Game 162 Recaps: Yeah, we already talked about it. Twins Win!

Twins 1, Royals 0
WP: Hot Carl (9-13)
LP: Wood (5-3)
I can has save? No, you may not.

Okay kids, here it is, the crowing of a new King Of The Savers: Jose Valverde ran away with this one by converting 100% of his 49 save opportunities into saved games for the Tigers. Sure, you could say that the guy is a douche, but I think he's got flair. No one celebrates like him, and this year he gets to wear the crown. I've heard that it's good to be king, but this much I know for sure ---> heavy is the head that wears the crown. Watch your back, Jose, and protect your neck.

99 bottles of loss on the wall
99 bottles of loss
take one down pass it around
98 bottles of loss on the wall

Baseball is a funny thing. For me, it's about more than winning and losing, it's about the lapse of time. Baseball is like a time machine that effortlessly takes it's audience simultaneously forward and back. When spring training stats gearing up I can almost smell the fall leaves, and likewise, when the season ends I can almost feel the warmth of the sun on my face. The long dark off season will give us fans time to reflect on the past season, rounding the corners off terrible performances, inflating good performances, and finding hope that next year will be the year. Talking about baseball leads one down the path of well worn cliche, but really, I don't know how else to describe this game. Yeah, our local nine lost 99, and that blows (fersure), but there is more to this game than the final record, and on Wednesday night the nation witnessed some intense drama. Fall will come, winter will follow, and then soon enough we'll be right back here.

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