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  1. This might be too late, but it's better than not at all.

    Twins manager Ron Gardenhire agreed with his star catcher, saying that Mauer has been unfairly criticized this year because of his personality and really has dealt with a plethora of injuries.
    "He doesn't talk about [injuries], and he shouldn't have to," Gardenhire said. "It's on me. I'm the one who takes him out of the lineup. You can put it on me all you want to. I talk to him every day, and that's the communication. If he's beat up, he's not playing. That's the way it is. There were a lot of days I went in there and said, 'Joe, I don't have many choices.' He said, 'Whatever you need me to do.'"

  2. I am linking to a blatantly political story, for which I apologize. But here's why. There's an anecdote about Justin Bieber that I just had to comment on.

    "You guys are evil," he says with a laugh. "Canada's the best country in the world. We go to the doctor and we don't need to worry about paying him, but here, your whole life, you're broke because of medical bills. My bodyguard's baby was premature, and now he has to pay for it. In Canada, if your baby's premature, he stays in the hospital as long as he needs to, and then you go home."

    Justin Bieber doesn't provide health coverage to his employee??? Seriously?

    *again, apologies about the politics part

    1. He could just mean he provides coverage through an HMO that still racks up huge medical bills for this bodyguard. Either way...

    2. "His" bodyguard may not literally mean his employee. Bieber's bodyguard could be supplied by a service that Bieber pays for, which I think is more likely given his age.

          1. Definitely. And the cost is deducted from the artist's percent take. (Maybe I should have put scare quotes around artist, but I haven't actually heard more than about 8 seconds of anything he's done.)

                1. Wow. Need to save that for the next time the Twins face Danks.
                  Actually, SotL named themselves after the starry effect of rubbing your eyes repeatedly.
                  The double-meaning of lid was probably not unintentional.

  3. Does anyone else find it slightly odd that the movie about the book Billy Beane wrote is just coming out now (Sept. 23), instead of months ago when people outside of playoff cities still cared about baseball this season?

    1. I assume that Billy Beane's movie is a cash grab that couldn't compete with more CGI driven Thor, The Green Lantern, Captain America, etc etc hence the late release.

  4. I made some buffalo chicken dip for work today, only I used some of the leftover pork I had from meat's carne adovada recipe in lieu of chicken and Frank's. I'm calling it an upgrade, this stuff is delicious.

  5. This is my first day in the office all week, and tonight will be my first Twins game of the week. I wasn't paying attention on Monday, was flat on my back (i.e. curled in a fetal position) with a nasty flu bug on Tuesday and Wednesday, and worked from home Gleeman style yesterday. This one moved quick but had it all -- headache, sinuses, sore throat, fever and chills, hacking cough, sneezing, sniffling, etc. It's good to be on the mend.

        1. I never used to get flu shots, but then I became a pastor and started spending a lot of time in hospitals and nursing homes. I'm still not convinced about how effective they are, but I want to at least be able to say I did everything I could to avoid getting/spreading the flu.

              1. Exactly right. And, unfortunately, there are good reasons why they don't let the pastor count the money.

        2. I've never gotten a flu shot thanks to my over-the-top fear of needles. As I'm still in my mid-20's, I'm not exactly the flu shot target demographic, but in the next couple of years I think I'm gonna have to bite the proverbial bullet.

          1. The 1918 flu pandemic killed more people between their late teens and mid twenties than any other age group.

            1. Kids today are Mauers.

              This is my favorite use of the "Mauer is a p*ssy" meme so far.

              Also, you can get flu "shots" (mist) administered through the nose which don't require a needle.

              1. That one was no good...pleasant memories of penicillin in the tuckus - think molasses through a needle the size of a cocktail straw.

          2. It will be a cold day in hell before I ever got an optional shot. I didn't even bother getting my second hepatitis A shot that would have immunized me for life six months after returning from Africa simply because it would have also required getting a second shot that wasn't immediately necessary.

          1. That does it. I can no longer sit back and allow Communist infiltration, Communist indoctrination, Communist subversion and the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.

      1. Is that directed to me, Rhu_Ru? Because I'm behind on my system maintenance and really should run some scans. Send me any info you have on the spam and I'll check it out. I haven't had any symptoms of an infection, but I haven't been paying real close attention lately, either.

