2011 Game 160: Royals at Red Wings

Can K-Slow get off the schneid for a coveted W? Inquiring minds want to know. The rest of us will be...?
From the Yahoo preview:

The Twins need to win two of their final three to avoid 100 losses, but sending Slowey (0-7, 6.54 ERA) to the hill might not help. Minnesota is 0-13 when Slowey pitches this season, and the right-hander has posted a 7.15 ERA in losing each of his seven starts.

Pitching matchup: 27-year old righty Felipe Paulino (3.72 FIP and 113 tRA+) vs. 27-year old righty Kevin Slowey (4.74 FIP and 85 tRA+ as a starter).

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  1. Kevin Slowey is 0-7 in seven starts this year, and if he loses tonight, he'll become the first major league pitcher in 60 years to make at least eight starts in a season and lose each one, according to STATS LLC. The last to do it was Lou Sleater of the 1951 St. Louis Browns.

    Something to shoot for. Would you rather be 1-7 and just bad or would you like to make history? I guess the same goes for the Twins getting 100 losses. If you're going to have a bad season, you might as well do it right.

    1. As long as he pitches well, I'm OK with Slowey losing this one to get that record. If the win is a crappy stat, how does the loss have much more significance?

  2. I remember thinking at the beginning of the year that it was good we had the Royals to close things out, because that'd be 2, of not 3, easy wins to put any distance between us and who else might be challenging for the division. Now not so much.

  3. Tampa Bay 4, Yankees 2 in the 5th. Baltimore ties Boston at 2 in the fifth. Naturally, this game is now just an inning behind those, which started an hour earlier.

  4. Tosoni finishing the year pretty nicely. He might be another of those guys who does well in his second year in the bigs after not playing so great in his first shot at it.

      1. Averaging his AA and AAA numbers suggest a ~.750 OPS. If we take into account he's spent almost as much time with the Twins as the Red Wings (competition-wise, not teammate-wise), a .700 OPS seems attainable, which isn't far below the league average this year. Roster filler on a contender, but the Twins need as many 1+ WAR players as possible.

  5. Dazzle and Gordo offering up a supremely unenlightened discussion as to who has been the best minor leaguer to play for the big club this year.

    1. It's Hughes, isn't it? I mean, it can't be Tolbert, so it's gotta be Hughes and his defense over at first, right?

      1. Heh. They did penalize Ploof for his glove. It seemed like they were ready to give it to Parmesan because he had the most RBIs, but then they dropped the whole discussion. It was like they had even bored themselves.

        What is the polar opposite of "scintillating"?

  6. Two sac flies for the Royals this game. Fun-da-mental baseball. Now, if they just could've worked in a couple of sac bunts, too.

    1. I do see two infield singles to the SS in this inning, but I don't know if those are balls where we should expect outs or not. Still, a ground ball with Slowey pitching is worth noting.

  7. It may make me a bad person, but I wanted Hoey to give up some ERs so his ERA would end up above Chuck James's.
    Only Hendriks has a higher ERA, and that's no fun.

  8. Jeezus, it was 1-all when last I checked in. These have been some lean times. But, looking back at how successful the team's been over the last 8-10 years, I suppose this was coming sooner or later.

  9. I spookied Slowey's third time through the lineup.

    Target Field is definitely a kick-@ss ballpark. Nice seats, beautiful weather temperature, Minny & Paul shaking hands, and a Can of Corn, to boot!

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