 20.

49 thoughts on “2011 Game 144: Minnesota Twins at Detroit Tigers”

  1. I think the Twins want to work with Nishi on playing second base and turning the double play before they stick him over there after he broke his leg. Gardy has pretty much said Plouffe and Nishi will be trying out for the SS job next spring.

  2. JoeCStrib JoeChristensen
    Heavy rain has stopped at Comerica Park, but this game won't be starting on time. Will tweet updates as they come. #Twins #Tigers #MLB

  3. JoeCStrib JoeChristensen
    #Tigers announce a new, approximate first-pitch time of 6:55 (Central).

  4. I want to replace Benson at some point in this game for no reason other than having the alliterative outfield of Rene, Revere, and Repko.

    Hey, without a pennant race we have to create reasons to care about these games.

    1. You know what was awesome? When the Twins had a lead-off hitter with a .390 OBP.


      I don't count Liriano and his shiny .667 OBP.

      1. Actually, the BOSO goes to Oliveros, as the run that pushed the lead past three scored when he was on the mound.
        In that sense, OSOs follow the rules for awarding saves. If you allow a runner to score that ties the game, even if you inherited the runner, it's still your blown save.

  5. So, I went out for "ten minutes" at about the time of the game's intended beginning, and just got home because there was a bomb on my block and they had to evacuate the area and bring in a bomb squad. I love LA!

  6. Look at the bright side. The race to the bottom feature is about to take up less room on the sidebar.

  7. I had a lot of work to do around the house with my sister coming in from Alaska tomorrow.
    I finally listened to innings 4-9 of the Cleveland Indians at the Washington Senators game of Sept 21, 1939, on WJSV called mostly by Walter Johnson. Parts 11 and 12.

    Baseball announcing is not that different from 72 years ago. Big Train didn't have the benefit of instant replay to see what he couldn't see. He had a partner, but he just took a few half-innings and answered like three questions during Johnson's innings. You could hear the telegraph wire in the background with the other scores. But at the end of an inning, it's just like Gordo: "That concludes the fifth inning. There were no runs, no hits, no errors. There were no men left on base. A 1-2-3 inning. At the end of five innings, Washington is tied, zero-zero, with the Cleveland Indians." But then, no commercial. Johnson talks a bit about the pitcher's warm-ups, it takes about 45 seconds, and then the next half-inning starts.

    Tomorrow was an off-day, but then the Yankees would be in town to play them Saturday and Sunday, both days at 3pm. What? A two-day series Saturday and Sunday? Friday as a scheduled off-day?

    I didn't know the result, which made it exciting. I hope it doesn't spoil anything to say that, wow, is bullpen use different.

    Then I listened to the news of that day and the sports of that day. President of Romania had been shot by Nazi sympathizers. Britain was trying to show the world that Germany and Russia had agreed to carve up Poland well before their non-agression pact. Would the Yankees win another World Series without Henry Louis Gehrig? Doctors think they will be able to cure him, but that he will never play baseball again. I learned that his consecutive games streak was kept alive with an appearance where he was feeling very ill, got a hit in his first at-bat, was replaced by a pinch-runner, and sent home by his coach.

    I would love 100+ hours of stuff like this (actually, 100+ hours of Vin Scully, and then maybe another 100 of others).

      1. To be honest, I'd say it's hard to judge. Bert didn't grate until I kept hearing the same thing over and over. Plus, Bert's a TV color guy and Walter was a radio announcer.

        Just remembered one thing, he was also the ballpark announcer. At one point, a new pitcher comes in to the game and you hear him talking with someone that's not miked "I know, I'm just waiting for the official signal." And then you hear in a different tone of voice and a loud echo, "Now Pitching for [Team X],[Player Y]."

        Also, after you do listen to the game, go check out the Bio for the losing pitcher. It does contain spoilers, though.

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