54 thoughts on “Game 2 of 2: Disinterest vs. Even more Disinterest”

  1. for crying out loud Bert. Verlander gets to pitch longer because he's awesome. I bet Blackburn would love to go 8 innings and leave with a lead as well.

      1. Rich Rollins had 96 in 1962, but he must not have been classified a rookie despite having appeared in only 13 games prior to that season (all in 1961).

  2. Happy Birthday to me: the Milkmaid got me tickets to the first Diamondbacks home game of the NLDS. Either game one of a Braves series, or game three of a Phillies series.

  3. the Gophers are down 2 touchdowns to NDSU at the half after an amazing int return by the Bison. rock bottom

    1. Like the Gophers haven't lost to NDSU before. Losing to South Dakota State last year was way worse. Losing to New Mexico earlier this year was probably worse.

        1. Yeah, if they'd lost to UNM things would have been so bad that the U of M would have to reinvest the football money into academics.

  4. So, I'm looking at the ROY voting for 1962, wondering why Rollins didn't qualify. I come across this gem: in the NL only two players got votes. The winner, Ken Hubbs, got 19 of the 20 votes. He hit 260/299/346 with a league-leading 129 Ks, 35 BBs, and a league-leading 20 GIDP, good for -1.2 rWAR.

    This guy was a near-unanimous ROY??? He ALSO won the fielding Grammy at 2b that year (with a dWAR of -0.6, fwiw). Seriously?

    granted, it was his age-20 season. But still.

    to add to the intrigue, he played only one more season, 1963 (hitting 235/285/322 with 93:39 K:BB), before dying in a plane crash prior to the 1964 season.

  5. the last time the Twins scored 7 or more runs in a game was Sept 2 when they score 13. Heck the last time they scored 6 was Friday the 16th

  6. Ok, how the frack did Rich Rollins NOT get any votes for ROY in 1962? He was indeed the answer on the trivia question. Tom Tresh won the award with 13 of the 20 votes. He hit 286/359/441 with 20 HRs and 93 RBI for the Yankmes, good for a very healthy 4.7 rWAR.

    Rollins hit 298/374/428 with 16 and 96, 4.2 rWAR and he made the A-S game as a 3b and got MVP votes. Tresh played SS and also made the A-S game, but finished behind Rollins in the MVP voting.

        1. Except that Bernie Allen also got a vote. Bernie hit 269/338/403 (2.4 rWAR) as the 2b for the Twins. So I'm gonna claim that Rollins must have had too much service time in 1961 to qualify as a rookie.

          Rollins debuted on June 16, 1961. He played 3 games in June, 6 in July and 4 in September. He also played 39 games in the Minors that year, with Sally League Charlotte and International League Syracuse.

  7. Atteberry describes the night in Cleveland as 'inky black'. I dont think I have heard the sky described like that before

  8. How can it be an "underappreciated skill" for pitchers to bounce back after a bad inning? Bert stresses the importance of this literally over 100 times a year.

  9. I wonder if Matt Capps' mom is a White Sox fan or something. I don't know how else to explain this season.

  10. During commercials that mention that the Twins store has Twins jerseys and Officially Licensed Caps I keep imagining the off-season hen the Twins are actually trying to sell Matt Capps.

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