  6. I just turned my first job offer since becoming unemployed. I was a bit overqualified. The pay was LESS than I was making with my first job out of undergrad 9 years ago, plus NO benefits. I don't have other offers yet, but I'm okay for a bit and when I could do just as well at say, Target, I think I'll keep looking.

    1. The job I'm about to take will pay me less than half of what I was making just out of undergrad 10+ years ago. I guess didn't know how good I had it.

      1. Yeah I certainly understand the economy is different and I have had it good. However, there are many jobs out there in my field that pay a lot more. I literally would have to file bankruptcy or short sale my home if I took this job and I bought a cheap house (at the time).

    1. It was a good article and definitely something that's been noticed around these parts for a couple of years now. I wish the article would have dug deeper. Why were fundamentals so much better five years ago than they are now?

      1. MLB coaching: Is Gardy and his staff not good teachers at the major league level?
      2. Minor Leagues: Does the minor league staff not stress fundamentals as much or don't know how to do it? The article seems to throw Tom Nieto under the bus a bit, but I think the slide pre-dates him.
      3. Scouting: Are the Twins not drafting fundamentally sound players like they did in the past?
      4. Something else: Bad Luck, no one fundamentally sound these days, etc.....

      As with most things, I have a feeling it's a little of all the above.

    2. On a related note ...

      jmand1 Jim Mandelaro
      Breaking news: Twins dismiss @rocredwings manager Tom Nieto and hitting coach Floyd Rayford. Pitching coach Bobby Cuellar keeps job.

      Didn't take them long to make some changes.

    3. There's a poll on the side: Do you have confidence in Twins management to make needed changes? So far, 68% picked the obvious one: "no, changes need to include management changes".

      1. There's a shocker. Not going to happen anyways, so it's really a rather useless poll. I'm surprised it's only 68 percent considering those that normally take part in such polls, how bad the season has been and the typical fan knee-jerk reaction to such things.

  7. I found Nieto's defense to be a bit puzzling:

    As far as doing our pregame work, we didn't change anything we did last year to this year.

    Gee, Tom. You lost 95 games last year. Perhaps change was warranted.

    1. Yeah, that was strange. My guess is that he meant they weren't criticized the year before about work ethic, but I can't imagine they were praised for it either.

      1. Phil Mackey on the topic. Basically, he excerpts from the press release. How about some actual reporting, Phil?

        from the release:

        "The Minnesota Twins organization would like to thank both Tom and Floyd for their contributions," Twins Director of Minor League Operations Jim Rantz said in a press release.

        "These changes in Rochester are just part of an overall directional change that is being implemented throughout the minor league system this off-season."

        Interesting that Jim Rantz isn't getting the heave-ho. He's been the Director for a long time, hasn't he? (checks: 26 seasons now)

  8. Facebook status of the day:

    WARNING! DO NOT CLICK ON LINKS TO AUDIO CLIPS OF NEW NICKELBACK ALBUM. They lead to audio clips of the new Nickelback album.

  9. So two of my roommates have been together for ten years, and when they're both home, they yell at each other nonstop. Imagine my elation when the guy left early this morning!

    Yeah, so for the last hour I've been listening to the girl yell at him over the phone. Lord almighty, I hate these people.

    1. i never understood those types of relationships at all before. i had plenty of friends in them, witness the acrimony, and wondered why why why?

      then, i was in a very tumultuous 4 month relationship where i participated in all those things i hated about those couples. while i now have a better understanding about those kinds of relationships, i still cannot condone them.

      1. Yeah. I can see why they happen, but these two have been together trying to figure out if they belong together for years now. The answer is quite obviously no. They'll both allow themselves to be trampled by the other, solely out of comfort. Meanwhile, everyone around them suffers. Their dog spends all day with me.

        1. well, yeah. i figured out pretty quickly that that chick was poison, but i still let it drag on for awhile. regardless, i had the good sense to jump ship in about 4 months. 10 years? feh.

  10. FWIW, the local boys done good again tonight, winning 40-14. They were up 26-0 at the half, 40-0 in the third quarter, playing second and third stringers. I think the coach needs to start scheduling some tougher non-conference opponents -- SOS matters here for playoff seeding and such. (to be fair, tonight's opponent was in the playoffs last year and advanced to the second round; we beat them 49-35 last season).

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