130 thoughts on “2011 Game 161: 100”

  1. The first two stories on the pre-game show: avoiding 100 losses and the Dude might not be abiding next year. Sigh.

        1. I just want the Diamondbacks' playoff date set. The in-laws are freaking out about this thing because they can't plan for it. I had to make last-second schedule changes in 2006 when the Twins completed their comeback against the Tigers. They'll be fine.

  2. ESPN has a special about Steve Bartman on right now. And they are talking about Bill Buckner. You are kidding me.

  3. holy crap I think i am going deaf.......from all of the backup alarms. Between 2 out of 4 of the Rays, Sox, Braves or Cards backing into the playoffs !

          1. Buckner comes off very well in this thing. But, the guy who does the film is a Red Sox fan and henreallyntells the thing the those eyes. Bleccch.

  4. So does this mean Swarzak will be Gardy's #3 starter next year (sort of like how the Dunce and Blackey got handed spots after "finishing strong")?

  5. Checking in again... I check twinsbaseball.com and this is the story of the game so far:

    Chris Parmelee hit a game-tying homer in the second and back-to-back triples by Denard Span and Ben Revere in the fifth gave the Twins their first lead at Target Field.

    I know they haven't won a game since they left the Metrodome, but have the really not had a lead?

  6. Rays win. The Orioles have answered and are down 8-6 but it still looks like they'll stay tied today. Remember when these teams started out poorly and every hack writer said "Only one team can expect it to turn around?" The Rays taking out the Sawks like this would be the perfect ending to that story.

    1. Red Sox record in April and September: 15-34. In May-August: 72-37.

      The Rays started poorly, but were consistent month-to-month.

        1. For games 25-134 (roughly approximating removing April and September), the Red Sox had a 71-39 record, second to the Philles who were 72-38.

          1. Oh, wow. I guess the Phillies have had a pretty bad September, though. They had an eight-game losing streak. How many 100-game winners have had that kind of a losing streak? (I would wonder this aloud even if I wasn't talking to you, but if this would be easy to learn, I wouldn't stop you)

            1. I wish it was easy to look up, but it isn't. I wanted to look that up a few days ago, but couldn't. Thanks for reminding me a few minutes after I just finished a survey about B-R's play index.

  7. Joe Nathan's last appearance as a Twin? Or then again, Dick is suggesting a multi-year deal. Yep. That is a great idea.

    1. Not a bad idea. I don't think he'll be especially expensive and the Twins need someone in the bullpen who is at least decent.

  8. Tying run is on-deck. Nathan gets an SOC*!

    *Save Opportunity Created. Don't get to use this one much**.
    **Especially with an offense like this.

  9. Looks like St. Louis will tie today. They were already ahead 9-6 but Allen Craig just hit a three-run donger when an ump failed to punch him out on an obvious strike three.

    So, two Wild Card ties going into tomorrow, it looks like. At least if the Braves blow it, all the media will focus on the Red Sox blowing it.

      1. They don't enable the embed option until a little while after the video was posted. Nonetheless, it won't work here anyway due to the HTML involved.

          1. Indeed. Okay, maybe it's a long while after. I've seen the embed button disabled for a while before being enabled sometime (days maybe?) later.

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